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MotivAider® For Mobile helps iPhone users make virtually any desired change in their own behavior and habits using a simple behavioral change method that's been perfected over the course of over three decades. Please see a brief video demo at http://youtu.be/uhXltbSO3yk)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although we’ve heard directly from many users who are using this app and finding it to be quite useful, a number of users have reported via reviews that the app doesn’t work on their phones. We had been planning to remove the app from the iTunes store while we start from scratch to develop a new MotivAider app, but satisfied users--most notably teachers--have urged us to continue to make this app available, so we are doing that while also encouraging others who can wait, to wait for the new app.

MotivAider® For Mobile for iPhone replicates much of the functionality of the MotivAider®, an ingeniously simple dedicated electronic device that was invented by a clinical psychologist to make it easier for people to change their own behavior. The MotivAider® has a truly impressive track record. For over two decades, it's helped thousands of people of all ages in over 50 countries make a wide range of life-improving changes. (To learn more about the MotivAider®, please visit http://habitchange.com)

Like the dedicated MotivAider® device, MotivAider® For Mobile works by correcting for a largely overlooked glitch in the design of the human mind -- the lack of a dependable mechanism for keeping good intentions "on the front burner." The app is designed to automatically keep you focused on making any change you decide to make. It prevents your good intentions from getting lost in the shuffle of a busy mind, a busy life and a busy world.

MotivAider® For Mobile is extremely easy to use. It uses a private prompt to repeatedly trigger your desired behavior.
• First you devise a brief personal message that serves as a trigger or cue to remind and urge you to engage in the desired behavior.
• Then you choose a prompt type - either vibration alone or vibration plus an audible tone - and decide how often to receive prompts.
• Next you simply "associate" your personal message with the prompt so that whenever you feel (and if you choose, also hear) the prompt, you'll automatically think your personal message.

That's all there is to it! It's not just simple. It's effective.

• You can get prompts as often as you like--as often as once every few seconds.
• You can choose whether to get prompts at regular or random intervals.
• You can pause and resume prompting whenever you want.
• You can have prompting stop at a set time every day.
• You can easily tweak your behavior change projects to get the results you want.
• MotivAider® For Mobile helps you be more successful by forcing you to focus on making one change at a time. Once you've made a desired change, you can move on to the next project.

If you're looking for bells and whistles and flashy features and technical acrobatics that won't actually help you achieve results, MotivAider® For Mobile For iPhone is not for you. This app values simplicity and effectiveness over razzle dazzle. It aims to do no more--and no less--than it must do to enable you to achieve your behavior change goals.

MotivAider® For Mobile users can access free habit change resources that help users of the dedicated MotivAider® device achieve great results.

NOTE: This app was designed specifically for use on iPhones. Although technically compatible with iPod and iPad, its functionality on these devices is severely restricted and we therefore do not recommend using the app on these devices.

MotivAider® For Mobile For iPhone was developed for Behavioral Dynamics, Inc., originator of the MotivAider®, by Pidex, Inc., http://pidex.ca.

Ratings and Reviews

2.7 out of 5

24 Ratings

24 Ratings

It sort of works


Right after I bought it a little pop-up window said it wouldn't work w the current OS. I was discouraged but I tried it anyway. The help file says it is meant to run in the background and won't run if the app screen is open. This is true. It also won't run if the phone is sleeping. You must have another app open and running in order for this app to run. You can't set your phone aside and let it run like a regular MotivAider. I have it set to vibrate only, and the vibration is happening, even as I type this review. But it is a much softer and shorter vibration than when the phone rings, barely noticeable.

Awful Product!


This was a complete waste of my money! DO NOT BUY!! This app has not been updated since it was first developed in 2012, and it shows. Everything is blurry, and does not fit to the screen. It is not compatible for any iOS past the iOS last used on the iPhone 4, no, not even the 4s. It is clear that the developer had no clue what they were doing. It was a great thought, but executed poorly. If they were to do an update, then it would likely be worth the $3. However, I am a new teacher and on a tight budget.. This was a complete waste, and I wish I had the money back to use towards the actual MotivAider device.

Amateur effort

Cool Hand Pete

This clearly was someone's first effort at programming an app for iOS. The fonts are blurry, the options are scant, and the design shows little understanding of the power and utility of the iPhone and iPad.

In its current state, this app is not worth the price to download.

A good MotivAider app would add functionality, rather than doing the bare minimum to mirror the physical device.

My suggestions:

1. Add vibration options (including custom vibes) and
2. Add sound options (including voice);
3. Permit multiple concurrent reinforcement schedules;
4. Allow schedules whereby the interval resets if the target behavior is emitted prior to the end of the interval (e.g., a button is pressed).
5. Add on-screen data indicating what intervals are running/set up.
6. Add Retina display support and utilize the full screen size for iPhone 5 users.

Then, this app might be worth the price.


Behavioral Dynamics, Inc.
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Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2012 Behavioral Dynamics, Inc.


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