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The PLNAR augmented reality App makes capturing 2D and 3D dimensions of a room easy and fun. Now, anyone can create a floor plan with just their iPhone. No need to use a clunky tape measure or bring a stranger into your house to measure. PLNAR will generate an augmented reality (AR) Pro Report PDF which can be shared.

This app is great for flooring companies, home owners, DIYers, field sales personnel, interior designers, remodelers and insurance claim personnel. Generate your own measurements for home projects, obtain material estimates to share with contractors, measure for any home or commercial remodeling project or insurance claim.

- Generate measurements of any room or wall
- Create floor plans
- Include and measure structures such as Islands and Stairs
- Annotate, in AR, characteristics of the room
- Obtain area of a room
- Obtain perimeter measurements of a room
- Obtain wall surface area
- Combine multiple rooms into a single project
- Attach photos to a project
- Generate a Pro Report PDF and share it with friends, designers or contractors

PLNAR is brought to you by SmartPicture, an Austin, TX based startup focused on automating the traditional in-home measurement process required for DIY projects, quoting home services, manufacturing home products, underwriting insurance or settling claims.

The Augmented Reality measurement capabilities are free to use including the room and project management features. As an added feature, we also allow you to generate a Pro Report PDF that can be shared. We include 1 free Pro Report and each subsequent Pro Report is $9.99.


Versión 2.1

We have 3-D liftoff!

Version 2.1 includes stability improvements and modifications for 3D model generation. Stay tuned for this exciting new feature ...

With PLNAR version 2.xx, you can add vertical measurements to your room plans. This includes:
+ Ceiling height
+ Windows
+ Doors
+ Anything on the wall (e.g. art, water stains, other?)

Additionally, you can now add volume (height, length, width) to horizontal objects such as:
+ Cabinets
+ Islands
+ Boxes

Check out the new 3D view in settings once you define your room.

This is truly transformational update so please provide us with any and all feedback.

Reseñas de los clientes

3.7 de 5

80 valoraciones

80 valoraciones

Great concept but tech isn’t quite there yet


The ability to create floor plans using AR could hugely change how many real estate related professions get work done. If I could rate the app purely in concept it would have 5-stars without trouble. Unfortunately, the technology isn’t quite there yet to make this practical in real life.

As you make your way around the room, points slowly shift so the end product isn’t as accurate as it needs to be, and the larger the room the less accurate the product.

Looking forward to seeing this product develop into a full 5-Star game changer.

Great concept with slightly flawed execution


I really like this simple use case for AR and was excited to give it a spin. I plotted out the points of my home-office and it was initially working really well. But by the time I reached the 3rd wall, previous points had shifted and were no longer in the corners of the room that I had originally placed them. As I spun around to examine my work, all of the points seemed to become more and more off from their original locations.

Still, for a free app, it’s handy to get some general estimates of measurement.

Unique & Innovative


First off, this app is really, really cool. It is a unique and innovative tool that could be used by business owners and craftsmen alike.
However, I have two suggestions:
1.) Add an "enable flash" button so that the camera can be used in the dark
2.) Get the stability and augmentation almost exactly perfect.


Smart Picture Technologies Inc.
34.8 MB
Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro de 12.9 pulgadas, iPad Pro de 12.9 pulgadas Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro de 9.7 pulgadas, iPad Pro de 9.7 pulgadas Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (quinta generación), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (quinta generación), 12.9″ iPad Pro (2a generación), 12.9″ iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular (2a generación), 10.5″ iPad Pro y 10.5″ iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular.
Clasificación 4+
© 2017 Smart Picture Technologies, Inc.
Compras dentro de la app
  1. 1 Pro Report (PDF) $9.99
  2. 10 Pro Reports (PDF) $89.99
  3. 5 Pro Reports (PDF) $46.99


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