Easy as 1-2-3: Build the new file name from simple, easy to understand building blocks, check real-time results, hit 'Go'.

Perfect Rename gives you smart blocks to build new file names:
- Text (just what you think it is)
- Counters (global, total, per file type, arabic and roman numbers)
- Original File Meta Data (Name, Extension, Size, Modification Date, Creation Date, Parent Folder)
- Date
- Image Metadata (More than 150 tags spanning from EXIF, over GPS to Camera Maker-Specific)
- Audio Metadata (Common ID3 tags)
- Video Metadata (what ID3 are to audio, this is to video: access duration, artist, etc.)
- CSV (you have a coma-sparated values file from a spreadsheet and want to plug those into your file name? Go nuts.)
- RegEx - So you are a pro, think in regular expressions, and aren't afraid to use a sleek tool with great UI? Multi-level, fully IEEE 1003.2 compliant regEx is here for you. Geeky. Recursive. "Now you've got two Problems."

Control that Extension
Most people don't bother with file extensions. But Perfect Rename lets you do just that if you ever have the need to change, map, or regEx your file extensions en masse.

Color-Coded Simplicity
Never wonder which block contributes what to the file name. Color-coded results leaves no doubt where each part comes from

Instant Feedback
No guesswork involved. See what your results will be before you actually rename your files. Your rename rules have an issue? They'll tell you before you commit the rename, and prevent you from doing something unsavory.

Drag & Drop
Collect your files, and dump them on the window via Drag & Drop.

Safety First
Even the best rule can have unforeseen consequences. That's where safe rename comes in. If a file name is already taken, Perfect Rename will slightly modify the new one

Captain's Log
When all is said and done, Perfect Rename gives you a complete, savable clear text log of everything it did.

So you changed your mind after renaming? Ignored the warnings? Felt lucky? No problem. Perfect Rename can roll back any renames it did for you. Simply open the rollback manager, and hit 'Rollback!'

Have a rule or schema you like? Save it now and recall it instantly later.

Fast - very, very, fast.
PR is not only easy to use, it's also fast - it handles large amounts of file as effortlessly as small. How fast? Renaming 5'600 files takes some 2.2 seconds. Which is a lot faster than your average reaction time - so be glad PR comes with a robust rollback function...

What's New

Version 10.4.3

- fixed an incompatibility when adding more than 3'000 files at once in El Capitan
- added progress information when processing drops drops
- large drops no longer make PR appear unresponsive
- large file drops (>3'000 file) now take much less time to post-process

Ratings and Reviews

3.4 out of 5

9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Please read for alternate free app


Personally, I think that some of the bad reviews are from competitors. I would hate to think that there are people who are savvy enough to use a computer, but can’t learn how to use an easy tool. The only reson I don’t give this 5 stars is because of the price. This app will do everything great for free up to 10 files so that you can actually test it out to see the truth about it for yourself. I have NO vested interest in this app or its devs… I just really hate it when people give misleading reviews. One person complained that it added a -1 to the end of his files. That person really needs to either delete the app and redownload it, check their computer for other issues or simply learn how to use the app. I had no problems. At first, there was a slight learning curve, but you can read their info if you aren’t lazy, like I did, or you can email them like I did and they respond rather quickly. Once you understand how everything goes together, its really very simple, but like everything in life, it just takes the light switch to be turned on to be able to see clearly. If you are looking for something similar but 100% free and unlimited file renaming (but no safety net or rollback) Google Transnomino. The dev is very easy to communicate with and his app is really useful once you look under the hood. It has drag and drop features, but this app is slightly “prettier” than it. I don’t know how else to say it. One thing that is EXTREMELY valuable about Transnomino is that you can save the naming convention as a “recipe” and load it to use it again whenever you need it. I just checked and this app also lets you save your naming convention as a “preset” to use whenever. So, this app gives you the opportunity to purchase the safety net they call rollback and you have to make an in-app purchase to use unlimited files. I find this app very likable… just not the price. Come down 10 or 15 bucks and I would think the pricing might be ok. Gotta consider a lot of apps are cheaper than that and great quality. Transnomino has a lot of presets as well. There were some functions I didn’t know how to use or didn’t know that were in it, but after emailing the developer, he gave me a small list of keyboard functions that added so much more power to the app than initially met the eye. Why am I talking about it while reviewing another app? I feel that you need to know your options before you dive in. Both apps are great - One is completely free...

Do not waste your time

Vitaut Arabello

Only partly functional and inflexible.
The was a good free app a couple of years ago - NameChanger by MRR Software, incomparable with the above mentioned junk. I no longer see NC in Apple Store; probably, the developers became jealous and withdrew the free product.

Not the app you're looking for.


This app does a FULL RENAME, you can't use it to just cut some text out of all your files (oh unless you pay for it).


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Rated 4+
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