Experience life as a Mountain in this relaxing nature simulation game. Generate a unique Mountain and visit it any time to reflect, collect your thoughts or let your mind wander.

- no DLC
- time moves forward
- things grow and things die
- nature expresses itself

#1 bestselling RPG in 33 countries. Mountain automatically syncs with Apple TV.

"Mountain breaks the mold of video games."
- Ian Bogost, The Atlantic

"Nothing You Do Matters in This Game, But You’ll Still Obsess Over It."
- Bo Moore, WIRED

"At the beginning of the game, I find the idea cute. By the end, I am hypnotized."
- Carolina A. Miranda, LA Times

"Welcome to an existential nightmare."
- Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb

"The time I spend with Mountain feels slightly more real to me than anything else inside my computer."
- Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra

"Mountain upends expectations, refusing to fit into preexisting categories."
- Justin Cone, Motionographer

"I don’t like to talk emotions but this game genuinely is so uplifting."
- Alice O'Connor, Rock Paper Shotgun

"The only experience that has ever made me feel sad about a geological phenomenon."
- Andrew Webster, The Verge

What’s New

Version 2.0

Enjoy this colossal update to Mountain!
*Significant improvements to every system*
Many refinements to logic, gameplay, graphics, UI and sound
- No more notifications or instant Mountain death
- Haptic Feedback for new interactive systems
- Many UI + text fixes for new devices
- Improved share button
- Different Mountain Types
- Improved Mountain shapes & appearance
- New color correction system
- New cloud system and revamped environmental effects
- Improvements and optimization to all shaders
- Re-written procedural flora systems, will produce more trees and plants with better arrangement
- More tree and plant varieties added, with improved plant & tree dynamic effects
- Addition of birds & butterflies + improved fireflies
- Music keyboard now a collapsible element
- More artifacts & secret modes
- Many more details, fixes and optimizations

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5
9 Ratings
9 Ratings
Xxsparrow1xX ,

Serene and Full of Secrets

Mountain is definitely something that I haven't seen before. It throws away the fast-paced, heart-pounding action in exchange for a slow, relaxing experience. Since it's so slow, it wouldn't really be good for people who prefer more action and speed in their games.
You don't really get to interact with the mountain much. It's more of a thing you would leave on while you work on something else and then check on it every once in a while to see if anything changed. But I think the simplicity of just leaving it on and waiting is what really makes it shine. I see some people wanting people or animals- something to do while waiting for something to happen, but I think adding things such as those would really defeat the purpose of the game. Although it may seem there isn't much to do, there are secrets to discover in Mountain. Secrets like if you play the notes on the bottom of the screen fast enough, you can speed up in-game time.
Even though I wouldn't consider it as a game, it is still an interesting experience and worth $0.99, especially for the (supposed) 50 hours of gameplay.

Moving off of that, there is a bug I encountered where about an hour and a half into the game, some of my items on my mountain started to disappear with a puff of smoke without me even touching it.

Psychotic legend ,


This isn't much of a game, you get a mountain and it rotates when you start this so called game, you can control the camera and what ever and you get this small keyboard piano which doesn't do much except give you something to do while your mountain in time gets trashed by barrels, benches that fly through space but they just stay there on your mountain forever and trashes it. I thought maybe you can actually be god and the mountain is your world or whatever but...this isn't a game more like something you open up and stare at. I literally fell asleep "playing" which felt more like watching a mountain that has a few trees on it at first. Seasons change it snows rains gets dark and bright. Just pointless really. It's really up to you if you want to get the app but you've been is peaceful and calming to play the piano while your mountain goes through these phases but it really is weird and strange that once in a while your mountain will develop this lock, literally your mountain will grow a lock and stuff hits your mountain as it flys through oblivion. I don't understand why or what it does and that's what keeps me intrigued into this app...

iPhoneapps110 ,

App Is For Dumiez

This is quite possibly the dumbest app in existence. For a long time I thought that Hangtime or maybe Heads Up we're the dumbest apps, but this one easily takes the cake. All you do is watch a mountain slowly rotate. THAT'S IT!!! There's no controls, no heart-pounding action, and no tasty bacon treats at the end. Seriously, It's more boring than watching a Harrison Ford movie (even the later ones with audio). The only interactivity whatsoever in this game is a tiny keyboard at the bottom of the screen, and Newsflash: the keyboard is broken! Seriously, it sounds like Hellen Keller tried to tune a piano, which reminds me, maybe Hellen Keller had some input on this app....jk(just kidding and/or Jedi Knight). I mean it was either that or this app was made by the people who came up with baconless bacon (tofurkey bacon). So if you're not convinced by now to NOT buy this app, consider taking a nice long stroll past an open field of grazing wildabeasts and make sure to get up close and personal! Or, if on the rare condition that you don't live in Western Australia, try listening to a podcast with Al Gore in it for a couple of hours, then you'll have a little taste of what you're getting yourself into.


David O'Reilly
194.7 MB
Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© David OReilly


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