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Have you ever forgotten a password? Or were you in a need of your credit card details while on the go without your wallet? Do you think it's not safe to carry all your private information in your real wallet? Are you using same password for all websites and social networks because it's impossible to remember them all?

This is where MyWallet as a secure passwords manager comes handy.

* You can store plenty of information in pre-defined templates or simply create your own template if they doesn't fit your needs. Secure your Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, ID Cards (Passport, Drivers License), Web Logins (Internet Banking, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Software Licenses (Serial Numbers) or any other private information.

* With iCloud support your wallet is synchronized across all your iOS devices and Mac computers

* With Dropbox support you can easily save and restore backups of your wallet or Sync data across iOS devices or Mac computers. Dropbox can be also used to transfer data from Lite version.

* Attach multiple photos to your wallet items (for example photos of your credit cards, club cards, prepaid cards, etc.). All photos and even thumbnails are stored safe and encrypted

* Manage your sensitive information in folders, mark your favorite items using color labels

* Store secure Contacts with ability to Call them directly from MyWallet (as well as FaceTime, SMS/MMS, E-Mail and Skype)

* All your private information is locked and encrypted using U.S. Government standard encryption (AES256). Encryption is provided by proved and hardware optimized OS X Cryptography Services made by Apple (not any 3rd party cryptography is involved) for best speed and security.

* MyWallet Pro is an universal application that will run on Mac OS X but also iPhone, iPod Touch as well as on iPad.

* Personalize the look with beautiful backgrounds, and even create your own backgrounds

* iOS version is available in the AppStore. You can sync your data between Mac and iOS using Dropbox cloud.

* Now you have to remember only one password (Beware: Your wallet password is not stored anywhere, nor does the app con tain any way to recover your password when your forget it).


Verzia 1.5.3a

* Fixed crash in iCloud synchronization

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Hodnotenia: 6

JuanMontano2201 ,


App keeps crashing when you try and edit a credit card on file.

Madness756 ,


all the app does is crash. Please fix or refund money. This is very annoying.

ditzydeb ,

This is a good app but lacks what the free app has

I downloaded the free "MyWallet Lite" version first. As an organizationally impaired person, I've always had trouble keeping track of important info in my. It's great to have all of my accounts, cards, & other VIP info in one place that can be accessed quickly. It's a nice looking app, too. There are 4 backgrounds to choose from. I especially like the "black leather" background as shown in the "MyWallet Lite" app.

I decided to go ahead and purchase "MyWallet" because the encryption option is not available in the "Lite" version. Unfortunately the paid app is missing the background preference option. Isn't the purchased version supposed to have the exact same things that the free version does and more? Or did I miss something?

In addition to fixing the missing background preferences it would great if there was a way to access the the main password in case it needs to be changed or has been forgotten. For now, if someone else discovers your password you cannot change it. Heaven help you if you forget it.

I now wish that I would have waited before purchasing this version. I sincerely hope you fix these "minor" problems in future versions.

d. christiansen


Pavel Kanzelsberger
15.9 MB

OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor


English, French, German, Slovak

Rated 4+
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