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Norton™ WiFi Privacy VPN automáticamente cifra los datos de su iPhone o iPad mientras navega en cualquier punto de acceso público o red insegura. Norton WiFi Privacy es la mejor VPN personal, de una marca en la que puede confiar. Prueba gratis* de 30 días con la suscripción anual.

Use Norton WiFi Privacy VPN para encriptar la información que envía y recibe, para ayudar a proteger contra la nueva amenaza, KRACK


Seguridad Wi-Fi:
• Cifrado de Wi-Fi. El cifrado Wi-Fi de nivel bancario significa navegación segura, incluso en puntos de acceso públicos o en redes inseguras.
• Navegue de forma anónima: navegue anónimamente y evite ser rastreado en línea. Su dirección IP e identidad en línea están protegidas de los sitios web que visita.
• Remoción de rastreo de anuncios: cada vez que ve un anuncio, sabe que su actividad en línea está siendo rastreada. Norton WiFi Privacy bloquea los rastreadores de los anuncios interceptado las cookies y retirándoles la información que lo identifica. Nadie puede rastrearlo para entregarle anuncios molestos.
• Libertad en línea: navegue en la red que ama sin ninguna restricción. Tenemos servidores VPN ubicados en todo el mundo, para que pueda tener acceso a internet de la misma forma como lo hace en casa.
• Lo tenemos cubierto: Norton WiFi Privacy es una VPN que cifra su información y no rastrea ni almacena su actividad en línea. Como con todos los servicios de Norton, disfruta de soporte de clase mundial, gratis como parte de su suscripción a Norton WiFi Privacy.

Norton WiFi Privacy convierte los puntos de acceso públicos en una zona de privacidad personal, para navegar de forma segura. En las redes abiertas, los hackers y ladrones pueden fácilmente espiar, observando lo que hace en línea y capturando valiosa información. Con Norton WiFi Privacy, de la marca más confiable de seguridad en línea, en su iPhone o iPad, obtendrá el mejor cifrado de datos basado en VPN, automático y a nivel bancario, para toda su información saliente y entrante. Ahora puede pagar las facturas en el aeropuerto o comprobar su correo electrónico en un café, sin preocuparse por quién lo está observando. Como su dirección IP y ubicación están ocultas de la vista, puede navegar anónimamente. Obtenga Norton WiFi Privacy y conéctese con privacidad en lugares públicos.

*La suscripción anual es para un solo dispositivo.

• El pago se cargará a la cuenta de iTunes tras la confirmación de la compra.
• La suscripción se renovará automáticamente al final de su periodo a menos que se cancele. Para evitar el pago tienes que cancelarlo en tu cuenta de iTunes antes de que acabe la prueba.
• La renovación se cargará en la cuenta dentro de las 24 h. previas a la finalización del periodo actual.
• Puedes gestionar tus suscripciones y desactivar la renovación automática yendo a la configuración de tu cuenta después de la compra.
• Cualquier parte no utilizada de un período de prueba gratuito, si lo tienes, se perderá cuando compres una suscripción.

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3.4K valoraciones

Faster than Express VPN


I bought express VPN and have been using it happily with no noticeable loss of browsing speed. I just started the trial of Norton Wi-Fi privacy. I tested upload and download speeds using Net Analyzer app over Verizon LTE cellular data without VPN and with each VPN. I also tested over hotel Wi-Fi without VPN and with each VPN. Norton VPN upload and download speeds were comparable to no VPN for both cellular data and Wi-Fi. Express VPN upload and download speeds were 10 times slower than Norton over cellular data. Over hotel Wi-Fi with Express VPN, the download speed was comparable to Norton but upload speed was again 10 times slower. Conclusion: Norton Wi-Fi VPN is highly competitive in speed, NOT slow, and it is a trusted name in security.

I have been using it constantly on for days with no problems at all.

Now I have been using it a year constantly on iPhone and Windows 10. Works great almost all the time. Occasionally it won’t connect, but updating the app solves that. Only one problem: I can’t connect to my (Windows 10) home network printer unless I turn it off. Not sure if that happens with any VPN. Also, rarely it goes off and I find out too late that it did. So I learned to check the VPN symbol. I wish they had a lock to stop internet traffic as long as the app is open and unless the VPN connects, like SurfEasy vpn does. Overall I feel very confident in the security, just need to be careful to ensure it’s connected.

Respuesta del desarrollador

Thank you for your valuable feedback! Our team has released an update that should address your concerns. Please try updating this app to the latest version and let us know about the status.

So Far, Solid


I’ve recently switched to Norton’s VPN service from Hotspot VPN, and so far am very pleased. Always on “public” unsecured WiFi, a reliable VPN is a necessity here, and Hotspot VPN fell miserably short over the course of a year, so I made the switch. I’m signed up for 5 simultaneous devices/computers directly through Norton, not the single device plan offered through the Apple App Store- it’s much more preferable. Quick to connect, no discernible lag, and streaming video sites appear to take no issue with it.

After an extremely unpleasant year of fruitlessly battling with passive aggressive misogynistic tech support from Hotspot Shield because it didn’t deliver as promised - off and on flickering connections, inability to connect, and completely incompatible with my T-Mobile cellular data for several months- I’d have to uninstall it from my iPhone just to use data, and problems with it blocking its own updating, and getting hacked clean through it on my PC, I dumped them. Across the board, Hotspot Shield was awful.

Norton so far (it’s been only 2 weeks) has been peaceful and uneventful, humming unobtrusively in the background like a good VPN service should. I don’t want to know how friendly their support is- I don’t ever want to find it necessary to contact them. I just want it to perform as it’s supposed to, and it looks like old reliable Norton is going to deliver.

Needs work


I was asked if I wanted to update my dissatisfaction with is product. I thought why not, sense the programmers had there chance to correct all problems. Maybe I should reevaluate this for them. So I did! I tried to turn it on, and it did turn on, it hung up after about an hour but it did get nearly a full hour of operation before it took a dump. This product needs someone to test it before they release it...still garbage!

This app needs a lot of work. The only thing really consistent with it is that it consistently locks up. It not only the app, the same problem exists in the Norton WIFI program for you PC. They both stink! Somebody needs to have a chance to excel at another vocation because programming doesn't seem to be their forte and I'm sure they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to produce this garbage. The one nice thing is that you can turn it off...thank god for that one!

This app seems to work better but still has issues when launching certain apps. I know HBO Now has a problem downloading data when the VPN is on. Also Hospital apps don't work and pandora has issues. Why these programmers can't fix it is unknown. You would think they would of had enough time even coming to work at 930 and leaving at 1pm and going on vacation every 3rd day.

Respuesta del desarrollador

Sorry that you're still having this issue! Please drop us an email to: with the details, we would like to look this for you.


58.6 MB
Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Danés, Finés, Francés, Indonesio, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Neerlandés, Noruego bokmål, Polaco, Portugués, Ruso, Sueco, Turco, Árabe
Clasificación 4+
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