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Master the maths of everyday living

Covers shape, space, measure, data and algebra skills ages 5 – 15 years.

3,200 activities across 30 progressive levels

Outwit your competitors in this multi award winning, exciting, single and multiplayer game! With powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities, this curriculum-rich adventure will zero in on your child’s learning needs.

• Target your child’s individual learning needs
• Monitors your child’s progress with detailed reports
• Correlated to your child’s mathematics curricula
• Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning
• Enhances reasoning skills and develops flexible problem-solving strategies
• Students choose an appropriate starting level and advance at their own pace
• Kids build solid foundations to create maths skills for everyday living
• Includes a broad range of interactive activities for all learning styles.
• Includes word problems, algorithms, number quizzes, multiple-choice and much more!
• Enhances reasoning skills and develops flexible problem-solving strategies
• Supports and strengthens learning by employing constant positive feedback

3,200 individual activities arranged in 14 individual maths curriculum strands including:
• Shape, space & measure – 2D & 3D shapes, angle & spatial reasoning
• Position & coordinate geometry, transformations & symmetry, mass, length, area, volume, time
• Handling data – organising & interpreting data, probability
• Algebra – patterns, relationships & reasoning, formulae & equations
• Functions and graphs

• Set the ability level and individually enable or disable different maths categories
• Track the results of up to 10 users with powerful administration and management features
• Display and export detailed user statistics
• Create and allocate different content settings for each user
• Monitors each child’s progress using smart record keeping
• Target individual needs for extension and revision
• Ability level set according to age
• Game length can be varied by either the number of turns or duration in minutes
• Games in progress can be saved
• Customise user profiles with a huge range of cool user icons
• Concentrate on areas needing attention with Questions Only mode
• Simple, kid-friendly animated interface that enhances self-directed learning
• Search for specific questions by number or title
• Create, save and load custom content selections

• BESSIE Awards – Middle School Maths
• EDDIE Awards – Upper Elementary Maths
• National Parenting Center – Seal of Approval

What's New

Version 2.0.8

Fixed font issues that caused the text in some questions to display incorrectly on Lion systems.

Ratings and Reviews

Nice game to spend time with your kid and have fun with math


UPDATE: I bought both this game and Volcanic Panic. Both are basically the same game but with different thems. Volcanic Panic, however, offers some additional features that make it more engaging and competitive. Baggin the Dragon is a good game on its own, but in hindsight, I would have been better off just buying Volcanic Panic.

In short I recommend that:
if you have neither game, get Volcanic Panic.
if you have Baggin the Dragon, you might want to "upgrade" to Volcanic Panic to continue to benefit from the practice math problems by keeping things fresh and bringing new strategic elements to the game play.
If you have Volcanic Panic, I see no point in buying Baggin the Dragon unless you really want to play the same game, with fewer features, but with a fantasy theme.

My 5.5-year-old son and I enjoy playing this game together. Basically it is a fantasy board game where you roll a die and move around the board, but to collect strength points, needed to exchange for courage and to win the game, you must answer math questions correctly. The questions themselves are like basic school homework-style questions. The difficulty of the questions are determined by your age, depending on the player's math levels you may need to adjust this higher and lower than their actual ages, but overall, I think the designers did a good job created age-appropriate questions. Why this is so ingenious is that it allows children of different ages to play together without the questions being unfairly difficult or easy. I would guess that a sizable number of math-phobic parents will find the junior high/early high school level questions (highest level available in the game) challenging at times. So, it might be a good review for mom or dad as well. :-) An additional benefit of this is that younger children can watch older children or adults solve more difficult problems and may pick up on some of the language an logic of higher levels of math.

My main complaint is that the questions do not lend themselves to self-learning for the youngest players. The players will need to have a decent reading ability or have an adult or older child read the questions and perhaps explain some of the words. I realize that my child is perhaps younger than intended, but options to have the questions read out loud, which is a fairly common feature these days, can be useful to children who may be behind in their reading, but could otherwise complete the math problems. Also, instead of just giving the correct answer after failing to answer a question, I wish there was an option for the game to explain it, perhaps with with some clever animations. I would pay double the cost of this game if that were available. Parents will need to be prepared to take on the role of reading and explaining questions and answers. Not that this is a bad thing, but don't expect this to be a game that a younger play will be able to play independenty.

Another criticism, is that the you can't really campaign through all the layouts. If you chose to play X rounds of the forest layout, you will forever be in the forest layout until you start a new game. I would be nice if you could stretch out a game over many sessions, progressing through different environments. Also, multiple ending animations would help keep the game fresh, or just an option to turn off the ending animation. After watching it once or twice, it doesn't really add anything to the game.

Lastly, I wish this were availale on the iPad. The iPad would be a much better platform for this style of game than having to have 2-4 players sitting around a desktop/laptop.

Overall, if you are looking for a game that will help make math fun, and are willing to play and guide younger players, this a very worthwhile purchase.

Educational for all levels at once!


This is my favorite educational ap so far!
You can control the length of game, either by time or by number of turns, to ensure that it fits your schedule and attention spans.
It asks each player a math type problem at thier own level, every turn, so there is maximum learning time.
The math questions are cerative and varied, truly covering all of the topics advertised!
Second chances! Allowing the child an extra try at a problem encourages them to try harder to figure it out and to not be discouraged as easily!
And answers are shown if the second try fails, allowing time for explaination and understanding.
The quesions are not timed!!! So important! Rather than only rewarding memorization, it allows as much time as is needed to really figure out each question. The only timer is for bonus points on the special "quiz" spaces, but the quiz still allows as much time as the player needs to complete it, so this is a great game, even for those who freeze or are flustered under pressure.
Even pre-literate children can play if the questions are read to them and they have just a little help.
Minor map reading skills play into the strategy when the swords one tries to gain appear in new places and one must find the quickest route to them.

Fun and good math practice for all the family


This is a fun math-practice product that can be used by kids of all ages. Players can compete against each other on the interactive board game, but the questions they receive are based on their age and/or skill level. It's a great way to level the playing field. The board game component is based on a medieval quest to capture a dragon and contains plenty of features and videos to keep the kids entertained.


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