PeakHour 4 is a beautiful, network bandwidth and network quality visualiser that lives in your Mac OS menu bar and provides instant and historical views of throughput and quality for your Internet, WiFi and other compatible devices.

PeakHour 4 lets you visualise network traffic for compatible routers and network devices. We strongly recommend that you visit our web site for information about compatibility. Click the 'Digitician Web Site' link to the right or visit for more information >>

PeakHour 4 is perfect for monitoring your compatible network devices*: Internet, WiFi, NAS, servers and more. PeakHour 4 gives you a real-time visual view of how much bandwidth your devices are using. PeakHour 4 can also analyze the quality of your connection, showing ISP and Internet congestion in real-time. Data is collected over time and can be analysed in the powerful History view, which lets you see previous collected data for any time period at adjustable levels of detail.

PeakHour 4 can also track individual total usage and can also track your Internet usage if you're on a capped or limited monthly allowance. PeakHour 4 can send email alerts or system notifications as you reach certain usage thresholds.

◆ PeakHour Remote: Access PeakHour from anywhere. From any device, point a (modern) browser at the Mac running PeakHour to see a real-time view of your targets and usage. Add to your phone or tablet's home screen for a fast, web-based app available at the tap of a button.
◆ All new First Time Setup: PeakHour 4 includes a brand new, simplified setup wizard to make it easier to get the most out of it. By default, First Time Setup will try to find your UPnP devices, enable SNMP and monitor your local Mac and set up monitoring of your Internet connection.
◆ Connection Quality: You can add now a new type of monitor: Connection Quality. This type of monitoring works by regularly pinging a target on the Internet (either the other side of your Internet conneciton or a specific host on the Internet - i.e. By default, First Time Setup will add a Connection Quality monitor for your Internet connection.
◆ To monitor your local Mac interfaces with PeakHour, just enable the checkbox in First Time Setup or choose 'Monitor This Mac' from the PeakHour menu to bring up the wizard separately.
◆ Monitoring other Macs on your network has also never been easier. PeakHour Enabler now uses iCloud to sync your Mac's information to PeakHour; adding them now takes just a few clicks.
◆ Dark Mode: PeakHour now has a cool new look if Dark Mode is enabled in System Preferences. It can also be enabled under Preferences > Display.
◆ The main PeakHour window is now resizable horizontally, allowing you to increase the horizontal width to see more of the real-time, scrollable graph.
Targets can now be manually enabled and disabled.
◆ PeakHour can now track daily usage quotas, as well as monthly.
◆ Redesigned primary Preferences UI.
◆ Improved SNMPv3 support.
◆ Full macOS Mohave support.
◆ Much of PeakHour is now written in Swift, resulting in better performance and stability.
◆ Lots of other enhancements and fixes.

◆ Monitor your Internet usage.
◆ Monitor the speed and quality of your Internet connection.
◆ Help determine the optimum placement of your Wireless Access Point for maximum performance or troubleshoot slow WiFi.
◆ Track how much Internet data you're using to make sure you don't go over your monthly allowance.
◆ Help troubleshoot Internet performance problems and slowdowns.
◆ Check your ISP is providing the speed and quality you're paying for.
◆ Monitor the performance of your network and connected devices: NAS, servers and other network devices.

What’s New

Version 4.1.1

It's finally here! PeakHour 4.1 is a free update that contains a number of enhancements, optimisations and new features that we think you'll love. This build is a minor update that fixes a few issues with the first release.

4.1.1 changes
New: Added 'Summary Bar Position' option to choose whether the Summary Bar appears above or below the graph.
New: Re-enabled the option to force Light or Dark interface modes on macOS Mohave.
Fixed: On macOS 10.13 and older, the graph toolbar wouldn't hide behind the Summary Bar.

4.1.0 changes
New: Dark Mode lovers rejoice! This release includes full support for Dark Mode in macOS Mohave. PeakHour will now automatically adjust it's look and color scheme according to your choice of Appearance in System Preferences. For those that use a tool like Night Owl to automatically adjust Dark Mode, PeakHour will adapt it's look without needing a restart. For those still on pre-Mohave versions of macOS, the options to change to Dark appearance are still available in Display.
New: Connection Quality now records Packet Loss statistics, not just latency. Packet Loss is shown in the History view as a second series and is recorded in Logs and Exports.
New: Added a new 'Export to CSV...' option to History. In addition to Logging, you can now export the data shown in the History view to a CSV file, allowing that data to be further analysed or shared with others.
New: The New Target button ('+') in Preferences now shows a drop-down menu, making it easier to access options such as Monitor This Mac.
Tweaked: The Configuration Assistant has been subtly tweaked to be more intuitive.
Tweaked: The main UI has been subtly tweaked. Based on your feedback, one of the more noticible changes is that the information area has been moved to above the graph in Detailed mode. This should be more readable and logical.
Tweaked: The main UI graph toolbar has been updated, with the button to open the History window made more prominent and obvious as to what it does.
Fixed: A raft of small and not-so-small stability enhancements, fixes and optimisations that should make this the most stable and performant version yet.
Under the hood: Built with the latest macOS Mohave 10.14 SDK and Paddle V4 SDK. All Swift code has been updated to Swift 4.2.

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
26 Ratings
26 Ratings
Demonpoofball ,

Happy to be able to actually track from my router

This works well with my original Airport Extreme (2nd Gen) and I’m able to see how much data it has running through it. I was having serious overages with my internet, and with our low cap, that means a lot of exra charges, so I needed to find out where it was going, and how much various things were using. I haven’t doven into it *too* deeply to see if I can narrow things down by device, but I got a basic setup that I can at least see the current usage/spikes, which I can tell are, say, my ATV playing something, or my iPhone doing something, etc. It’s also matching up pretty close to what my internet provider is saying for usage (I don’t necessarily trust them, so it was at least reassuring to see). I’m only utilizing a fraction of what it’ll do, and it still got me to buy it. I’ll be curious about some of the deeper features as I get time to learn more.

The direct version thankfully allows a trial, so you can see if it will work on your network before you buy. I lost a bit of data by buying the AppStore version towards the end of my 10 days, but it was more convenient in my case, and I started testing in the middle of a internet cycle anyway. To use the graphs and data best, having it reset when your monthly usage recycles is going to be more helpful.

Anarchris2032 ,

Works well, but needs more visual customization

I was looking for an app that actively tracked my total network consumption and displayed it on my desktop. This app does that and it works well. The reason I am giving it 3 stars instead of five is because the display options do not allow enough customization to make it comfortably visible for me. The total usage display is thin white font inside a black rectangle, and it's very difficult to make out the numbers. The ability to thicken the font and/or change the color of the font and background would help out a great deal. In the graphical display of the quota usage, they deliberately make the font pale, so it's similarly difficult to read. Why would the font by light grey on a white background? It makes no sense and it requires me to have to squint and move my face awkwardly close to the screen to be able to see the information I want displayed. Fix these issues and I will gladly change my rating to five stars.

bink00 ,

Fantastic Monitor

When having intermittent internet connection issues, this really helped understand the problems. This provided a record of connectivity that the cable guy could then correlate with what they were seeing on their end. We were able to narrow down the focus to a specific ethernet run that we re-terminated, and fixed the issues in the home. Have kept on ever since as this let’s me figure out where things are slow. When I get the complaint that the “internet” is slow… I can quickly confirm connectivity. This should really be part of OSX Activity Monitor!


Edward Lawford
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OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor



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