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OmniGraffle 7

By The Omni Group

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Creative productivity. Intuitive Design. Powered by Humans. Free 2-week trial.

Design and build incredible graphics, diagrams, process charts, website and app wireframes—from the painlessly simple to the infinitely complex—inside OmniGraffle 7. Create everything you can imagine in the ultimately scalable and easy-to-use app for precise, beautiful graphics.


Discounts and free upgrades to OmniGraffle 7, both Standard and Pro, are only available to those who purchased an earlier version from the App Store. Double-check that you purchased a prior version from the App Store via the “Purchased” tab in the App Store app. If you need help, please email

OmniGraffle 7 is an entirely new version with improvements as fine as tweaking individual Bézier points in typography and as broad as the artboards your type is laid out in. Elegantly organize your Infinite Canvas in a brand new Sidebar and improved inspectors.


With the free two week trial, you can try all of the features of Standard and Pro without buying anything. After the trial, you can continue to use OmniGraffle to view documents for free.


- Unified Sidebar: improved interactions with objects, layers, and canvases in a newly organized sidebar. 
- Point Editor Tool: Immediate access to each and every point on a shape.
- New Export Panel: With just a few clicks, export your graphics in multiple resolutions, perfectly named and organized. Batch exporting, filling set dimensions, and previews are all included.
- Infinite Canvas: make your canvas expand automatically in one, two, three, or all directions.
- Keyboard Shortcut Sets: customize every menu bar command and tool with your preferred shortcut, or choose from a few different sets from popular apps.
- SVG import: paste in SVG code or import SVG files directly to OmniGraffle. 


- Artboard Layers: Use artboards to set up advanced, exportable elements, or as another way to organize your canvas.
- Convert text to shapes: convert text to make tweaks to character shapes or add complex styling.
- Convert lines to shapes: turn a line’s stroke into a shape with easily editable Bézier points.
- Plus:
- Shareable Keyboard Shortcuts
- Artboard Tool


- Visio import/export: Open Microsoft Visio® documents (VSD or VDX) directly in OmniGraffle, as well as Visio stencils (VSS) and templates (VST). Export to Visio XML documents (VDX).
- Shared layers: Easily update common elements that you'd like to display on multiple canvases. Layers can now be toggled between normal and shared.
- New controls specify which edge or center of an object is reflected in the Geometry Inspector. You can set the X and Y coordinates of a selected vertex point.
- Non-destructive shape combinations: Easily create new shapes using combinations of existing shapes (with support for union, intersection, and subtraction). Combined shapes can now be uncombined into their component shapes.
- Resolution-independent Display Scale: When zoom is at 100%, match an Apple point, PostScript point, or screen pixel.
- Photoshop export supports the export of OmniGraffle layers to Photoshop layers.
- Tables: Group shapes using tables, making it easy to add new rows or columns of your template shape.
- Xcode import: Generate a Class diagram of an Xcode project automatically.

For the complete manual, visit our website!


If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! We offer absolutely free tech support: you can reach us by email at, by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1 206-523-4152, or on twitter at @omnigraffle.


What's New in Version 7.4

OmniGraffle 7.4 now has three canvas sizing modes: Fixed, Flexible, and Infinite. Canvas modes are configurable in the Canvas Size inspector for each canvas. This release also enables Omni’s new Automation support, a new way to script actions in OmniGraffle using JavaScript. See examples and learn more at

