Powerful financial, business and real estate calculator includes algebraic, RPN input and over 400 free calculations. Create your own, keep a history and share with others.

● Multiple time Apple staff pick including Best of 2010
● "The créme de la créme of calculators" - AppAdvice
● "Incredibly powerful tool for calculations of all kinds." - Smokin' Apps
● "You need this calculator. It's miles better than the competition." - Robert Burns
● "…sets the benchmark for other calculators to reach." - Fred Swan
● "Not sure how I could do my job without powerOne." - Arvid Martin
● "A legend. The best financial calculator app I have ever seen." - Worldwide Tech
● "… powerOne shines." - Mac Observer


Whether mortgages and real estate, finance and investing, math and science, medical, health, conversions or construction, powerOne has you covered. There are hundreds of spreadsheet-like calculator templates pre-installed or in the Library, ready right now for all kinds of what-if scenario analysis.

And for those one-off calculations use powerOne's elegant algebraic and RPN calculator. Perform calculations in decimal, fraction or feet-inch format with hundreds of functions that include powers, logs, trig, programmers math and more.


Sometimes a number isn't enough. Visually seeing data in the form of a function graph, bar chart or scatter plot enhances understanding like a result never could. For instance, analyze Mortgage, Auto Loan and TVM amortizations, watch investments grow in 401(k) and Savings, and visually see the relationship between NPV, IRR, NUS and NFV in cash flows. Zoom, pan, trace and analyze in many bundled and Library templates, or add to your own.


powerOne is easily customized. It includes a dynamic language to create your own calculator templates. It can be as easy as entering a formula similar to HP Solve or harness the complete capabilities of powerOne's simple scripting language. Hundreds of examples and instructions included.


Past computations are always available at your fingertips. powerOne automatically saves a history of your calculations. Name them, annotate them, share them or re-calculate.


Whether colleague or client, powerOne makes it easy to share the results and created templates, too. Just choose who to send it to. The results are in the email and so is the template. Click the attached template on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and it will load right into powerOne.


After 15 years and close to 20 million software calculators distributed, Infinity Softworks has earned its reputation for high quality apps. We'd love to hear from you, whether ideas, help or problems, at


This version of powerOne includes…

* Full-featured algebraic and RPN calculator with three theme options
* Pre-installed calculator templates:
- Time Value of Money with Amortizations
- Mortgages with PITI and Amortizations (Conventional and Canadian)
- Cash Flows including NPV, IRR, NFV, NUS and more
- 401(k)
- Area Conversions
- Auto Lease
- Auto Loan
- Black-Scholes
- Bonds
- Breakeven
- Capitalization Rate
- Currency Conversions
- Date Conversions
- General Loan
- Investment Return
- Length Conversions
- Mass Conversions
- Percent Change
- Profit Margin
- Savings
- Summary Data including sum, average, min and max
- Tip
- Volume Conversions
* Access to hundreds of additional templates in the Library
* Create your own templates
* Perform decimal, fraction or feet-inch math with hundreds of functions ranging from powers and trig to programmer's math and matrices
* Save a history of all calculations automatically
* Share results and templates by simply entering a recipient

What's New

Version 4.1.11

General updates and improvements

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
86 Ratings
86 Ratings
Johnny B10225

Best Calculator App for Business/Finance

I work in finance and rely on powerOne every single day. Getting the pro version is well worth the small investment since you can download templates others have created. I am just starting to build my own and already can see how useful it will be. Building your own templates looks and is initially confusing. If you want to build your own templates I highly recommend downloading the simple overview (~15 pgs) and the detailed manual (~200+ pgs) from the developers website. The value that powerOne has provided to me, academically and professionally, is WAY, WAY more than the small price for the pro version. I know the dev doesn’t make much, if any, $$ off powerOne which makes me appreciate what they do even more. No matter your profession or major powerOne can and will help you in life. I do most of my calculations in Excel templates that I’ve set up, but when I’m away from my computer or iPad Pro Excel is very difficult to use on my phone. That’s where powerOne comes in. I also use it if I don’t already have an Excel template set up and don’t have time to set one up. I just have to search the library for the calculation I’m working on and can have an answer within a few minutes or less. This is especially when I am visiting with a client and need to solve complex calculations on the fly. For the devs of powerOne, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re awesome.


Good, but...

I generally like this calculator, and use it frequently for "time value of money" calculations. However there are a couple of problems.

First, it does not support multitasking on the iPad (I use the iPad Mini 4), which to me is critical for any calculator. I need to use it with other apps that are generating numbers.

Second, the calculator itself has a few odd quirks. For. Example: the +- function does exactly the same thing as the - operator; it puts a - sign at the location the cursor rather than changing the sign of the last input number as normal calculators do. Neither functional nor useful. Similarly the square and square root function don't operate on the last input number like a normal calculator although the xth power of y works that way. I still haven't figured out how to get the xth root of y to work in any way. No matter how I input it returns a "syntax error" alert. I haven't tested other advanced functions to see if they work normally.

If multitasking was added and fixes for calculator functions were made, I could give this 5 stars.

Developer Response

Hi Zootooz,

Thanks for the feedback. First, a few of these issues will be addressed with the next release of the application. That includes multitasking and the +/- operator, among many many other things. Please keep an eye out in the current version of the app for when the update will be ready.

You are correct that square and square root don't automatically insert last, but you can add last anywhere within the algebraic expression by selecting the 'last' button on its history location. (Again, much of this will be improved as well with the next release.)

Finally, the root function is in the form root(y; x) where you would describe that as the xth root of y. root(27; 3) should return 3. There are more details available here:

Hope that helps!



No need to buy anything else!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, everything you've read about this app is true. I too have been using it's older siblings for more years than I can remember and cannot imagine a better financial/business/general purpose calculation application, but the developers continue to surprise!

Each new release adds more and more functionality and finesse to make it easy and enjoyable to use.

Really needs to have Bluetooth keyboard support for iPad version.

Developer Response

Thanks for the positive review, ZGALINEC! We will be adding additional (physical, both connected and Bluetooth) keyboard support with the next release of the application. Please keep an eye out in the current version for when that will be available.



Infinity Softworks, Inc.
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Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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