Enjoy your favorite card game without any timers, lives or limits! Online or offline, play the best classic trick-taking card game designed specifically for your iPhone and iPad. Plus, it’s 100% free! Simple Euchre has that traditional feel you’ve been looking for, with intelligent computer opponents that are just as intuitive as any in-person challenger to sit at your table. Keep it fun and relaxing with this family favorite card game, and download Simple Euchre today!


• 3 levels of difficulty
• Ability to play offline
• Clever computer opponents
• Large, easy to read cards
• 3 game modes - Stick the Dealer, Canadian Loner & Benny
• 3 game speeds to choose from
• Autosave - close the app and retain your progress
• Free, with unlimited matches


Euchre is a popular trick-taking card game that’s closely related to Hearts, Spades, Bridge and Whist. It is also known as Bacon in other English-speaking countries. The object of the game is for a partnership to win at least three tricks. If the side that selected trump fails to get three tricks, it is said to be “euchred”. Winning all five tricks is called a “march”.

Paired up into teams of two, each player receives 5 cards. The trump suit is determined through a bidding phase before each round. The Makers are the partnership who selected the trump suit and must win more tricks than the Defenders.

Players are required to follow suit after the leading card has been played. The player who played the highest value card of the suit that was lead will collect the trick. Points are awarded after each round based on which partnership won more tricks.

When one or more cards of the trump suit are in a trick, the highest trump suit card will win the trick. The team who reaches 10 points first win the game.


• Bowers: the highest cards in the suit
• Defenders: the partnership that did not order the trump
• Euchre(d): when a player calls trump and fails to get three tricks
• Eldest Hand (AKA 1st Seat): opponent to the left of the dealer
• Hand: a hand consists of five tricks (when all cards from the deal have been played)
• Kitty: the four cards left over after the deal
• Makers: the partnership that ordered the trump
• March: calling and getting all five tricks
• Order Up: declaring the trump suit
• Pone (AKA 3rd Seat): the opponent to the right of the dealer
• Singleton: a lone card of any given suit, when no other cards of that suit are held in your hand
• Stick the Dealer: a game option that forces the dealer to declare the trump suit if all other players pass in the 2nd round of bidding
• Trick: all four cards played by each player
• Trump: the suit that outranks all other suits
• Turn-card (AKA Up-Card): the top card from the kitty which has been turned face up


• Lead with a singleton off-suit whenever possible. If no other cards of that suit are in your hand, the probability of your opponents having them is higher which prevents them from trumping your ace. Your best shot for having an ace make it around the table and winning a trick is on the opening lead.
• Don’t always count on your partner for at least one trick. Doing so can end up backfiring and getting you euchred!
• Keep track of the cards played. While it’s important to pay attention to your own cards, keeping an eye on what cards have been played by your opponent's is just as important to see how it will affect the outcome of the game.


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16 Ratings



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Developer Response

Hey there! After receiving your feedback, we made some adjustments, and now you'll see fewer ads. We're still trying to find the right balance between supporting the free to play game's ongoing development and maintenance, and making sure the game is still fun for players. Hope you'll try it again! And if you really enjoy the game and prefer to play with no interstitial ads at all, there's a "Remove Ads" option available on the main menu. Thanks! -KD

Euchre for Simpletons


This game has so many flaws it's hard to believe the developers have actually played the game in real life. The biggest issue is that the computer generated players don't try to win; for example, I have had 'partners' who lead off the round with the left bower (which turns out to be the only trump in their hand) even though the dealer had picked up the right bower. I have had 'partners' who have ordered me up but do not have trump in their own hand. I have had 'partners' who have thrown off instead of taking a trick. I have had 'partners' who go alone and don't take a single trick. I have had 'partners' who have played the highest trump in their hand when I have already taken the trick with a bower, thereby losing the next trick because all they left themselves with is a lowly 9 or 10. Another flaw in the game is that once all players have passed on the first deal, the three computer generated players ALWAYS pass instead of occasionally calling trump. That doesn't happen in real play. Also, the game should allow the player to choose a partner instead of the random method because some of the computer generated players are purposely too stupid to play. All of these flaws make this a game for simpletons.

One issue

frankie bees

Need to fix bug where computer players can call trump on a suit after that suit has already been passed on when it’s in the middle (ex: hearts is in the kitty, everyone passes, then a player calls hearts as trump after)


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