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For the Health of your Mac! (Perfect support for macOS Sierra)

OS Cleaner Master scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and helps you maintain your Mac’s health.

Fast Cleanup & Monitoring & Free up memory --Free
1. Fast Cleanup(Clean up System Junk).
2. Monitoring CPU & Memory & Network & Storage.(Displayed in status bar)
3. Free up memory.(Displayed in status bar)

Additional Tools -Free
1. Adware Doctor: Detect and remove all current adware and malware for the Mac and will be updated to support new malware and adware as they come out.
2. App Viewer: Display applications information such as copyright, application version, application size, required operating system, etc.
3. Arp Cache: Clear or Flush Arp Cache in OS X
4. Crashed Applications: View your list of crashed applications and remove diagnostic reports to free more space.
5. Check firewall status in os x.

Cleaner(iTunes Junk,Aliases Files,Mail Attachments,Duplicate Files,Large & Old Files) --$6.99
1. iTunes Junk: Locate and list iOS device backup files, iOS applications, iTunes Caches, broken downloads files, etc. You can remove them to free up more space.
2. Aliases Files: Locate and list all the aliases files on you Mac quickly, Remove the useless files to free up more space.
3. Mail Attachments: Remove local copies of email downloads and attachments.
4. Duplicate Files: Locate and list all the duplicated files on you Mac quickly, Remove the useless files to free up more space.
5. Large & Old Files: Locate and list the large files on your mac, Remove the files you no longer need to release more space.

File Managers(Archive Files,Movies Files,Audios Files,Pdf Files and Install packages) —-$1.99
Locate and list all the archives files,movies,audios,pdf and install packages on you Mac quickly, Remove the useless files to free up more space.

Tools(Uninstaller,Privacy,Shredder,Extensions) —-$4.99
1. Uninstaller: Locate and list all applications on your mac, Remove entire applications, including all of their associated files. and Resets applications to initial state.
2. Privacy: Easily clean up your chat history from Messages. and Instantly remove your browsing history, along with traces of your online and offline activity.
3. Shredder: Erase any unwanted files or folders quickly and without leaving a trace.
4. Extensions: Remove any of your undesired browser extensions safely.

Note 1: We cannot reply in the comment, If you has any suggest or issues. please email us at , We will respond within one business day, thanks.

Note 2: For competitors' fake reviews, lovely users do not need to pay attention to, If you are not satisfied with this software, You can easily refund, if your don’t know how to refund, please email us at thanks.


Versión 2.7.1

- Full compatibility with macOS High Sierra
- Fix a bug that the application window button does not appear on os 10.13

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1.8 de 5

5 valoraciones

5 valoraciones

Love this App!


I really can’t understand why some reviews are so low for this app. I haven’t had any issues with it, quite the contrary. This app found so many garbage files that all my other 3 apps that were supposed to do that couldn’t find. It has so many useful features included. I loved the tips on how to manage some files through the Terminal by the way. Awesome!

Respuesta del desarrollador

Thanks for your kind words.

Not good for me


This app is not exactly what I want. I just wanna unintall the app.

Want a refund!!!

Billy bob Joe lol

I went in and cleaned up TONES of space. Like 20 plus GB yet when i look at my macs storage its still the same as before. So I went ahead and clicked on a particular file to “clean” it up and made sure i looked it up before that. So boom hit clean. That file should be gone right?… wrong when in seached that same file and it was still there. Why is that!? I just wasted my money on something that makes you think its deleting those certain items.

Respuesta del desarrollador

If an application cache and log files are cleared, The cache/log files will be generated automatically after running the application. It is necessary to periodically clean the cache and log files.

Cache Files: Applications always generate a lot of cache files, which may slow down your Mac's overall performance.

Log Files: The activity of applications and services is stored constantly. But numerous logs will make your computer slow.


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