Spellbook for Pathfinder is a quick way to find spells, learn spells, memorize spells, and track daily spell usage. The app is updated to include all the new classes and spells also with other useful features for tracking spell use and memorized spells.

* Multiple spellbook support to track all your character profiles.
* Add spells to your spellbook with the touch of a button.
* Memorize daily spells feature to easily choose spells everyday.
* Track daily spell usage to easily visualize number of spells cast by level.
* Control what sources to use for spell lists.
* Search realtime for spells.
* Quick filters for all class spells, class spells by level, and spells by school.
* Mysteries support for Oracles!

It includes all spells from the following books/sources:
* PFRPG Core
* Advanced Class Guide
* Advanced Race Guide
* Adventurer's Armory 2
* Adventurer's Guide
* Inner Sea Gods
* Inner Sea Magic
* Inner Sea Races
* Inner Sea World Guide
* Monster Codex
* Mythic Adventures
* Occult Adventures
* Technology Guide
* Ultimate Combat
* Ultimate Intrigue
* Ultimate Magic
* AP 102
* AP 29
* AP 30
* AP 35
* AP 42
* AP 50
* AP 55
* AP 56
* AP 62
* AP 64
* AP 65
* AP 67
* AP 68
* AP 69
* AP 71
* AP 74
* AP 77
* AP 78
* AP 80
* AP 81
* AP 82
* AP 84
* AP 86
* AP 89
* AP 91
* AP 93
* AP 95
* AP 99
* AP 108
* AP 109
* AP 119
* AP 124
* AP 125
* AP 129
* Advanced Class Origins
* Agents Of Evil
* Andoran
* Animal Archive
* Aquatic Adventures
* Arcane Anthology
* Black Markets
* Blood Of Shadows
* Blood Of The Elements
* Blood Of The Moon
* Blood Of The Night
* Book Of The Dammed V1
* Book Of The Damned V2
* Champions Of Balance
* Champions Of Corruption
* Champions Of Purity
* Cheliax Empire Of Devils
* Chronicle Of The Righteous
* Classic Treasures
* Cohorts & Companions
* Condition Cards
* Demon Hunter's Handbook
* Demons Revisited
* Dirty Tactics Toolbox
* Dragon Empires Primer
* Dragonslayer's Handbook
* Dungeoneers Handbook
* Dungeons Of Golarion
* Dwarves Of Golarion
* Faction Guide
* Faiths & Philosophies
* Faiths Of Corruption
* Faiths Of Purity
* Familiar Folio
* Gallows Of Madness
* Giant Hunters Handbook
* Gnomes
* Goblins Of Golarion
* Haunted Heroes Handbook
* Heroes Of The Streets
* Heroes Of The Wild
* Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
* Humans Of Golarion
* Inner Sea Monster Codex
* Knights Of The Inner Sea
* Kobolds Of Golarion
* Legacy Of Dragons
* Lost Kingdoms
* Magical Marketplace
* Melee Tactics Toolbox
* Monster Summoner's Handbook
* Mythic Origins
* Occult Mysteries
* Occult Origins
* Occult Realms
* Orcs Of Golarion
* Osirion, Legacy Of Pharaohs
* PFS S3-09
* Paizo Blog
* Pathfinder Society Field Guide
* Pathfinder Society Primer
* People Of The North
* People Of The River
* People Of The Sands
* People Of The Stars
* PFS Pregen Characters
* Pirates Of The Inner Sea
* Quests And Campaigns
* Ranged Tactics Toolbox
* Rival Guide
* RotRL-AE-Appendix
* Sargava
* The Dragon's Demand
* The HarrowHandbook
* Undead Slayer's Handbook
* Ultimate Wilderness

What's New

Version 2.3.1

New in 2.3.1:

- New Class Added: Unchained Summoner!
- Added mythic spell descriptions if a spell has a mythic version
- Added Oracle Shadow mystery
- Updated spell list to include spells all the way through latest release (Ultimate Wilderness)
- Fixed some incorrect spell descriptions

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Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
50 Ratings
50 Ratings

Solid app, but narrow

It's a good app, but has one failing. It does not have the newer schools of magic (Elemental Schools, like Wood, Metal, Fire). These schools add spells to the wizard spell book that would normally not be there, like Tree Stride under Wood School. Because of this, if you make a Wizard Profile, you cannot see Tree Stride as a potential spell to learn. It's under All Spells, so you can add it manually, but it lacks a key feature: being able to see potential spells to learn, by level/class. This was a main reason to get a Spellbook app for me. Maintain spell books, and see potential spells to learn when I level up. No dice on the latter for spells that are normally not a Wizard Spell. The elemental schools grant some spells, like Druid Spells, that are normally not accessible. This app has no way to show them as potential Wizard spells.

The app is solid if you already know what spells you should have, and just want an easy way to keep track and look up their wording quickly. But for spellbook building? Look elsewhere.

Desiree Dahl

Makes Things Way Easier

I’m not a hardcore player, and I love having all of my spells in one place and not needing to sift through endless information to choose spells, understand what they do, and track their uses per day. Very appreciative that people took the time to make this app and offer it at such an affordable price.

It would be cool in future updates to be able to add scrolls and wands as a separate category from a character’s spell list. Other than that, this app does everything I need it to.


This App would be good if it worked

While it could be very useful it’s potential is squandered by the fact that it never loads properly and if it does sometimes information is missing. It was last updated 4 months ago with new classes but if the developer can’t manage to have the interface work properly then what’s the point of adding new classes. I just wanted something quick and easy to use to keep track of Alchemist extracts, but I’ll have to look elsewhere


TnT Game Studios LLC
19.3 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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