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Touch the ENEMIES to launch your MISSLES!

A full scale shooting game has finally arrived!

It will get more difficult as you repeat the stages.

So, how many stages can you clear?

Don't cover your aircraft with your finger when you duck the enemies' fire.

But fire your powerful weapon by touching your aircraft.

If you think it's too difficult, get to the game options and slow it down!

What's New

Version 1.01

- nothing but CREDITS.

Ratings and Reviews

3.4 out of 5

84.4K Ratings

84.4K Ratings



This Is free? Really? I have only played this game for about 10min but it was more than enough time to tell that this game shoulda been priced compared to sum of the apps in the store. But then again I won't complain about it. This is truly a gem among a bunch of high priced coal. It's a breath of fresh air to know not every dev is a sell out, and that some devs just truly want a chance to show there programs to the public to enjoy for free, this is the best free game since Cuberunner, and this game can easily,easily, compete with any arcade shooter in the store to date. I almost wish I could pay for this game, Indy companies that make free games should give there fans an option to donate funds, when they are as good as this one, so they can make updates without bleeding their own pockets for the greater good of the freeverse. And I don't mean to be narrow minded about the sellout comment. For all I know this cmpny or dev has tons of money and nothing else to do and, sum of the priced apps could have been made by some poor guy/gal that put there last penny in there program in hopes to feed their kids for the next month. The bottom line is I am happy to see that the store isn't being cornerd by high priced games with the big name being half the cost, games and devs like this make sure to keep big timers humbled and on there game.

An awesome game plagued by bad controls


Space deadbeef is one of those games where it looks like it does everything right. The graphics are drop dead gorgeous on the iPhone, the aiming and shooting is genius and spot-on, and overall the framerate doesn't stutter except slightly in boss battles. It has good sound and models as well. But like most iPhone games, the controls are where the issues lie. And this is where space deadbeef really explodes into rubble.

The game is overall masked by a façade of good graphics when the controls are a smoldering piece of ----! Their first biggest mistake was routing movement control to THE ATTACK BUTTON? so wherever you tap to attack, that's the same spot to where you will move. In otherwards, INSTANT DEATH! Plus add in you die in one hit, and this game is impossibly stupid. What I eventually did was slide my attack button everywhere hoping I wouldn't die. Seriously, this game's controls are as hard as call of duty 4 would be WITHOUT ANALOG STICKS!

Even if accelerometer control was added as suggested by other reviewers, Space Deadbeef is still fundamentally flawed. Accelerometer support would only mess you up more, as missles must be fired in a semistraight line. Still, try out Space Deadbeef if you want as it is free and the number one app. Just prepare to be frustrated by the controls.


Marce Mix

Even tough SDBF only has one level and for some people the controls may not be great, SDBF is doing something good for that many people to have downloaded the app, play the app and leave a review either a bad or good review. People are playing the game... And that means that SDBF did something good to me the game is just marvelous to have such beautiful graphics great detail to the game and the concept of multi missiles by touch and main cannon SDBF doesn't have to do much here other than add a few more levels add one or two power ups and a option for a different type of controling your ship and firing your guns. SDBF is great as it is but if the developer would add some of this people like would mind paying $.$$ for the app. If the developer plays it smart he/she or they could be looking a money maker here. Other than this I love the controls is engaging just like a real ship not technically but the idea of firing your multi-missiles as well as maneuvering your ship and looking for enemy fire all at the same time it makes this game for me very addictive and challenging.


Yuji Yasuhara
11.9 MB
Requires iOS 2.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2008 I.D.P.


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