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By Giuseppe Cigala

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Scotch is a simple graphic application that allow you to join images.

- move the selected image in front or back of other images;
- apply a "blend" effect;
- "snap to grid" function;
- show/hide the grid;
- expand or reduce the image size;
- vertical/horizontal align function;
- zoom the window;
- edit the image applying various effects;
- crop the window and generate an unique image;
- undo/redo your modify;
- export the final image in PNG/TIFF/JPEG/JP2/BMP/GIF format;
- save the project in iCloud.

What's New in Version 1.4

- new "Zoom" function;
- new "Align" function;
- new "Crop" function;
- minor UI changes.


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Customer Reviews

Didn’t improve any

Thought the new version might have fixed everything. Not even close. The app doesn’t do ANYTHING.

Not worth It!!

Don’t buy it its not worth it not User Friendly!

Adaquate Microtask App, Room for Improvement, No Help

For context, I am not one of those people who give everything a rating of 1 or 5. A rating of 3 represents a solid workman-like app with room for improvement or othewise representing acceptable tradeoffs in price vs functionality vs user time.

Summation: Scotch get a 3 stars. It's not a polished app as detailed below but can be made to work effeciently once its quirks and defincies are understood. It cost only $0.99 plus say a half hour of your time for training so I rate the tradeoffs as acceptable.

I evaluated on Yosemite 10.10.2 (14C1514), Scotch Version 1.4

Problem Story: I am reading many technical and historical ebooks now, most coverted from hardcopy that had large dual or multipage graphics such as schematics and maps which are now chopped into pieces to fit in the ebook making the graphics largely unreadable and useless. I have to copy out the graphics and stitch them together to make them readable. In the past, I used Omnigraffle for this and while it worked, it had a lot of extra steps and complexity. Neither do I have Omnigraffle for iOS. So I looked for a dedicated App that might work on iOS as well.

Scotch was the only dedicated app I've found so far that does exactly what I need.

5 Stars to start:

-1: >>NO HELP<<, In-app help directs to a webpage that is just marketing info. Unacceptable, No app without help should ever get 5 stars even if it washes your car, walks the dog and remembers your spouses birthday. Pet peeve of mine. No excuse for a developer not to provide help save indifference to user experience and time.

-2: Non standard UI and Behaviors:
- New documents open scrolled to the left bottom corner. This is not expected as the majority of apps scroll their window to the top left. It tricks you into thinking the working canvas is much smaller than it is and makes it had to position graphics starting from their upper left corner.
- Size of canvas is determined by the page size in page setup. That's an anachronism these days when the majority of graphics are never printed. Nothing in the app interface provides a clue this is how it works. Only by long experience did I know to look there. In order to create a large merged images, the user must first create a custom large size paper setup, in my case mimiking two pages in outsized book 26"x23".
- Undo appears to apply only to the importing of images and not to transformations such as reduce or expand e.g. if you reduce an image accidentally, then hit undo, it simply removes the image and reverts the entire document to before the image was added. All other changes are lost The standard is that undo and redo affect all changes to user data and that any undo only undoes the very last change. If you work with complex images with lots of transformations, this will be a dealbreaker for you. For myself, not so much.
- Crop is a mask, working the inverse of most crops such as that found in preview. Scrotch's mask crop removes everything OUTSIDE the crop box instead of everything inside it. Useful at times, but shouldn't be default behavior and should be documented.
- Doesn't seem to support drag and drop from any app except the Finder. Though this might be a problem on the source app end (Chrome in my case) as always with drag and drop.
- I could not find the advertised "Aligh" feature.
- Memory use is somewhat high e.g. 1.3gb Real memory for the map graphics I fiddled with, but on the plus side, no sign of leaks.

-- Does have a nudge feature, undocumented, but I guessed it might be activated by the arrows keys and it was. However, the nudge seems to have a minimun size irrespective of the resolution or pixel size of the images. It should scale with the images.
-- Once its quirks and defincies were understood, I was able to merge chopped up graphics faster and easier than with other general purpose graphics apps. It was about three times faster than Omnigraffle of which I have considerable experience.
-- I encounter no stability issues with three documents, no problems importing or drag-dropping jpgs from Finder, nor problems saving or exporting. It defaults to saving to iCloud which could cause problems if your iCloud is not set up.
-- The price of $0.99 makes it a very good value proposition. It probably cost me $5-$10 in my time to figure it out but I expect it to make that back soon but if it saves me 5 minutes per graphic going forward, that will pay off soon.

Note: I have not tested the iOS version and can make no comment on interoperatablity with the Mac version.

So, (5 - 1 - 3 + 1 = 3) middle of the curve where most apps should. This is a good idea and If the developer will take the 4-8 hours work necessary provide basic help I would bump to a 4 and if the UI improvements where made, it could be a 5 at such a low price. A little polish goes a long way.

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Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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