Morphi is a simple, powerful 3D design app for Mac desktops and laptops for people of all ages + skill levels. Create 3D models (STLs + OBJs) on the go with touch, without wifi for 3D Printing, visualization + more. This app participates in Apple's Volume Purchase Program, a 50% discount on Morphi for Mac purchases on 20+ iPads. Try our free 15 day trial at Try our iPad apps too!!

Morphi has many uses: visualization, creating 3D models, inventions + prototypes, as a teaching tool for Maker education (MakerEd) + STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math), stop motion animation, product design, graphic design+more. Key features:

2D to 3D: Draw 3D objects freehand or using our new straight line, circle + rectangle tools + edit with shapes/text libraries. Transform high contrast 2D images (pngs/jpgs) into editable 3D designs. Mirroring/symmetrical drawing and revolving lines 90, 180, 270 + 360 degrees to create unique designs. Adjust line thickness and erase.

3D SHAPES: Build complex 3D models using our 3D shapes library combined with 3D objects from 2D to 3D tools + Type tools. Some shapes have hidden features (like ability to add extra sides to certain shapes or bend shapes at different angles). Add low/high resolution to curved shapes, like spheres, cylinders, tori, cones, hemispheres + ellipsoids.

3D TYPE: Create 3D text in all fonts on your Mac by typing.

SIMPLE, POWERFUL 3D MODELING TOOLS: Morphi has an empowering user interface that simplifies + streamlines standard 3D modeling features (like rotate, scale, merge, subtract, group/ungroup, transforms, array, pan+other functions) to make it easier+more enjoyable to create in 3D.

3D PRINTING: Prepare STL or OBJ files made in Morphi for 3D printing following printer/printing service guidelines. 3D printers vary, but generally the file is uploaded to the printer's slicing software for printing.

STL + OBJ file export for AR/VR, 3d printing, visualization + more.

STL import + editing from other Morphi iPad, Mac + Windows apps and/or other 3D modeling software.

TUTORIALS on all of Morphi's tools+helpful links under help section.

COLOR: Vibrant colors, tints + shades using many Mac color tools.

ALIGNMENT: When 2 or more objects are selected, simple Alignment Tools popup for aligning objects left, right or center on x, y and z axes.

RULER: Measure objects in millimeters or inches.

SCALING: 3 ways to scale: quick resizing with Scaling Sliders, -+ for more precision or directly input dimensions on x, y and z axes.

3D OBJECT MOVEMENT: Add objects to grid by tapping. Select + move objects easily horizontally by tapping+sliding or vertically with the new Up/Down Tool. Use the position tools for more precise movements on x,y, and z axes.

GRID MOVEMENT: Morphi has a fully movable 3D grid with panning. To build a model, you'll need to move the grid + 3D objects. You can control the grid by sliding your fingers across the grid or use the grid toolbar for more controlled movement. You can also lock the grid.

CHANGE GRID SIZE: Customize the grid to match 3D printer build volume (x,y).

TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND OPTION: Empowering easier editing in other photo + video editing programs + apps.

CLIPBOARD: Cut + paste objects from one file to another with cut and paste options.

SHADOWS: Shadows are important tools that tell you where an object is on the grid. By following objects' shadows in Morphi, you can more precisely move objects + build 3D models.

HIDEABLE TOOLBARS: For space maximization.

What's New

Version 2.3

Spectacular updates to Morphi's tools + features including: (1) a series of array tools for copying multiple objects and creating amazing patterns, (2) new angle tool in our 2D to 3D tools to extrude high contrast 2D images and drawings at various angles, as well as a new preview screen, (3) improved revolve tool in our 2D to 3D tools to revolve 2D images and drawings from 20 degrees to 360 degrees, as well as a new preview screen, (4) 38 beautiful new geometric shapes in our 3D Shapes tools, (5) revised guides button in 2D to 3D tools with a grid for more precise drawing, (6) new transparency background in settings and (7) bug fixes and general improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

2.6 out of 5

5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Better than most for basic 3D printer designs


This app obviously has some bugs, so save often. It also doesn’t have seperate “Save” and “Save As” options for your editable .morphi files, so you need to copy your save file and rename it manually if you want to create and save several variations of the same basic design. However, for someone who is just building models for 3D printing and who doesn’t need the more advanced features of full-fledged 3D modelling packages, it gets the job done and is fairly intuitive. There is definitely room for improvement here, but this is probably the best app on the MacOS app store for basic 3D modelling in this price range. There are better web-based options, but I prefer installed apps and I prefer to install apps from the app store. If you have similar needs, this is probably your best option right now. With a few tweaks, this could be a really solid 5-star app. I’m excited to see how this app will mature in future updates.

Developer Response

Hi Seadron, many thanks for your kind words about Morphi. We just released Morphi for Mac version 3.3 so please try it (update is free) and let us know your thoughts. Note: you can always reach out to us directly at with any comments or suggestions. Regarding save vs save as, we would be happy to consider adding a simple save. Currently users seems to use all 3 save as functions so we have kept it that way for maximum flexibility. Lots to come on all of our Morphi app platforms so stay tuned. All best, Morphi app team

Why did the update make this app unusable?


The last two updates have suffered a horrible graphic flaw. I dont think its a bug, but it make the software rediculously hard to align anything with any accuracy. Why did you make all the shadows so inredibly dark? This was not always this way. I cannot see anything on the lower parts of any object without juggling orientation all over the place, and even then its usually barely visible.

Developer Response

Thanks so much Solerift for your fantastic review. We are so happy that you have enjoyed using Morphi, especially in the early days. We are now on Morphi for Mac v 2.3 with lots of cool new features. Download it and let us know what you think. FYI, you can always reach out to us directly at FYI, we love your workaround for subtracting from v1. We have fixed many of these issues but one quick subtraction tip is to ungroup objects before subtracting. We have many tips in our video playlist for Mac and Windows on our YouTube channel (it's linked in the app's about section). Please let us know how else we can help. We're here for you. All best. Morphi app team

Imature application at best


The product is frustrating, is crashes more then any application I have ever seen, save on each change twice, because some saves my not even be a functional copy. The concept of this cad program is very good, but the implementation is horrific.
Recently opened doesn’t work
Save as... doesn’t prompt you to create a new save, as to control revisions unless you use STL exports
The Merge function works when it wants to
The subtract works when it wants to
Constantly crashes
Give to a child, only if you want them frustrated!
Not worth the $10 in any way of form

Developer Response

Hi BearingTon1, thanks so much for reaching out. In the future, you can always reach out to us directly at, especially with crashing. We respond immediately. We are now on Morphi v 2.3 so please download it and let us know what you think. We'd be happy to have a quick call or text session with you to resolve any issues you are having in the app. Lots to come this year on all of our Morphi platforms so stay tuned. Wishing you all the best, Morphi app team


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