Panorama extends the capability of your digital camera or scanner by stitching multiple overlapping pictures into wide angle panoramas.

Panorama has an iOS companion by the same name:

Why use Panorama rather than Camera app to make a panorama?

Panorama uses a better stitching technique that does not warp horizontal edges in your photos. Instead you obtain a panorama that is truer to the geometry of the scene.

Doubles and triples your camera's field of view! Vertically or horizontally.

Employs an approach not found in other products of this type removing artificial curvature of straight edges, creating a more realistic panorama.

Use Panorama when your camera can't encompass an all in one photo.

You can turn off stitching, by selecting a blending mode, to create photomontages.

To import to other apps, save your results from the Result window, in various formats such as JPG, PDF, PNG or TIFF, and others, depending on what your system supports.

Or, copy your image to the clipboard in the Result window to paste it into other apps. For example, in Preview, select "New from Clipboard" to open and edit the panorama.

Finally, you can blend and stitch images with AppleScript for automating the process.


• Doubles and triples your camera's field of view.
• Realistic 2 and 3 photo panoramas.
• Photo sets larger than 3 are blends of smaller stitched panoramas.
• The iOS companion Panorama app can aid in a photo shoot with its photo overlap guide - built into its own camera support.
• Supports vertical or horizontal stitching.
• Apply subsequent stitching to panoramas to create rectangular panoramas.
• Alternatively blend photos with variable blending gradient to create a photo montage.
• Stitching margins are adjustable to match the overlap in your pictures.
• AppleScript commands for stitching and blending.

Visit the website for more information on this AppleScript capability:

What's New

Version 1.1.2

• Fixed image aspect ratios for some image blender types.

Ratings and Reviews


Can I get a refund?

Unbelievable - Apple does not allow refunds on apps - otherwise, this app would “go back” QUICKLY. The free Panorama Stitcher app performs better and with less hassles for a simple stiching job. Unlike the review lead me to believe, I could not place my photod in the order of stiching or manually make adjustments. I took three simple beach photos and this program insists on merging them into one rather than making a panoramic view. I tried every setting and no way to get the view I needed. I had two other jobs that went flawlessly in Panorama Stitcher, but Panorama - Perspective Image Stitcher stretched and disfigured my pics to the point I finally gave up.
Other reviewers seemed to have better luck than I did - to be fair, but in my opinion - a complete waste of my money.
Can I get a refund? Apple says “no”.


Perfect for Architectural Photography

This app is perfect for a professional architectural photographer: interior, exterior and industrial photographer, like myself. It is a perfect companion to rectilinear lens cameras. I have used various stitcher apps and found that this app Panorama is superior for stitching two and three overlapping photographs of architecture.

A feature it advertises in the description which drew my attention: stitching photographs in a manner that eliminates the well known, common artifact of most other stitcher's methods, namely the large bending of horizontal straight lines and edges. (This fascinating feature motivated me to post a review for this product, something unusual for me.)

This ubiquitous behavior of other apps creates panoramas that artificially distort reality, curving object edges, creating a false geometry, or perspective, of the scene photographed. If you are interested in creating very accurate panoramas recreating architectural scenes or skylines, or any other rectilinear scene, I highly recommend this product.

lundi's 2 cents


A previous reviewer is not right. This app does save in JPG format, and other formats too. Could you imagine it not being able to do so?

When the panorama is completed it is displayed in a separate window that has a "Save" button. When you click it you get a window with a menu from which you can choose the file format - and it has JPG and others too.

Also, you can just copy the panorama and then paste it into Photoshop - worked great.

The results are very, very good. I am pleased that we now have a panorama app that does not warp the photos, making them look falsely curved as if viewed with a fish eyed lens or convex mirror. This app preserves straight edges.

Wow! Like a perspective drawing of the scene, it produces panoramas that really look like I took them with a camera whose angle of view is two and three times actual size, either horiozontally or vertically.

And the resolution of the panoramas are higher than similar apps. Its approach takes a bit longer, but it is well worth the wait, which is enjoyable since the progress display shows the intermediate results while it is working.

A very nice additional feature: the ability to simply join photos together with an adjustable transition, so they blend smoothly into one another That's a task which takes some time to do in Photoshop, but here it is quick and easy.

I love it - this is another wonder app by this developer!


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