HomeKit App can be used to to create homes, to associate accessories with homes, to associate accessories with homes, to group the accessories into rooms and zones, to create actions sets to tie together multiple actions, to create timer triggers to fire actions sets at specific times, and to create service groups to group services into contexts.

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Farmerchris2 ,

This is Apple's HomeKit example app

All this developer has done is put his name on Apple's sample HomeKit App. It actually works fine, but it's probably not as up-to-date as the official example app which was bumped to 2.0 in December 2015.

telecastle ,

Promising but needs work

The MyHome App is a third-party app that allows one to control HomeKit compatible devices (resources) by various manufacturers from one app. The MyHome app is quite similar to the Home app (from another third-party app developer) except the MyHome App is free and the Home app is expensive.

The MyHome App has the following bugs:

1. When the thermostat (e.g. Ecobee3) is set to the Fahrenheit scale, even though the app shows that the Fahrenheit scale is enabled, the temperature is in the MyHome App is displayed in Celsius. This is true for both the sensor built into the thermostat itself as well as for external (to the thermostat) sensors. Conversely, the Home app displays temperatures in the correct system based on the user selection in the app.

2. The names of HomeKit entities, such as devices, rooms, zones, etc. cannot be changed in the MyHome App. The MyHome app allows one to create these HomeKit entities as well as to delete them, but not to rename them. Conversely, HomeKit entities can be renamed in the Home app as well as in other HomeKit apps.

3. The MyHome App has no gradient color scale. This is not a big issue when controlling color lights in real time as long as the person controlling the lights is in the same room with the light and is able to monitor the color by looking at the light. However, when creating a HomeKit scene, the lack of the gradient color scale makes it nearly impossible to set a desired color because the HomeKit scene involving lights doesn't go into effect until the scene is completed, saved, and then "executed". Conversely, the gradient color scale is available in most other HomeKit apps: iDevices, Home, Eve, Beam, etc.


However, the expensive Home app also has a deficiency compared to the MyHome App in that Service Groups cannot be configured in the Home app.

Service groups allow one to group together several services (e.g. lights) regardless of their assignment to HomeKit rooms. For example, if the Living Room has 6 lights, one can create a service group with 4 specific Living-Room lights and control these 4 lights together as one Service Group.

Conversely, the MyHome App (as well as iDevices app) allows one to configure Service Groups.

Generally, though, the MyHome App and the Home app are nearly identical in their functionality as well as in their rather austere design.

One important feature that both the MyHome App and the Home app have is the ability to set location-based triggers (geofencing) as well as to make the trigger effective based on whether the geofence is crossed after the sunset or before the sunrise. The geofencing feature is not available in the iDevices app.

The geofencing feature tied to the "after sunset" time reference is perfect for having lights automatically turn on (and even set certain color scenes) upon one's entering the geofence but only when it is dark outside.


I encourage the developer to squash the bug with temperatures in Fahrenheit not displayed, bring in the ability to change names of devices, rooms, zones, etc., and to add gradient color scale to color lights.

This app doesn't have to be free as long as the bugs are squashed and additional functionality mentioned above is added. When that happens, if the developer of the MyHome App charged half the price of the Home app, the MyHome App would be a success story.

For now (December 2015), this is definitely a commendable first attempt deserving three stars.


Clemens Putschli
14.8 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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