Photos EXIF Editor is an intuitive app which can edit EXIF, IPTC & XMP data of thousands of photos in no time!
Here are a few reasons which make it a MUST HAVE tool for your Mac:
• Reads & writes EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP metadata and more...
• Supports various common image formats including RAW format
• Deletes metadata individually or of selected batch of photos
• Sets photo modification/original date-time from EXIF information
• Automatically creates back up of the original metadata of the photo when writing
• Flexibility to create Presets of repetitive metadata to speed up processing

Photos EXIF Editor supports full read/write of the following image file formats:
.MOS Leaf Digital Camera RAW image
.CR2 Canon Digital Camera RAW image
.FFF Imacon Digital Camera RAW image
.DNG Leica Digital Camera RAW image
.NEF Nikon Digital Camera Raw Image
.NEF Nikon Digital Camera Raw Image
.NRW Nikon Digital Camera Raw Image ***
.PEF Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image **
.DNG Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image **
.DNG Ricoh Digital Camera RAW Image
.SR2 Sony Digital Camera Raw Image **
.SRF Sony Digital Camera Raw Image (Cyber Shot) **
.DNG Lumia 1020
.DNG One Plus One
.PSD Photoshop Document
.JP2 JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax ***
.JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
.JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
.PNG Portable Network Graphics
.TIF Tagged Image File Format
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format
***: Data of Original date time tag will not be changed
**: Data of Camera model tag will not be changed

Supported Tags:
• EXIF: Artist, Image Description, Copyright, Software, User Comment, Camera Make, Model, Owner Name, Serial Number, Date/Time Original, Creation Date, Modify Date, ISO, F Number, Focal Length, Focal Length In 35mm Format, Flash, Orientation, Exposure Mode, Exposure Program, Exposure Time, Metering Mode, Scene Capture Type, White Balance, Saturation, Sensing Method, Sharpness, Subject Distance Range, Lens Make (as per app's standards), Lens Model(as per app's standards), Lens Serial Number (as per app's standards)
• GPS: Latitude, LatitudeRef, Longitude, LongitudeRef, Altitude, AltitudeRef
• IPTC: Author By-line, By-lineTitle, Copyright Notice, Headline, Caption-Abstract, Writer-Editor, Object Name, Category, Supplemental Categories, Keywords, Sub-location, City, Province-State, Country-Primary Location Name, Country-Primary Location Code, Original Transmission Reference, SpecialInstructions, Credit, Source
• XMP: Serial number, Lens, Create Date, Modify Date, Latitude, Longitude, Photoshop Date Created

What's New

Version 2.3

- Added support to increment/decrement the time frame/Creation time /Modified Time in EXIF/XMP metadata of the images: Users will now be able to increase or decrease hour/minute/seconds with a certain count on individual photos by keeping original values for the rest, as per preference.
- Added support for Batch Renaming of the original file names.

Different options added under this category are:

1. Renaming batch photos based on their EXIF Location tags, i.e. Place, City, State/Province & Country.
2. Renaming batch photos based on their EXIF Original/Creation/Modified Date/Time tags.
3. Renaming batch photos based on their Height & Width.
4. Additional reaming options includes replacing the original file names, adding suffix or prefix and more.

Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5

122 Ratings

122 Ratings

Truly Excellent and User Friendly

Mad Monk 11

This is really a five-star app compared to the other apps I have seen. The only reason I gave it four starts is because there are some little things that should continue to be worked on. For instance, there is a way to select all or delect all in a batch, but you have to look for it a bit. A button like that should be somewhere around the batch. Also, there is no way to remove a photograph from a batch or add a photograph to a batch. At least that I have found yet. Currently, you have to select a photo in a batch and then click remove. You should also be able to just right click and select remove. So in other words, these features are there. Saying that there is no way to add or remove isn’t really accurate. You can do everything. But there could be some redundant buttons and menu items in order to make every step completely obvious to every type of user. I’ll put it like that.

So call me crazy, but I like the app so much I only gave it four stars in order to motivate the developer to continue improving it through redundant features to increase the already high amount of user friendliness.

All that said, this is an amazing value.

Freezes often, nags to provide rating


After a few batches, the app will freeze on both my iMac and my MacBook Pro. The first few batches work OK, but after 3 or 4 the app freezes while initiating Exif changes. The app is an insufferable nag, constantly requesting you to rate it.

What’s more important is that it’s missing some IPTC fields. There is no IPTC creation date field. The Apple Photos app uses the IPTC creation date for sorting purposes. Batch changing in Photos only adjusts +/- from the first selected photo’s date instead of actually putting your desired date into the IPTC data. If you have a bunch of photos with different IPTC creation dates, the result is a mess of dates. This feature would be a useful addition to the app.

Some annoyances and limitations


Annoying: (as others have reported) The modal window in the beginning that you can’t move. When you are initially loading your images, you have to wait for this window to go away. Also, there is no indicator of the import process, so it looks like the app is frozen for a minute while it is importing. Limitiation: It doesn’t seem to allow batch time changes. You can shift the date this way (like if you forgot to change the date on your camera, etc.). But you can’t do incremental/decremental time changes… odd.


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Rated 4+
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