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La aldea de los pitufos está patas arriba y solo Pitufina puede descubrir qué ha pasado antes de que Gargamel la encuentre. Resuelve puzles mezclando y combinando pituobjetos para salvar a los pitufos.


- ¡Ayuda a Pitufina a salvar la aldea!
- Intercambia la posición de piezas del puzle para combinar dos o tres pituobjetos, eliminar piezas y completar niveles.
- Combina cuatro pituobjetos o más en una fila para desbloquear potenciadores.
- Ábrete paso a través de 160 pitufásticos niveles.
- Usa efectivos pitupotenciadores con tus personajes favoritos para completar niveles sin problemas.
- Sincroniza el juego con Facebook para comparar tus progresos con los de tus amigos.

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Nota: Smurfette's Magic Match está disponible de forma gratuita, pero existen cargos de dinero real para el contenido adicional de la aplicación. Es posible bloquear la opción de compra de contenido modificando la configuración de tu dispositivo.


Versión 1.4.0

• 30 nuevos pitufantásticos niveles 131 – 160)
• 5 nuevos trajes para la Pitufina
• Fallos resueltos y numerosas mejoras de rendimiento

Reseñas de los clientes

4.6 de 5

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728 valoraciones



Update: the work around is that you must put your device in airplane mode to launch the game. Once it loads then you take it out of airplane mode. You have to do it every time to play. I really wish that by giving 5 stars that we can finally get an update that eliminates this work around and add new content since it's more than two years old now.

Previous comment: This would have been a good game if I could use it. I could get past the two screens. I have the iPad 4 with iOS 10.2 with 10gb free so I'm not sure what the issue is.

Luck based, hardly a puzzle game


So much time and so many lives wasted on waiting to get that perfect combo that will win a level. When the levels are actually puzzles it's addictingly fun. Other times it's almost delete-worthy frustrating. I've made it through over 120 levels...about 75% being completely luck based. Also...for golden hammer completion, be prepared to pay. It's the only way to beat those levels in a relatively timely manner. The game itself is free, but basically you have to pay to win. If it wasn't so addicting (when it's actually a puzzle), I would have deleted this app a long time ago. And I'm closer to deleting it with every luck-based levels there are. Don't download, for your sanity.

The fine line between fun and frustrating

Mommys time

Despite the fact that it has a child like appearance, it is a difficult game. The thing that bothers me about this game is the lack of moves on each level. You get impossible tasks, with an absurd amount of moves. It makes this game frustrating to point of wanting to delete the game. It's no fun if you are stuck on a level for two months. At that point your playing with getting lucky, not skill!


Flashman Games LLC
236.1 MB
Requiere iOS 6.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Portugués
Clasificación 4+
©2013 Flashman Games LLC
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  2. Fanega de estrellas fugaces $4.99
  3. Barril de estrellas fugaces $9.99


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