• Canvas Size Modes — OmniGraffle 7.4 adds three distinct canvas sizing modes: Fixed, Flexible, and Infinite. Fixed lets you define the exact dimensions of your canvas. Flexible lets you select any direction you want the canvas to grow in and only extends your canvas enough to hold all your objects. If you want infinite canvas space there is also a dedicated third Infinite Canvas mode that extends your canvas in all directions regardless of where your objects are.
• Canvas Padding — When using the Flexible mode, OmniGraffle offers a Canvas Padding option to the Canvas Inspector that controls how much extra padding is provided between objects and the edge of the canvas.
• Automation — OmniGraffle now provides cross-platform and cross-application automation via JavaScript. With the tap of a script URL you can programmatically create graphics, create data driven diagrams, or manipulate existing content. For security, you’ll be shown the script and asked if you want to allow the script to run when you click on a script URL. See examples and learn more at
• Automation Plug-Ins and Actions (PRO) — With Pro you can save bundles of scripts (called plug-ins) for quick access from the Automation menu in a document and call scripts as Actions on objects.
• Automation Console (PRO) — Using OmniGraffle’s Automation Console (in the Automation menu) you can write JavaScript directly in OmniGraffle, execute it, and see the results on the canvas.
• Copy from the Stencil Window — Added the ability to copy stencils from the Stencil Window and paste them on the canvas instead of dragging and dropping them on the canvas.
• Presentation Mode — Added limits to panning in Presentation Mode to prevent content from moving off screen.
• Line Endings — The menu of line endings in the Line Inspector now have a label for each type of line ending.
• New Artboard Under Selection — The Make Artboard command has been renamed to New Artboard Under Selection and now wraps the selection exactly instead of rounding to the next whole pixel.
• Keep Tool Active — Fixed a bug preventing the “Keep tool active” preference from working.
• Inspectors — Fixed a bug that caused inspectors that were hidden to show no data when opened and an object was already selected on the canvas.
• Stroke Corners — Fixed a bug that caused stroke corners that aligned with bounding box corners from rendering in the correct stroke corner type.
• Grouped Lines — Fixed a bug that prevented changing line attributes when the line was in a group.
• Fit in Window — Fixed a bug that caused the Fit in Window setting to remain active after changing zoom level.
• Print Canvas on One Page — Fixed a bug that was preventing objects in negative space (above or to the left of the origin) from printing when the “Print canvas on one page” option is enabled.
• Overlapping Artboards — Fixed a bug that caused content on top of two or more overlapping artboards to move unexpectedly when both artboards are moving.
• AppleScript — Fixed a bug that caused the sidebar to refresh too often when adding content via AppleScript.
• Stability — Fixed a crash that would occur when undoing a change to an adjustable star.

If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support; you can email, call 1–800–315–6664 or 1–206–523–4152, or tweet @omnigraffle.

If OmniGraffle empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniGraffle and make them more productive too.


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Customer Reviews

Clumsy and unintuitive

I was looking for a good diagraming tool for the Mac. Back in the day, I used Visio. But that was when I used Windows. I had an older version of OmniGraffle 5 and upgraded to 7. I never really used OmniGraffle 5 too much. Mainly because it seemed a bit limiting. My upgrade to 7 was … well … a poor choice. Bear in mind, this is not an inexpensive project. Yet the build quality is terrible. It seems they spend far more money on marketing and probably management than the SW itself. Just a few items which make this a pretty poor terrible.

*It couldn’t even figure out how to import my OmniGraffle 5 stencils into this latest version. This is development 101.

*Stencils are very limited in what you have to choose from. Don’t have it and then you’re off to fend for yourself to find them from Stenciltown or something else. Maybe not that big of deal. If they actually had usable stencils o’ plenty by default. They do not. So you’re forced to find stuff. Why not take some of that money you’re stealing from users and hire people to make good stencils and build them in rather making people have to find them?

*Stencils window is clumsy to use. You can use it in either docked or undocked mode. The problem is that the icons in the stencil are often too small. Their solution? Undock and make the window large to scale them up. I’m running a 5K and 4K. Both in pretty high resolution. For some of the stencils, the Stencils window has to be the fullscreen. So the Stencils window is often in the way. This could have been easily fixed if they supported a zoom in/out. Do they dogfood their own stuff?

*Moving on to zooming, no great way to do this for your current canvas. Hotkeys like Command+_ and Command+= (which works in Safari and other apps) would make life easier.

*When you print (or rather convert to PDF or anything it seems), there is no option to crop the image unless you have transparency on. You want a white background? There’s a way. It’s called Photoshop.

* I find the line/arrows I want most are the curved ones. LIke in Visio. There seems to be no support for this. The ones I found are bezier. And very very difficult to modify if I’m not using them in the same orientation, size, etc as it was provided.

* It seem they overly rely on the side panel for functionality. Versus using that and having it mapped to the menu. Want to flip something (which I have also found it won’t let me do all the time), menu? Nope.

Overall, this SW is garbage. I know there are people who love this app. However, for newer users that have not and don’t want to invest hours and hours learning it, it is clumsy and unintuitive. It truly looks built being based on having prior knowledge to the app.

OmniGraffle 7
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Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

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