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Sleep Pillow

By Clear Sky Apps LTD

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Sleep Pillow plays sounds that create an ambient atmosphere for sleep enhancement at home, or for drowning out noise at work. Its the most effective & highest quality ambient sounds app, with over 3,200,00 happy customers.

★★★★★ Sleep Pillow apps were featured on ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Successful Living, AppAdvice, AppCraver, 148Apps, Appolicious, & several radio stations

For Sleep: with Sleep Pillow you'll sleep tonight, guaranteed!
For Work: Sleep Pillow will create a peaceful work environment for you.

---------- IN THE APP ----------

✔ Over 80 Naturally recorded sounds
✔ Pre-mastered & high quality
✔ 12 hour Timer
✔ Alarm clock
✔ Mini-player for maximum convenience
✔ High quality nature images, to set the mood
✔ Sleep timer & Alarm clock have slow fades
✔ Runs in the background or with screensaver
✔ Favorite sounds shortlist
✔ Sounds organized in convenient categories

The Sounds:
♬ gentle beach waves ♬ beach & white noise mix ♬ beach waves & birds ♬ light rain ♬ medium rain ♬ tropical rain ♬ thunder storm ♬ wind & rain & thunder storm ♬ rain on tent ♬ rain on car + wipers ♬ underwater dive ♬ bubbles ♬ whale song ♬ stream ♬ bubbling stream ♬ garden fountain ♬ row boat ♬ jungle life ♬ forest life ♬ jungle cave birds ♬ horse running in field ♬ night owl ♬ purring cat ♬ wind in field ♬ outside bonfire ♬ inside fireplace ♬ birds & gentle frogs ♬ small tropical birds ♬ distant birds ♬ lake birds ♬ quiet city traffic ♬ city nightlife ♬ crowded room ♬ luxury car ride ♬ business class travel ♬ train ride ♬ wind-vane blade ♬ motor boat ♬ cold drink with ice ♬ wall clock ♬ mother's heartbeat ♬ thin wind chimes ♬ medium wind chimes ♬ thick wind chimes ♬ wooden wind chimes ♬ underwater melody ♬ temple atmosphere ♬ indian tent ♬ beach resort hammock ♬ soothing guitar ♬ quiet piano ♬ couple's getaway melody ♬ dream catcher melody ♬ massage atmosphere music ♬ beach meditation music ♬ quiet resort room ♬ metronome ♬ ayurveda harmony ♬ soothing lullaby 1 ♬ soothing lullaby 2 ♬ soft lullaby ♬ piano lullaby 1 ♬ harmonic lullaby ♬ melodic lullaby ♬ piano lullaby / frere jacques mix ♬ holiday lullaby ♬ philharmonic lullaby ♬ baby rattle ♬ morning lullaby 1 ♬ morning lullaby 2 ♬ holiday morning harmony ♬ white noise ♬ blue noise ♬ radio crackle ♬ ceiling fan ♬ box fan ♬ metal box fan ♬ tall stand fan ♬ small fan ♬ hair dryer ♬ vacuum ♬ clothes dryer ♬ washing machine

---------- CUSTOMERS & REVIEWS ----------

★★★★★ 3,200,00 happy customers

★★★★★ Sleep Pillow apps were featured on ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Successful Living, AppAdvice, AppCraver, 148Apps, Appolicious, & several radio stations

♥ Dear customers, we are here for you!


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Customer Reviews

Be Still the Raging Insomnia!

Worrying about not being able to sleep, only added to the pain and stress that was already keeping me awake for days on end.
I stopped focusing on anything to do with sleep and asked my body to allow me to rest so I could heal. When I stopped demanding sleep from myself, the stress fell off me like a pair of pants 5 sizes to big for me.

An hour or two before I want to unwind, I put the Sleep Pillow app on in the back ground, of whatever else I’m doing.
This helps me enter a more relaxed state. Even if I do not achieve sleep, the rythmic sounds of nature lull me into a restorative resting state. Pain eases up and my mind slows down. When I do doze off for 10-20 minutes, I wake feeling like I slept for hours, because I stopped stressing out over not being able to sleep. I gave my body permission to do whatever it needs to do. All, I asked, of myself, is that I achieve enough rest for my body to heal, so I can function and live my life. I’m still a severe insomniac, but I am much calmer, more productive and much, much happier. Thanks for this little app. It is helping me take the first steps toward sleep fitness.

At last, relaxing, restful sleep !

Greetings from the People’s Republic of Brooklyn
Because of sleep apnea I use a full face CPAP mask to sleep. The CPAP machine is noisy and connected by air hoses to an even noisier oxygen concentrator. Using the sleep pillow app has been remarkably helpful in aiding me to fall to sleep effortlessly. The sound of rain forest and thunder storm are perfect for me. I tried the app because I was impressed by a reviewer who explained that it help her overcome distracting tinnitus, which I also experience.
I may go to bed looking like Darth Vader but I now sleep like a contented babe. I had become rather resigned to becoming an insomniac, but; I’m using the app to help me develop healthier sleep habits. I think it work well for meditating during the day too.
It’s wonderful to awake from a good night’s sleep. Thanks for the app and the truthful reviews.

My favorite all of all time!

I love this app! I have a busy sechdule at college and sometimes get a lot of homework. This gets me to be very stressed out at times, causing me to have a bad night’s sleep as well as daily stress. This app has solved that problem! Everytime I get stressed out, I listen to this app and my stress starts to melt away!

One sugesstion I would give is letting users be able to sync their mixes back and forth through iCloud or Email. It would make it a lot eaiser to have both their mixes on idevice and mac without manually looking back and forth on both device to to be able to have all mixes on both devices.

Thanks for making this beautiful app!

Sleep Pillow
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  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 101 MB
  • Language: English
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Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

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