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The most valuable resource in the modern world is time, a third of which we spend on sleeping. However, you can increase your awake time up to 22 hours by sleeping more than once a day at regular intervals. This kind of sleep is called polyphasic sleep.

This app allows you to choose from different polyphasic sleep schedules. After that it will remind you when it's time to go to sleep, and will wake you up on time.

Sleep schedules you can choose from:
Biphasic — 5-7 hours during the night and 20 minutes during the day (3 variants)
Segmented (2 variants)
Dual-Core Sleep (4 variants)
Triphasic (2 variants)
Everyman — 1.5-3.5 hours during the night and 20 minutes during the day for 3 times (3 variants)
Dymaxion — 30 minutes for 4 times a day (2 variants)
Uberman — 20 minutes for 6 times a day

Что нового

Версия 2.3

— Full version users can now create custom sleeping plans
— Fixes and improvements

Оценки и отзывы

3.5 из 5
Оценок: 6

Оценок: 6

Sincerely pisd off. ,

Initial thoughts:

Love it. This is *almost* EXACTLY what I have been looking for!! 100% worth the 99¢ and I paid for it like two minutes ago. The feature to move the whole schedule by increments of time is genius and amazingly useful. I personally love the 12hr time. A 24hr clock or two 12hr clocks are so confusing but this format is effortless. I haven’t even tried the alarms yet but just being able to visualize a schedule is a breeze now. Except... I too wish there were better options for customization. Having a separate custom clock, being able to save custom clocks and make new ones, ability to add a sleep to an existing clock, and even just being able to set an end time would all be amazingly useful. As is, it’s a great way to learn and visualize the different sleep patterns and how they could potentially fit into my schedule, but I don’t have the flexibility to conform the patterns to my schedule. My 9-5 and family time come first, which means I need more options to customize a schedule for my needs!

simple_logic ,

Candy behind the glass

Almost amazing, yet useless because you can not customize sleep times. Please fix this or stop teasing us. Would gladly pay more for this app. Also an Apple Watch feature would be cool where it would ring on the watch, but can only be turned off on the phone.

Will give 5 stars when you allow us to customize the sleep times

回来看看好厉害 ,

It’s good but I found a bug

It’s a simple and Nice app for anyone wants to try polyphasic sleep. But I found that the timing in app doesn’t come back when the time zone goes into winter time. There is an one hour gap.


Alexey Kuzovkov
37.2 МБ

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, German, Russian

Rated 4+
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