PCS™ Memory App

The Picture Communication Symbols (PCS™) Memory App provides a fun, mobile way to practice vocabulary, articulation, language and rhyming and is great for general education students, students with autism, Down Syndrome and Speech and Language delays. PCS™ have been widely used around the world for over 25 years in Boardmaker software, DynaVox communication devices and other AAC devices.

Designed for Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), Parents/Caregivers the app is free to download and includes 4 free Memory Boards: Animals (Vocabulary), B (Articulation), Alphabet (Language), Rhyming Words Sample Deck (Rhyming). The full version is available for purchase directly from the iTunes store and contains over 60 Memory boards.

Education, Speech Therapy and Parent Uses
This PCS™ Memory App is great for classroom Memory games and to practice vocabulary, articulation, language and rhyming. It’s great for SLPs who frequently move between different classrooms and facilities. Customizable categories allow the user to meet specific goals. Parents can use the App to continue lessons at home or on the go.
Categories available in the full version include:

Actions-74 PCS
Animals-58 PCS
Birds-43 PCS
Bugs-32 PCS
Water Animals-26 PCS
Zoo Animals-35 PCS
Basic Concepts
Colors & Shapes-33 PCS
Lowercase Letters-26 PCS
Uppercase Letters-26 PCS
Numbers-100 PCS
Weather and Seasons-26 PCS
Body & Clothes
Body-26 PCS
Clothing & Accessories-72 PCS
Desserts & Snacks-30 PCS
Fruits & Vegetables-66 PCS
Meals-83 PCS
Meats & Dairy-25 PCS
Vehicles-83 PCS
Home Items-55 PCS
Instruments-34 PCS
Toys-45 PCS
Tools-32 PCS
Sports & Leisure
Hobbies & Leisure-48 PCS
Sports-42 PCS
Sports Equipment-52 PCS
School-53 PCS
Places-66 PCS
Signs-29 PCS
States-50 PCS
Jobs-102 PCS
Holidays & Birthday
Birthday-25 PCS
Christmas-35 PCS
Halloween-26 PCS
Holidays-30 PCS
Thanksgiving-25 PCS

P,B,M,N,K,G,T,D,F,V,J,S,Z,L,R,SH,CH,TH -60 PCS per sound
20 initial, 20 medial, 20 final position
Vocalic R-210 PCS
prevocalic R, 15 RL
10 Initial, 10 Medial and 10 Final of AR, ER, OR, AIR, EAR, IRE
S Blends-70 PCS
10 SK, 10 SL, 10 SM, 10 SN, 10 SP, 10 ST, 10 SW
L Blends-60 PCS
10 BL, 10 FL, 10 GL, 10 KL, 10 PL, 10 SL
R Blends-70 PCS
10 BR, 10 DR, 10 FR, 10 GR, 10 KR, 10 PR, 10 TR
More R Blends-55 PCS
5 BR, 5 PR, 5 DR, 5 TR, 5 GR, 5 KR, 5 FR, 5 SHR, 5 SPR, 5 STR, 5 THR

Synonyms-100 PCS-50 pairs
Adjectives-100 PCS
Opposites-100 PCS-50 pairs

Rhyming Words Series 1: A-100 PCS
50 pairs of 3, 4, 5 letter rhyming words with the vowel A
Rhyming Words Series 2: E-100 PCS
50 pairs of 3, 4, 5 letter rhyming words with the vowel E
Rhyming Words Series 3: I-100 PCS
50 pairs of 3, 4, 5 letter rhyming words with the vowel I
Rhyming Words Series 4: O-100 PCS
50 pairs of 3, 4, 5 letter rhyming words with the vowel O
Rhyming Words Series 5: U and Y-100 PCS
50 pairs of 3, 4, 5 letter rhyming words with the vowel U and Y
Rhyming Words Series All: A, E, I, O, U and Y-Over 500 PCS
Includes all the PCS from Rhyming Words Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

For a list of PCS available in the Memory App visit

What's New

Version 1.6

Artwork updates. Minor bugfixes

Ratings and Reviews

Great Speech/Language Therapy Tool

Vicki Clarke

Love these apps because these activities, Bingo, Flash Cards and Memory are the most common activities we use to introduce vocabulary in categories (Learn About It) to our AAC users before we ask them to use the symbols for communication. We've always done these in light tech activities but it's fun to mix it up a bit and be able to introduce words on a super cool platform such as the iPad! I'm pleased to see that so many of the categories of symbols are available.

Regarding this specific app, as a speech/language therapist, I like that the label for the PCS symbol is not immediately spoken aloud when the card is flipped because it gives the child a moment to attempt to say the word themselves. If they aren't sure of the name of the symbol, they can tap the card to hear the label spoken. It gives our patients a chance to practice with less cueing. If also gives us a reason to look on our AAC device to see if we can find the symbol and speak the label in our own "voice." I'd agree that tapping the card to hear the label is not intuitive but that split second the child needs to remember to touch the card gives us parents/clinicians a second to encourage the child to say the word themselves.

I would like to have the option for an audible reward after each match to keep some of our distractable children focused and motivated.

In general, I'm THRILLED that our AAC users have more exposure to the symbols they use to communicate!

PCS Does NOT Mean Quality App

Ashley's Mom, Inc.

I am disappointed (and a little perturbed) when I run across a poorly executed education app that costs the same $ as the really well-designed ones. That's the case with this app: poor execution.

In this memory game (i.e., "Concentration"), more than 2 cards can be turned over at once. (Huh?) The cards do not "speak" the card label when turned over but only "speak" AFTER being flipped over and tapped a second time. (That makes absolutely no sense.) The "reward" for completing a board does not "speak" but includes written phrases like "Bravo!," "You're #1," and "Phenomenal!" (Um, the target market is children with special needs and ages 4+.) And the animations at the end include a kid slurping a drink and then burping?? (Okay, you've got to be kidding me!)

Sorry, but the presence of Picture Communication Symbols does not necessarily mean "quality app" all. My child with special needs deserves better. And I won't settle, not even for PCS.

Great Memory App

Speech-Language Pathologist

I use Picture Communication Symbols with my clients as a Speech-Language Pathologist all the time. This Memory App features PCS in an interactive way. Great for therapy sessions. My kids at home love this App too. Please add more reward animations. Great App!


Tobii Dynavox LLC
354.6 MB
Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© DynaVox Mayer-Johnson 2013


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