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***** Conviértete en una mejor persona *****
· Mejora tus relaciones !
· Herramientas para cambiar tu estado emocional en unos segundos.
· Mejora tu vida !
· Realiza el test de Inteligencia Emocional. DESCARGALA AHORA !

My emotions te ayuda a ser consciente de tus emociones y a poder establecer un plan de trabajo que te permita gestionarlas mucho mejor.

Establece un plan de coaching en el que puedas constatar que situaciones y personas te desestabilizan emocionalmente y cuales te generan emociones altamente positivas, descubre eficaces secretos y herramientas personalizadas pera poder cambiar tu estado emocional en unos segundos.

Todo esto y mucho más en Plus Mis emociones de


Versión 1.5.1

- Solucionado el error del test
- Mejoras de rendimiento
Muchas gracias por vuestra contribución!

Valoraciones y reseñas

Great Idea-bad glitches


Having trouble making it work. I love the idea of having pictures and songs when you might need a lift, but I also like the idea of having your own thoughts on hand in a sort of bulleted journal. One could put quotes or things that work for them personally. The five most important things slot is good, but not enough for people who are word and thought inspired. Will keep using in hopes it improves.

Don't waste your money


No tutorial to walk you through any if it. Asks for your emotional state,and then doesn't give any way to help change your mood. Does absolutely nothing constructive. Please don't waste your money. You'll just be more upset.

Expensive No Useful Instructions Doesn't Do What it Says


This app is more expensive than many of the other more customizable apps that do similar things and its options are confusing, disconnected, and unhelpful. As a person who uses these apps to test for clients before recommending them, this is one I would not only not recommend if a client were thinking of using it, I would actively encourage them not to do so.

The good:
(1) The Emotions toolbox let's you add pics and music that helps enhance positive moods.

(2) There are helpful quotes, mp3s, and videos to inspire positive thinking.

(3) you can set a prompt to remind you to check your mood

The bad:
(1) To start you do an EQ quiz that gives you a score without explaining how it is derived, what is necessary for improvement, or how the quiz is normed. This quiz score does not show up again even tho part of the home screen is reserved for the quiz. It also has no bearing on the positive thinking things generated for you.

(2) every Emotion has to be input separately for each "goal" and you can only have 1 goal at a time this means those mood prompts in the good part of this review are useless b/c if you put in new data, it is a new goal and the old goal is erased.

(3) despite claiming to track an emotions related goal,there is nowhere to input this goal, no connection between this goal and the things you fill out nor the quiz offered, and no explanation of how this goal is tied to the goal ribbons on the home page

(4) every song has to be input separately even when they belong to the same emotions list and the interface between the app and itunes means there are a minimum of 2 steps to get to each song

(5) you can only have 4 pics in your emotional tool kit and you have to click through 2 screens to get to them

This app is expensive and useless. It neither tracks emotions nor effectively provides ways to address the ones you want to change. Save your money and use one of the many more effective apps out there


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53.7 MB
Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Francés, Inglés
Clasificación 4+
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