Play Spades with computer partner against two computer opponents. You have to make a bid and then take the number of tricks your and partner combined.

The first team who reach 500 points is the winner.

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4.0 out of 5
490 Ratings
490 Ratings
Johnny in Beantown ,

Good gameplay, but “Partner” is atrocious

The graphics are bold and colorful, and the cards are nice and big. Really easy to see score, status, etc. at all times.

My one criticism (and it’s a big one): your “partner” plays as though they don’t consider you to be their partner. It’s obvious when they don’t ever seem to care how many tricks you’re over, or under, your bid as long as they got theirs. But the most egregious example was from the most recent game I played. I bid nil, and with two cards left I was forced to play a nine of spades (my turn was second for this trick). My partner finished the trick by playing a lower spade than mine, and my nil bid was lost. I thought what a pity my partner didn’t have a higher spade than my nine. Until next trick, when my partner plays…you guessed it…the Ace of Spades!!! So apparently the possibility of avoiding one bag was more appealing to my “partner” than protecting my nil bid.

With partners like these, who needs opponents?

travel65 ,

Must have a bug- partner making ridiculous mistakes

I’m not a Spades expert by far, but the mistakes made by my partner are stunning. Even a young kid woulnd’t make the mistakes my partner made in my first 3 games of play. 1) I had the highest card, my partner was the last to go and he/she trumps my play. If partner only had spades, understandable, but the very next play it puts out a low card of another suit. Huh?! 2) I put down the Ace of Spades, clearly I have the winning card, but my partner then puts down an Ace of another suit. This makes NO sense! It wasn’t the last hand, we were holding at least 5 more cards, the very next hand it puts down a 3 of diamonds, why in the world would it toss an Ace?! It’s as if the program doesn’t even know which one is my partner! (I’m not making the mistake, I’m the green YOU hand, my partner is the green Center hand)

Sorry, i’ve never writting such a negative review, but there’s just something wrong with this game. I won’t be playing again.

Card Game = Critical Thinking ,

Poorly constructed and unworthy

Do not assume to learn how to play spades from this application. Do not allow children to play this game as it will confuse the purpose of card games, much less how to think and strategise in card games. The trial version leaves little to the imagination as to how poorly and inefficiently this game has been written, with the simple application of counting cards by the ‘computer’ partner obviously incapable. Any 12 year old will immediately realise that one does not lead a low spade when one’s partner is on a nill bid, but this application will do so time and again, when higher cards (including the Ace) are available. Buy this game only if you wish to teach your young ones how not to play, then discard it after a few games where the application reveals it. The only good and consistent thing about this application is that it will always play poorly in computer partner mode…


Sergey Skosyrev
63.9 MB
OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Copyright (c) 2017 Skosyrev Sergey


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