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Savings - Budget, Bills, Money Manager

By Yi Lin Productions

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Savings is a simple yet effective money management app that helps you take total control of your money. If you've used other finance apps before, you will find Savings offers you all the power you need but without unnecessary clutter. If you are totally new to personal finance, Savings will be the best way to become a master at money management.

• All transaction data is stored securely on your Mac, not on someone else's server.
• We never ask you for your bank login information, nor do we ask you for an email to use Savings.
• You can create password to lock Savings after use, in case others share your Mac.

iCloud Sync
• Keeps data automatically synchronized across your Macs and iPhone. Setup is simple, just turn it on. And since it uses iCloud, you know it's safe.

Great Support
We are busy working on a comprehensive Getting Started Guide, that will soon be our site, to guide you through Savings' system. In the meantime, if you need assistance on anything, just email us at

Account Management
• Keep all of your accounts in Savings, in any currency.
• Effortless transaction entry.
• Running balance, transfer, and reconciliation.
• Categorize transactions your way, even with Emoji icons!
• Splits and notes are supported of course.
• Edit multiple transactions at once with Batch Edit.
• Instantly search for transactions by any field.
• Works just like a checkbook, with a permanent running balance column.

Import Data
• Import old data from Quicken (Mac or PC) and other apps into Savings, using OFX, QIF or CSV.
• Import transactions from online banking using OFX, QIF or CSV.

Automatic Reconciliation
• Transactions imported from bank are automatically reconciled with pending transactions. And new transactions have a blue dot next to them ready for you to review, just like in Mail!

Bill Reminder
• There's no need to purchase a separate bill management app. Savings lets you schedule transactions with reminders, so you will never forget to pay a bill, and the bill payment is automatically logged to your account.

One-Click Charts
• Intuitive charts that requires no setup. See where you are spending the most, whether you are getting richer or poorer, and more. Savings shows you the most useful charts without you having to do any work.

• Savings' approach to budget is simple yet powerful. Just budget for a long period, ideally one year, and set a limit for all categories of incomes and expenses. That way you know exactly what your balance will be by the end of the year, no surprises! This is unlike other apps that ask you to create a budget every month (too much work), or apps that ask you to only budget some categories (unrealistic). Savings' way gives you the complete picture with minimum work. It's the way budgeting should be.
• After creating a budget, Savings shows you your progress as time goes by, and you can adjust any category's limit to instantly see how it affects your bottom line.

Savings for iPhone
• Savings is also available for the iPhone, so you can do almost everything you can do on your Mac while you are away on your phone. Search for "savings checkbook" on the App Store.

Designed for the Mac
• For those of you who are long-time Mac users, you will appreciate that Savings is a true Mac app, not a cheap port from another platform. What this means is Savings feels just right on your Mac.

"Savings answers the call for a personal finance app that isn’t intimidating and difficult to use." –

The intention of creating Savings is to make a finance app that helps you become better at managing your money. We don't collect your personal banking information, or require you to login the use the app. It's just that, a finance app for the masses.

If you have any question or suggestion, please email us at, or visit us at

What's New in Version 1.8.3

• Fixed a bug that causes Savings to hang when import data from another app.
• Fixed a bug that causes Savings to crash when importing transactions from bank or when entering the payee of a transaction.
• Fixed a bug where the splits in transactions list changes order as you scroll through transactions.

New Features in 1.8:
• Password protection
• Payee and category autocomplete
• Improved sync
• Visual refresh
• Auto backup

– To see permanent running balance, select View > Show Balance Column from the menu.
– To see projection based on scheduled transactions, choose an account and select Transaction > Show Projection from the menu.


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Customer Reviews

My favorite money tracking and budget software

In the most recent version to date, 1.8.3, Savings does everything for me that I need for it to do, and it does it well. I like to keep things simple, and I find Savings to be very intuitive. I can bring up the program and make entries quickly, and for this reason, and because it is so easy to use with the recent changes, I find myself entering transactions the same day I make them. I have not been that consistent with other finance programs, and eventually ended up not using them. Not so with Savings. I originally purchased Savings quite some time ago while it was in the early development stages. In the early days, there were some issues that caused me to put the program on the back burner so to speak and use other software. Yi promised to make needed changes, and recently has been fulfilling those promises. The program today is well worth the purchase price, and, as previously stated, simplifies the finance tracking and budgeting process to the point of making entry of transactions easy and, in my thinking, enjoyable. I highly recommend this program, and encourage you to work with it a while and get to know how it functions. I think you will be pleased. Maybe the best part of buying Savings is the customer service. If you have a question, Yi is prompt and thorough in helping talk you through it via email. As you might guess, I am a very satisfied customer.

Buggy and budget info is unreliable

At first I really liked this app because it was very simple, didn’t try to force me into some convoluted way of thinking about my money, and did most everything I wanted it to do.

I’m sorry to report two things that make it a deal-breaker for me:
• It is unstable and allows certain operations that will gaurantee a crash, such as setting an Emoji on a budget category group (as opposed to just a category).
• Worst of all, it reports incorrect data in budget categories. I have an expense listed in my account register which mystifyingly does not appear as a deduction in my budget for the catetory assigned to it. It’s just this one, as far as I can tell, but the fact that I can’t trust amounts in my budget is a total deal-breaker. It prevents EXACTLY the peace of mind and planning that I want from budget software and could cause me financial problems.

There is one small thing that is really frustrating but was not a deal breaker for me. Within the budget screen you cannot sort by category name. The categories appear in a seemingly arbitraty order and there is nothing you can do about it. This causes un-needed difficulty in scanning expense tracking.

You know software, especially from a downloadable source; once you pay you are screwed. It doesn’t even matter if the software is broken, you are probably not going to get a refund. Pass this up and don’t get burned like I did. At least it is inexpensive.

Not a bad start

I installed Savings to serve as my checkbook register. It did a great job of importing my accounts as a .qif file, and has a nice enough look and feel to it.

I have a couple of issues that I'd like to see added:

1. Running balance for each transaction.
2. The ability to import scheduled transactions.
3. The ability to sort accounts on any of the fields (Date, Payee, Category or Amount in both ascending and descending order).
4. The ability to identify transactions as "tax item" for easy reporting at year end.
5. The ability to do multiple-account transactions (e.g., when paying a credit card account, one entry posts as a debit to checking and a credit to the CC account).
6. The ability to account reconciliation.

Savings - Budget, Bills, Money Manager
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