Having trouble with swearing is a real thing, and not many people are willing to admit that. It is a way of life for many people, but some do not understand how much of an impact it has on your life. Swearing changes the way that people view you, and will change levels of respect across your life.

No Swearing Calendar addresses the need to quit swearing, and helps you become accountable for making the changes happen!

1. 40 Motivational quotes that will help you overcome your tendencies to swear.
2. 10 Science based facts about nicotine addiction, and reasons to stop swearing.
3. Daily ticker that keeps you motivated to succeed.
4. Add reasons why you would like to see yourself succeed.
5. Our special panic button will help take your mind off of having an urge to swear by showing you pictures of puppies.
6. Our badge system allows you to be rewarded for your success.

Here are our top 10 reasons to quit swearing now:

1. There are better ways to express yourself other than swearing

Swearing usually expresses anger, so it is important to shy away from that when trying to communicate. Effective communication starts with you communicating exactly the way that you feel and not hiding behind swearing.

2. People automatically put up there defenses when you swear

If you decide that swearing at someone is a good idea, their natural reaction is to put up their defenses. They will immediately feel like they are being attacked verbally, so you will not effectively get the point across, and anything you say will be taken with a grain of salt.

3. Communication is hindered

Even if you are not trying to attack someone, swearing can become confusing. If you aren’t angry, why are you swearing? This can be confusing to those you are trying to have a conversation with.

4. Swearing is inappropriate around children

You know as well as anyone that swearing is a bad habit. Children will pick up your habits, even bad habits. It is safe to say, that swearing around children is a bad idea and they will end up swearing in front of you eventually.

5. You don’t look classy when you swear

Swearing is a trashy move whether you like it or not. It makes you appear that your vocabulary is not very impressive and makes you look uneducated.

6. Swearing is unprofessional

For some of the same reasons mentioned above, you don’t want to be swearing at work. It is very unprofessional and your boss doesn’t want someone who swears all the time to represent the company. People get fired regularly for swearing, so it’s important to stop now

7. Swearing lowers the effectiveness of the bad word

If you are constantly swearing, you get written off by your peers as “always being like that”. But if you never swear and then all of a sudden you do, people are going to take what you say with more weight.

8. Swearing for cheap laughs only goes so far

Swearing will not fill your soul with love. Even when people laugh at your jokes, you know that there is some other sort of fulfillment that needs to occur in your life. It may be funny for a little bit, but you need more out of life.

9. Swearing limits your ability to describe things

If you are constantly swearing, you will just use swear words to describe things. This will eventually destroy your vocabulary and ruin your potential to describe things with passion and intent.

10. The company that you keep

If you are swearing all the time, you will attract other people that swear all the time. This will keep you in an endless cycle of swearing and negativity. Break free of all that and get help while you are here.

If you are having trouble with swearing, be sure to download No Swearing Calendar for FREE and challenge yourself to a life of swearing less!

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A 10 year old Princess

This app is a great starting point. It could use a frequency chart system to help you see how often you swear and set baseline data and examine trends. More frequent rewards for beginners would be a good idea as well.


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