Lightweight mailer for single or bulk mailing.

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• Simple, intuitive interface.
• Send web pages on the internet.
• Full featured integrated editor for creating plain text or HTML mailings.
• Uses Contacts for simple recipient addressing.
• Add any type of attachment.
• Supports secure connections, so you can use email accounts like Gmail.
• Messages can be personalized with template tags.
• Console logging.

Quaik Windows

Quaik's functionality is implemented in several windows: The Message, Recipients, Preferences, Attachments and Contacts (addresses) windows. See the accompanying screenshots of each.

• Main (Message) Window

Use this window to build your email message. A message generally can consist of several parts:

Web Page: Enter the URL of a web page on the internet. Click the Web Page button to select the URL of the front window of your browser.

Message Editor: The message area is a full featured text editor. Use the "Format" menu in the menu bar to stylize your text. This message will precede the web page above, if there is one.

Attachments: Click the Attachments button to open the attachments list window. Drag files into the list, they will be attached to the mail message.

Although Quaik does not open or save files, you can import text from other programs using "drag and drop." Similarly, this is how you can move text from Quaik into other applications.

The "Addresses" button will open a window which lets you pick recipients from Contacts (Address Book.) You can select individual cards, or whole groups.

You can use "template tags" to personalize the message. A template tag is a pattern label which Quaik uses to replace with a value, such as the current recipients name or email address. The following four template tags are currently supported and may be placed in the message or web page:

{toName}. Replaced by the name of the recipient.

{to}. Replaced by the email address of the recipient.

{fromName}. Replaced by the name of the sender.

{from}. Replaced by the email address of the sender.

{subject}. Replaced by the subject of the message.

• Recipients Window

As a mailing is in progress the email address of each recipient which was successfully emailed will be added to the list displayed in this window. This window is displayed automatically when a mailing commences. You can also open it by selecting "Recipients..." from the File menu.

Should you need to resend the mailing, because an error occurred and the mailing was aborted, you do not need to worry about sending out duplicate messages. No mail is sent to anyone whose email address is listed in this window.

Clear the list by clicking the "Reset" button.

When errors occur you can use the console log to see a record of their occurrence.

• Preferences Window

This window is used to specify your SMTP mail server settings and message properties. You can open this window using the preferences button in the mailer window, or by selecting "Preferences..." from the Quaik menu.

In particular note that you can specify whether your messages are HTML or plain text. HTML is suitable when you want to format the text by specifying the font, size, color, etc.

• Attachments Window

To add attachments to your message simply drag and drop the file's icon from the Finder into this window.

To delete all attachments deselect them all and click the "Delete" button. To delete a specific attachment, select it and then click the "Delete" button.

• Addresses Window

This window displays the cards and groups in Contacts (Address Book.) Click a person or group to make them the recipient of the message. The name of the group or card is entered into the recipient fields of the mailer. If you select a group then as the mailing progresses the recipient name and address fields are updated to display the current email recipient.

What's New

Version 1.2.2

Maintenance update.

Ratings and Reviews


Stay away,

The good news is that customer support was quick to respond to queries. The bad news is that I have never once been able to use this program. It's unusable. MAILINGS is also by this company. I was able to get it to work fine a few times and then after Mountain Lion, gone. I really wish Apple would either screen these programs better, or have a way to get refunds. Money spent on products that are not ready for the light of day.


Needs Work

This application needs some work. My wife had a list of people (132) she wanted to send a 1.2MB pdf file to. According to the documentation, you have to add the email addresses to the Address book and create a distribution group first which was a pain as I would have rather just pasted the email addresses into the recipients window.

A few of the emails on my wife's list were malformed and it halted the sending when it got to those. I had to clear the recipients from the window and resend to the group. It did remember the recipients I already sent to so that it only ended up resending to the last person on the list. It would be nice if the app did some error handling for malformed emails instead of halting the process and making me start over. Maybe a preflight check would work well so that bad emails are identified before it tries to send.

We let it send the emails through the night and it only sent to 108. It has a recipients window so that I can see who it sent to, but it doesn't show who it didn't send to. And I can't see a method to export the list so that I can figure out who it didn't send to in excel. I tried sending to the same list again. Without making a new email I assumed it would skip the people it already sent to and attempt a second time to the people it didn't. Instead I get an error that says that the 'mailbox unavailable or not local'. I'm using the same mailbox tied to my wife's mac mail. It works fine, and the first 108 recipients got their email, as my wife has gotten replies from many of them. The only way to send to the remaining on the list is to manually check each email and referencing the email recipients window.

At this point I'm going to have to figure out who it didn't send to and manually send to them.

My suggestions are as follows:

1. Do preflight to check for valid email addresses.
2. Let users paste in a comma delimited list of emails.
3. Allow emails to be pulled from excel documents or csv's.
4. Add all email addresses to the status window and show the success or failure of each.
5. Allow sorting of the recipients by success or failure.
6. Export results to excel or csv.
7. Make each email a project or job that can be saved and resumed after a reboot.
8. I would like the capability of resending to recipients that failed, for whatever reason.

There seems to be many reasons why an email doesn't get sent. This kind of app is not measured by the basic functionality it provides, but by how robust it is and how easily it can handle curve balls. I don't know why it stopped sending in the middle of the night, perhaps my computer went to sleep. I don't know why it won't connect to my mailbox now. I'll have to close the app and lose my project and list of recipents to find out. It seems the developer didn't foresee the issues that might occur when trying to send to hundreds of people an email with a decent size attachment. But that is ultimately what this app is supposed to do.

If improvement is made on this app. I'll be glad to go in and change my review to 5 stars. It will then make my money well spent.


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OS X 10.6.6 or later
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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