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By Patrick Stein

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"4/5 mice" - MacWorld
Sleep your Mac differently depending on the battery level.
Works fine on Mavericks and Lion, but READ ON...

The current update of SmartSleep has not been approved by the AppStore team yet.
To ensure compatibility you must download the current Mountain Lion compatible version from my website.

* QuickSleep feature *New* - sleep your Mac immediately the way you want.
* SmartSleep Menu Item *New* - figure out the current Sleep State and QuickSleep.
* Insomnia feature in Menu Item *New* to keep your Mac awake
* Five different sleep modes to chose from:
- system default
- smart sleep (if your Mac has a battery )
- sleep only
- hibernate only
- sleep and hibernate
* Does not need admin privileges *New*
- You do not need to have SmartSleep in your Dock to keep it running as you can enable to run it as a loginItem in the preferences.

Your MacBook or MacBook Pro knows the following sleep states:

* sleep:machine will go to sleep only (saves state in RAM only, battery keeps RAM contents)
* sleep & hibernate: machine sleeps and hibernates. (default)
* hibernate only: machine will go to hibernate only. (saves state on disk, battery will not be used)

Just sleep means that the notebook will go to sleep fast, but you lose the ability to change the battery as the battery is needed to keep the contents of the memory (RAM).
Just sleep and hibernate will wake the computer fast, but sleeping will take ages as the contents of the memory are saved to disk before entering the sleep.

The solution
SmartSleep lets you select each sleep state. Additionally the new SmartSleep state lets your notebook just sleep while the battery has a high level. If the battery level drops below a certain point (default is less then 20% or 20 minutes) it will switch to sleep and hibernate. So you have the best of both worlds. Furthermore it will expand the lifetime of your SSD (if you have one) as your MacBook won't write a hibernate file as often.

Back in 2005 a feature called hibernate silently went into newer PowerBooks. With an nv-ram setting it was possible to enable hibernation on old Powerbooks as well. A friend of mine pointed this out to me and having done no Cocoa programming at all on Macs I decided to venture into this realm and write a nice interface to it - Hibernate.prefPane was born.
I quickly found out that hibernation wasn’t a feature I wanted and the program lay dormant for two years.
When I bought an Intel MacBook Pro I was annoyed by the hibernation feature which just takes too long to get my Mac to sleep. I updated Hibernate but that was not enough, so I decided to write SmartSleep.

What's New in Version 3.10

Fixed bug in insomnia mode with screen waking when display is asleep and no screensaver runs.
Added a default to start insomnia on launch. Set it with defaults write de.jinx.SmartSleep enableinsomniaonlaunch YES
Removed large versions of daemon icons to reduce the size of the program.

AppStore reviews are reset after every new update. If you like SmartSleep, give it a good review. If you don't like, it tell me as well and let me know about it - I DO read my email.
Patrick Stein


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Customer Reviews

needs update

The application is still 'In review" at apple so it hasnt been updated its been about a month since i have been seeeing that message on the developers site, Its a good app, for great potential, I think he should also add support for putting hard disk to sleep for people with dual drive setup…..I'm just annoyed that I have two of the same name applications, at times if I launch the wrong one the app crashes. There is great potential but again needs ironing out of some minor things. Until then I cannot recommend it to anyone. Once updated and Developer continues to add magic touches to make things more seamless I will rate it 5stars!

because its a menu bar based tweak it has no purpose of having a icon that shows up on the doc! please remove this feature.

I hav other tweaks intalled like gfxcardstatus and when i go into its preference no new icon appears on my DOCK only time I get a icon is if i exit the app and relaunch it from applicaitons folder. then i can quit it and dock icon disappears.

Mountain Lion Users need to jump through a hoop - but it works.

When I downloaded this app, it wasn't working. I followed the instructions on the developer's website and it works now exactly as I expected it to.

Apple has changed a few system specific properties and locked them down to improve security which breaks this app. I wouldn't expect it to be available in current form very long as it now requires Admin Privs to install which is a no-no in the app store world.

Good luck folks, you didn't waste your money - just caught between the tug of war between convienence and security.

Does nothing on my 2011 MacBook Pro

I have a 2011 MacBook Pro running Lion. I bought this app so that I could easily use hibernate instead of regular sleep mode when I knew I wouldn't be using my laptop for a while. Seeing the note at the top of the description, I downloaded the updated version from his website. It simply doesn't do anything. No matter what mode I set it to in the Smart Sleep preferences, the laptop goes in to normal sleep-to-RAM mode. It doesn't matter if I close the lid, choose Apple -> Sleep in the menu, or even choose Hibernate Now from the Smart Sleep menu. Always sleeps to RAM with the battery being used. In addition, insomnia mode doesn't work. When I close the lid with insomnia on, the machine just goes right to sleep.

Nice idea, but it doesn't work. I want my $4 back.

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  • Category: Utilities
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  • Version: 3.10
  • Size: 1.0 MB
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Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

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