Chosen by BestEducationalApps as one of the Top 5 Music Theory Apps for iPad - "For music teachers wondering how to get their students to practice chord progressions and new theory topics at home, Music Tool could be the solution. This app is a simple dashboard of notes and chords that make those elements sound out when you tap them. For example, you can tap the C on the keyboard or in the list of notes, and hear the C. You can also tap the C sus4 chord and hear that chord. In addition to the Major scales dashboard, there is a list of modes that allows you to change the dashboard into a list of notes and chords used in the different modes."

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MusicTool Light is the free version of our popular music reference tool! This version is universal and will run on iPad, iPhone and iTouch

Explore the world of music with Music Tool - a huge variety of scales from around the globe at your fingertips.

Selecting a Key, Scale Type and Mode provides you with not only the scale, but also with useful chords.

Tap on any note of the scale, on a chord name, or on the keyboard to hear how it sounds.

Flip the phone from landscape to portrait to view the Chords screen - this larger view makes it easy to experiment with scale and chord sounds.

This version includes all 63 scales!

Scales Included:
Natural (Natural)
3 Semitone
4 Semitone
6th Harmonic Min
Bebop 1/2 Dim
Bebop Major
Bebop Minor #1
Bebop Minor #2
Bebop Dominant
Diminished (HW)
Diminished (WH)
Diminished Whole Tone
Double Harmonic
1/2 Dim #1(Locrian)
1/2 Dim #2(Locrian 2)
Harmonic Major
Harmonic Minor
Hungarian Gypsy
Hungarian Major
Hungarian Minor
In Sen
Japanese Hirajoshi
Japanese Iwato
Leading Whole Tone
Locrian Major
Lydian Augmented
Lydian Dominant
Lydian Minor
Marva (Indian)
Melodic Minor (asc)
Minor (Dorian)
Mixolydian Dom 7th
Mixolydian Aug
Neapolitan Major
Neapolitan Minor
Pelog (Balinese)
Pentatonic Major
Pentatonic Minor
Rock & Roll
Spanish 8 Tone
Todi (Indian)
Ultra Locrian
Whole Tone

What's New

Version 1.23

Autoplay scale button crash fix

Ratings and Reviews



I like the idea, but there are a couple of issues. Of the selections for key changes, two don't work. You can't access D, and G. I also can't access the 'Circle of Fifths'. The only other issue; there is no way to contact the developers from within the app. Why would I spend $4 for the full app when there are such essential parts of the LE version that don't work, and there are no way to address the issues? If they fix those issues, I will adjust my rating accordingly, and purchase the full version.

Update: I found out how to contact the Developer, and he was Great!!! He got back to me immediately, and suggested a couple of possible remedies. I will definitely purchase the full version.

Good stuff, but....


I'm excited about this app, but a couple of things I've noticed are a bit weird, and should be fixed if there's ever an update.
Instead of having the upper or lowercase of the Roman Numeral correspond to the type of chord (uppercase for Major, lowercase for minor) this app has the roman numeral corresponding to the numbered half steps within the scale. I don't know if this is different in different countries, but in America that is incorrect.
Which is confusing, to say the least. The only other problem I see is the absence of a relative minor option. The only thing it shows is a parallel minor. But that's not really a problem, it's just not handy.

But really, great app. Just don't trust the Roman Numerals. :)

App for music makers!


If you are making music or want to understand how it's magic works. Well you found one great tool. This app let you pick a scale and other parameters and show you only the notes that will work in this scale, so you can't play wrong. How cool is that! You don't need to know about music theory and you can play like you do!

I won't say much about the price, except that a good strategy to let the tool evolve with the feedback of the early users.

Here is some feedback for the dev team:

- it would be great to have the choice of better sounding instruments

- it would be sweet to have a view where the notes and chords are bigger and design for creation

- and same request than an other review: A way to send midi via USB or wifi to Live or other midi devices

Thanks for the great app in hope you can make it better and better.



TheWay, Ltd.
8.7 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Copyright Jason Goldman 2009, 2010,2012
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