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Where are you at on climate change? Are you, like many, confused about the issue and not sure what to believe, given all the media stories?

Is climate change something we humans have put in motion or is it mostly due to the natural variability of the Earth's and the Sun's internal processes?

If you want to feel more empowered, if you want to learn more about the basic science of how our climate operates, what the major climate theories are – at both ends of the debate spectrum – then Our Climate is for you!

It is the most comprehensive, fun and informative climate education resource available for the Apple® iOS platform, supporting both iPhone® and iPod Touch® devices.

It shines a light into the sometimes difficult-to-understand world of climate science and climate change.

It offers a balanced, skeptical point of view on the current state of climate science, since after all, science is supposed to be about a skeptical search for the underlying truth in how nature behaves!

Right on the home page we provide a series of activities and topics to ease you into the deeper material:

- A fun climate quiz, where the answers aren't quite as obvious as you think
- A global climate poll on key attitudes to global warming
- Handy short-cuts to the major climate topics and graphs

These resources might help you in your own climate debates with friends when you are out and about.

Delving deeper into this application you will find a comprehensive reference source that provides:

- An overview of the key climate change issues
- A high-level guide to the essential science of climate
- In-depth guides to the latest climate theories
- Coverage of the most common climate change myths

As well, we have included coverage of official datasets that highlight climate trends in:

- the Atmosphere
- the Earth's surface
- the Oceans, and
- the Sun

Alongside this, we provide a climate news-feed, to enable you to quick access key news stories in mainstream media and key climate blogs.

A significant amount of the information presented in this application is based on papers that have been released quite recently. This ensures you are presented with some of the very latest scientific thinking and perspectives on our climate.

A number of the world's most well-known climate scientists, as well as key commentators from the climate blogosphere, have participated in the review process for this application. They are acknowledged as appropriate throughout the app in the relevant content sections.

We hope you enjoy the material and most importantly that it helps you develop your own context and point of view on where climate change and climate science is at currently.

Happy learning!

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Minor content edits to improve clarity.

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3.1 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

IonlyLikeCoolStuff ,

Finally some real information

Don't pay any attention to the members of the church of global warming. Like any religious fundamentalists, they're going to come up with some way to invalidate anything that doesn't support their religious belief in impending cataclysmic punishment for the sins of the evil greedy capitalists. Seriously, do you really think people would cling to such poorly supported and very primitive science regarding anything else if there weren't something religious or idiological involved? Oh, and of course any time any scientist comes up with anything contradicting their beliefs then there must be an oil company involved. I'm surprised that aliens aren't involved somehow too.

If it supported their religion they'd probably still be claiming that luminiferous aether is validated science that was "settled".

At the very least, it's the absolute verifiable truth that there is NO "scientific consensus" and the science is nowhere near "settled". Anyone who claims these things is either ignorant, an al gore follower (which is pretty much the same thing), or just plain lying. The whole field is in its infancy at best.

Byte-Me ,

Self contradictory

I don't understand the need to present this as "balanced"and "skeptical" both at the same time, even within the same sentence. It's okay to have an opposing point of view. It's wonderful that you guys are skeptical, but this is clearly not a balanced argument, so why present it as such? Make up your mind. You can't claim to present both sides of the issue and then go on to cherry pick evidence supporting one side while misrepresenting the evidence supporting the other. That's simply dishonest.

This is an app put out by climate change deniers. Don't let these guys kid you. If that's what you want that's fine, enjoy. It focuses primarily on three issues. That hundreds of millions of years ago there was abundant CO2 in the atmosphere, (without mentioning the lower solar output negating any greenhouse effect). Also, that climate changes naturally over time, which indeed it does, (which doesn't mean humans don't affect the climate also). And, that the last decade has been cooler not warmer, (which it hasn't. [NASA, NOAA])

Ron342156425 ,

Gullible Individuals Needed!

As one educated in geoenvironmental studies and an educator of college students, I strongly suggest that those with an interest in global climate change do their own research, not put too much faith in any one source (for example, this iPhone app) but rather see what the preponderance of scientific evidence suggests, and most importantly, know who sponsored the research and the theories espoused as well as any potential biases those sponsoring or presenting such research may be inclined to have.

Scientists are generally skeptical and having a substantial majority of well-educated scientists in agreement that humankind has at least some influence on global climate change is well worth serious consideration.

Let's face it. Why should anyone care about your education or your opinion in this matter? One important reason is that what you believe, whether correct or not, influences how you vote on related issues and eventually affects policy.

One has to wonder if this app was ever really intended to educate individuals on climate concerns and issues, as it certainly does not advocate the primary views of mainstream science. Could it be that this application is simply taking advantage of free or low cost advertising to push a non-mainstream agenda to unsuspecting or gullible individuals?


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Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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