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Numerari's powerful function graphing, comprehensive unit conversion, easy to use complex numbers, and advanced functions make it the perfect tool for solving challenging science, engineering, and mathematical problems.

● Graph multiple functions on rectangular or polar grids using linear-linear, linear-log, log-linear, log-log, linear-decibel, or log-decibel scales.
● Convert units for any physical quantity and routinely use units in your calculations to verify unit consistency.
● Enter calculations with mixtures of rectangular and polar complex numbers and easily convert answers between forms.
● Trigonometric, hyperbolic, permutation, combination, Bessel, gamma, factorial, etc. keys cover a wide range of applications.

Numerari is made for a touch world---copy results from its history display to use in a new calculation with just one tap. Drag and drop to set user-defined keys.

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● Graph functions on rectangular and polar grids
● Five scales are available for labeling axes: regular linear (default), pi linear (axis is labeled in multiples of pi), regular logarithmic, and two special logarithmic decibel scales
● Graph multiple functions and give each line a unique color
● The history display saves your graph specification and a thumbnail image of the graph so that you can reopen the graph to full screen with just a tap. You can create similar graphs by copying old ones.
● Units are fully integrated---use units in your function expressions and on your axes limits

● Popup unit keypads with 96 units
● Combine units with multiplication, division, and power operations
● Conversions for any physical quantity can be made by combining units
● Includes all metric (SI) units, many related units, and 18 metric power prefixes
● Includes 48 of the most common English units
● Checks calculations for unit consistency
● Can suggest units for the answer, but you can also specify the answer units---answer units are checked for consistency and any required unit conversions are done automatically
● Popup constant keypad with 48 physical and mathematical constants
● Constants cover the full range of areas from basic physics and chemistry to electromagnetics and quantum mechanics

● Enter any mixture of rectangular or polar complex numbers in a calculation
● Complex numbers can have units
● One tap switches between rectangular and polar as the default answer form
● One tap switches between radians and degrees as the default polar argument units
● If the last answer was in rectangular form, one tap shows it in polar form and vice versa

● Popup keypad with 48 advanced functions
● Includes permutation, combination, factorial, double factorial, gamma, log gamma, digamma, log with any base, Riemann zeta, and error functions
● Includes all of the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses
● Supports differential equation applications with Bessel and Airy functions and Legendre, Laguerre, Chebyshev, and Hermite polynomials

● The option to switch between two ergonomic keyboard layouts lets you decide which is best for how you use your iPad
● 10 user-defined keys that you can assign with a simple drag and drop---save special constants, groups of units, and expressions
● UNDO/REDO the last 50 edits in the build display
● 17 color themes: cool, warm, outdoors, orchid, sweet, chocolate, steel, graphite, robust, khaki, pastel, subway tile, sapphire, turquoise, ruby, emerald, and neutral

● Scrollable build and history displays let you enter calculations of arbitrary size
● Copy from the history display to the build display with just one tap---copy the entire previous expression, copy a number with its units, etc.
● Archive or email history images with different background and alignment options

What’s New

Version 1.5.1

This is a minor update to add 64-bit support for iOS 11. We also updated the constants to the 2014 CODATA recommended values. Our major update is still on the way.

Ratings and Reviews

5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings
21 Ratings
Cncjerry ,

The best bar none!

It just took my five minutes to log into iTunes as my password was hosed and I would never go thru all that trouble if I didn't think this calculator deserved mention. This is the best bar none as the subject states. It is highly functional and the graphics are more than just pretty pictures. The button graphics really highlight the functions opposed to just being a pretty skin.

I've been collecting calculators for years and have an extensive collection of HP and old TI mag card readers. I have most calculators available for the ipad of any worth and had used '42' almost exclusively until now. The one feature that I love is the way you can move the edit line by dragging on the keypad. It makes editing on this app near perfect which has always been a problem on the ipad.

As far as math goes, I can't find a bug and doubt I will. I do wish it had scripting but can live without it for now.

Eriptron ,

Instantly became my favorite scientific calculator!

Hands down, still, the best calculator I've ever used. I was always on the quest of finding that perfect, for me, calculator. I have a huge collection of apps but when I found Numerari...the quest was over. Never looked for any since then. The only thing I could ever think of that is missing is the ability to add text descriptions or text notes to lines in the history display.

Thank you for the fix update. I'm still surprised how naturally I took to this layout. :-) Very smartly done user interface! Ditto to everything the other reviewer said. The history line deletes needs an 'are you sure' challenge as "any" touch there just deletes that history line. Puff, gone. It also would be nice if you could save histories for future recall.

Alex Weston ,

No Questions Asked... Numerari=Yes

Ya seriously this is the most useful calculator I personally have ever dreamed could be possible. Initially, after using it for a couple weeks, I felt like there could have been more thought in the manual. I figured out what I needed to do, PLUS so far there has been no issues of "how do I do this?" . The GUI is intuitive enough to rock and roll. As with all things in life, I hope they continue to make this better and better. Too many extremely cool things suffer from what I call "cow in heaven." Which is where the achievements are so great that there becomes a fear of change or improvement. I see there is still some crazy cool functionality which could be in this app in the future... Besides that, I have not needed another calculator for years now !!!!!


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Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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