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Don’t you hate it when you wake up to loud and noisy alarm sounds in the morning that makes you feel grumpy all day? Having trouble falling asleep at night?

Nature Melodies is designed to help you wake up gently; calm your body, mind, and soul at all times. Nature is the only thing that can connect you with mother earth. For most people, living in a cosmopolitan city makes it impossible to wake up in countryside locations, and the only way to create a pseudo farmland like atmosphere within the four walls of your bedroom is by the use of Nature Melodies that makes you feel closer to nature. The soothing sounds of nature will also help you feel better, relax, release stress, prepare for meditation and fall asleep faster. This app can also be used in many different situations and is perfect during messaging sessions, exercising in yoga classes, while working on your favorite activities, or help your baby fall asleep if you're a parent.

Download this app and start enjoying your night by listening to wonderful nature melodies that would help you sleep in less than 20 minutes, and wake up refreshed to the soothing and pleasant sounds of Rooster crowing, bird singing, Ocean waves, Thunder and Rain, Blizzard wind, and much more.

NATURE MELODY IS A 3 in 1 APPLICATION. You can set an alarm to wake up on a nature sound of your choice OR set a timer if you want the sound to stop playing after a period of time OR you can listen to the soothing sounds while using other apps.

What’s new?
Nature Melodies now includes an Alarm Clock that is really simple to use. Just Scroll through the nature sound list, set the alarm, and enjoys the beautiful simplicity of this app.

** Other nature/white noise apps claim that they have high quality sounds, but if you notice these apps don’t use up much space either because the sound length is very short or the sounds are not high quality.

Here's how Nature Melody works:
Select the nature sound that you like. Adjust the volume of each sound for better quality. Relax and listen to the melody of your choice and enjoy falling asleep or waking up to nature sounds. It can't get any simpler than this!
Note: In order for the timer or Alarm to run properly, the app must remain open. Do not press the home or power button. If you want your screen to turn off, just place your iPhone face down.

- 32 relaxing HD nature sounds with high quality that are perfectly looped.
- Plays in the background so you can save your battery life while still listening to the sounds.
- Simple controls that allows you to switch from one sound to another.
- Sleep/nap Timer
- Alarm Clock to wake up to the sound of nature.

Start falling asleep and waking up to the sound of Rooster crowing, Soothing Rain, Electrifying thunderstorms, Crickets and water, Sparkling water, Rain on window, Birds singing, Heavy hail, Crackling fire, Relaxing ocean, Pleasant beach, and much more.

Nature Melodies includes:
Soothing Rain
Thunder and Rain
Thunder and Heavy Rain
Thunder and Light Rain
Electrifying Thunderstorms
Rain on window
Thunder and Bird Trills
Rain Alley
Water Frogs
Big River
Streamside Songbirds
Jungle River
Crickets and Water
Bird Songs
Crackling Fire
Turkey Talk
Pleasant Beach
Ocean Relaxing Surf
Sparkling Water
Bubbling Water
Ocean Waves
Blizzard Wind
Heavy Hail and Rain
Wind Blowing Leaves
Countryside Waterways

Download it now and start feeling better by improving your health, waking up gently, and falling asleep faster.


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888 valoraciones

888 valoraciones

I totally recommend this!!!!


Some soothing sleep sound apps you might be hesitant to get, but this is amazing! I have never written a review before, but I felt like I had to right a review for this one! It has a ton of different sounds to choose from and one of them are obnoxious! It even has a timer, so if you usually fall asleep within a half hour then you set the timer for a half hour and it will turn off after that time!! I totally recommend this because it has all of these great features and costs no money!!! 👍🏽❤️👍🏽❤️

Great App-Great deal!


This app is waaaaayyyy better than the one I was going to get. Being free and having tons of options(31 in total) instead of just rain and thunder, the app is a better buy. I definitely like the sleep timer and the array of rain types(Soothing rain, light rain and thunder, heavy rain and thunder, rain on window, ect) and the fun sounds like crackling fire and stream-side songbirds. I really suggest the app, but would like it if there was a way to still use another app while the sleep timer is on.
It is perfect for studying and soothing me(and my cat!) to sleep! I love it!

A World of Good


On my medical student budget, this free app has been so helpful to me. I can't recommend it enough for studying! Thanks for making my life better!
The app is simple and straightforward to use. There are a good variety of sound options, all of good quality. I haven't experienced any technical problems with the app over the course of my use, and it has always reliably fulfilled my expectations. I have downloaded many sound generator apps in the past and have found this one to be my favorite.


Lina Elsayed
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Requiere iOS 7.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
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