Having two monitors on OSX is both a joy and a pain. Simple things like viewing a movie or playing a game quickly become a hassle when you have one screen playing and the other blasting full brightness your face. There is no quick and easy way to "cover" or dim a single screen, so I got to work on a solution...

The result is what I am creatively dubbing "ScreenDimmer." It allows you to selectively dim up to three monitors in all sorts of configurations and opacities (brightnesses), while not interfering with your other applications. You could choose to have your second monitor be dim while your primary plays a movie, or maybe have your primary and third be full black while you play a game on your second. The possibilities are endless! Some of you with single monitors may also find this little utility useful as it will give you more "fine grained" control over your brightness.

I initially created this small utility for myself but it evolved into something that I am proud to release. I gave it my best and I hope you enjoy it!

1. Open app
- Located in menu bar

2. Select monitor configuration
- Monitors are arranged based on their position relative to each other
- Selected monitors can be any configuration of 1, 2 and/or 3.

3. Click enable
- The overlay should now pop up

4. Use the slider to change the brightness level.

5. Enjoy!

What's New

Version 1.4

- Fixed hotkeys (finally!)

Configure hotkeys through the help menu. Defaults are as follow....
cmd-option-ctrl + enter : toggle overlay
cmd-option-ctrl + ] : increase brightness
cmd-option-ctrl + [ : decrease brightness

As always, don't hesitate to email me with any feedback or feature requests! I'd love to hear it.

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5

32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Controls 3 monitors same time!


FINALLY! A brightness control for ALL my monitors. This actually works. Not sort of or maybe… It fully works. This was a $1.99 risk that paid off.

I have three monitors (one iMac 27” Retina late 2015) plus two of those fancy expensive LG Ultrafine 5K displays they sell at the Apple Store. But guess what, you can only control brightness natively on the main display and the second monitor (hold CONTROL + F1 / F2). But if you go to a second external display (three total), or just want to control ALL of them simultaneously like a normal person, you’re out of luck. I even called Apple Support, spoke with Senrio technician: nope, it just don’t do that. Nevermind they sell an iMacPro now that can do up to FOUR external displays, but no way to control brightness except through System Prefs on each one. Seriously Apple??

UNTIL NOW... Thank you Atlas Wegman! I can control all of my monitor’s brightness simultanoeusly with one control using this app. You can also de-select a monitor and it goes back to its preset brightness (I leave them all the way up in System Prefs, and use the app to turn them down).

Great job!!

IT WORKS! Triple non-Apple monitor setup

Eric Esquire

I’m a day trader and my eyes get fatigued about mid-day. I was getting severe headaches from it. I tried every free screen dimmer that was available and they all worked…but only on the main display. The other two were still pumping me full of toxic eye radiation! Heard about this while googling for a solution and just bit the bullet and paid the 2 bucks (seriously, so cheap!).

It works. Dims all 3 montors at the same time to the same level. My eyes are still thanking me hours later.

And listen, my setup is as kinky as it gets. I have one monitor plugged in via thunderbolt-to-hdmi as the last in the chain of thunderbolt devices. I have one plugged in direct to HDMI on the MacBook Pro Retina I use, and I have another one using a mini display port adapter. It works on all of them.

Don’t hesitate. If you landed here, its because you need this app, and this app needs you. Buy. Be happy.

Kills your battery like crazy on MacBook Pro


when this app is on and my laptop is plugged in, the battery will not stop going down in charged percentage. There seems to be some kind of glitch in the writting that is causing it to use a terrible amount of power resources. The app has a good idea in mind and would be great if it was debugged. Another problem is that the application stops working correctly after the computer goes to sleep and then wakes up, which is that the dimmer stops working and the screen defaults to full brightness, this part is a minor offense to the power drainage and is only slightly anoying because the remedy is to simply restart the app.


Atlas Wegman
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