Note: SignalScope is being succeeded by the new SignalScope X. SignalScope will continue to receive maintenance updates and remain for sale on the App Store for a limited time. Beyond that time, you will be able to continue to use SignalScope as long as you run it on a device with a compatible version of iOS. SignalScope X offers powerful new tools and features. You can download it and try it out for free for 7 days.

SignalScope turns your iOS device into a powerful real-time spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. Easily measure audible frequencies in SignalScope’s FFT analyzer. See for video demos.

For more information regarding compatible audio hardware, visit

- Analyze signals coming from the iOS device’s current audio input source, or from the built-in accelerometer.
- Assign input channel units and sensitivities for individual USB Audio devices. Direct support is included for the Digiducer 333D01 accelerometer and miniDSP UMIK-1 measurement microphone.
- Manually switch between available audio input sources.
- Load microphone frequency response data (FRD) and apply frequency response correction (FRC) to FFT spectrum measurements.
- Audio input is typically sampled at 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz (higher and lower sample rates are possible, even up to 192 kHz, with hardware that supports it). Built-in accelerometer data is sampled at roughly 100 Hz.
- Zoom in or out on spectrum and waveform displays with two-finger expand/pinch gestures, even while the analyzer is running.
- Pan vertically or horizontally in zoomed displays with two-finger scrolling.
- Pinpoint individual sample values or frequencies with a cursor.
- Save high-resolution spectrum or waveform display images as PDF files or as JPEG images in the iPhone's Camera Roll photo album.

SignalScope supports full and partial upgrades to the additional tools and functionality offered in SignalScope Pro. Upgrades may be purchased via in-app purchase.

Available in-app purchase upgrades include:
- Upgrade to the functionality of SignalScope Pro.
- Signal Generator tool (not the same as SignalSuite).
- - Random and periodic pseudorandom noise (period defined by FFT length)
- - White and pink noise weighting
- - Lin and log frequency sweeps
- - Tone generator
- Octave and 1/3-octave Analyzer tool (RTA).
- - Whole and 1/3-octave RTA (based on digital Butterworth bandpass filters)Fast, Slow, and Impulse response times
- - Flat, A, and C frequency weighting
- - Equivalent and time-weighted exponential average levels
- - Max, peak, and elapsed time also captured
- Level Meter tool.
- - Flat, A, and C frequency weighting
- - Equivalent and time-weighted exponential average levels
- - Max, peak, and elapsed time also captured
- Real-time Spectrogram Analyzer (available in 2D and 3D versions)
-- Frequency resolutions between 1 and 50 Hz may be specified for audio input (between 1 Hz and 10 Hz for the built-in accelerometer)
-- Input data can be windowed with one of 7 different data window types
-- Lin, log, and dB magnitude scales
-- Lin and log frequency scales
-- Fractional-octave band frequency smoothing in 1/6, 1/12, and 1/24-octave bands.
-- Cursor peak track can track peaks in time, frequency, or both.
-- Color scale bar graph enables manual adjustment of magnitude scale and offset. The color scale can also be hidden.
-- Data may be exported to CVS, MAT, or TXT files for post processing or plotting. Optionally, include GPS location information with exported data (Data Acquisition Upgrade required).
-- Optionally save a high-resolution PDF file of the spectrogram plot, or save an image to your Photos library.
- Data acquisition (CSV, TXT and MAT file data capture) with downloading to Mac or PC via a standard web browser or iTunes File Sharing. Includes support for additional engineering units (V, A, m/s^2, m/s, g, ips), which are assignable to audio input channels.

What's New

Version 7.4.7

Updated default headset and microphone sensitivities for 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Customer Reviews

useful device, bargain priced


No, it isn't SMAART Live. But it fits in my pocket and is with me wherever I go. That makes it awfully convenient.

For doing quick overviews of a room it is very useful- yes, even with only the iPhone microphone. If I bothered to carry a phantom powered interface and a calibrated mic with me, I'd probably have my laptop with me as well, and I'd use SMAART. But that isn't the point of this app, is it? And this app doesn't cost $1000. At $25, it's a bargain.

This product is getting unduly slammed by kids who think it's an expensive(?) game and pros who won't step off their high horses. If we're going to be so snobbish about it, let's point out that we you can't "tune a room" anyway- you can only calibrate sound systems to to minimize undesirable acoustical responses to the impulses generated by the loudspeakers. For that, this is quite a useful app for getting a snapshot, just as your phone is a convenient way to capture an image if you don't have an SLR on you.

I didn't think twice before downloading. Nor did I have a problem with the download or the operation.

First of its kind?

Tubby Lumpkins

For $25 this is a very useful app. Technical aspects aside, the touch UI is very swank, the portability, the depth of setup options. (It could have been a "toy" then what about the reviews?) Ever wonder what a *fill in random event* plots? iphone it up. You'd never have a portable setup ready to go that quick- sometimes without stares. It's more ubiquitous this way. I wonder how easy it would be to swap out the mic with a RTA one or even rebuilt the input gain/structure to up the freq responce etc.? Everything is possible, but I think this is good enough for me. I really just want to see where big holes are in a room or see what different places I go everyday look like. I might not get the same results as pro, but most of that is ears and I would not be out the money! $25 folks. it's an iphone steak. Good job Faber Acoustical.

VERY disappointed in how upgrade was posted ...


Okay, a few APP's are taking this road, does not mean it's fair by any means, ... especially when we bought in at $25 when Version 1 was introduced. You see, this is a great APP, does exactly what it says it will do. Buy here we go, we 'seed' money ito them through sales and when they re-write the APP as they did, adding new and very cool features, they did NOT post it as an upgrade ....! Nope, they re-listed the NEW APP at nearly $75. We who bought in early cannot even get a credit on the initial $25 invested ... anyone else see where this is unfair!!!

So, I don't wish bad on anybody. I desire everyone to succeed but come on people ... rethink your marketing direction and post the NEW version as the UPGRADE it should be to the users who funded your development costs to continue.

Will I buy the $75 APP? ..... NO WAY! This company needs to come to their senses and FAST! Someone else will come out and offer a competitive item with a true sense of customer loyalty and you'll be shut out. You think not, ... I've been watching a lot of developers and it's happened before and I believe it can (and will in your case( again.

Do the right thing, please!

Finally, I'd be happy to remove my negative comments when and if you decide that my initial investment of $25 way back on July 12, 2008 entitled me to be recognized.


Faber Acoustical, LLC
9.3 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2018 Faber Acoustical, LLC
  1. Octave Analyzer RTA Tool $19.99
  2. Signal Generator Tool $9.99
  3. SignalScope Pro Upgrade $59.99


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