"Starfall HD has to be one of the best TD games I have ever played. It mixes traditional TD gameplay with a fantastic futuristic fusion of gunnery, power-ups and lightning fast action set in a sci fi universe." --
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Starfall is an epic experience loaded with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. Build your base, research technology, and repel the enemy onslaught.

"This one does [it], as there simply isn't any weak point. Every good TD game has a slight lacking somewhere, be it too few towers, lack of depth, not enough maps, low charm etc. Here, you get polish in pretty much every aspect, the graphics, controls, longevity and variety." -- Smartbomb, forums

"Starfall HD is beautifully presented...and runs as smoothly as polished silver." --

- Liquid smooth graphics and animation
- Amazing sound track and effects
- No load times anywhere in the game
- Real-time dynamic tweened pathfinding
- Smooth user-friendly multi-touch interface
- Fans of the genre will marvel at this game
- Tons of research, technology, structures, and unlocks
- True to core gameplay but extends in many ways
- A large campaign and lots of maps to choose from
- A variety of enemies and bosses
- Interactive tutorial level
- Loaded with content & depth

Check out the gameplay video on YouTube or on the official site:

We've attempted to nail every aspect game design: Gameplay, Visuals & Animation, Simplicity, Depth, Online Features, Sound & Music. Let us know what you think!

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5

120 Ratings

120 Ratings

Better on iOS


Like a lot of games in the Mac App store, this is one of those games that works well on iOS and the developer needs to put a little extra work into it to get it working for the Mac.

Most important: PAUSE! There is no way to pause the game and switching anywhere else doesn't pause it either. It would be nice if we could manage towers while paused but that is more of a gameplay choice by the developer. However, when I click away to another Application the game needs to pause immediately. I think this feature should be in any app but there isn't even a way to manually pause.

I don't really like the power-based towers and power stations. I wish there was a storyline and also would love if there was a little more of a tutorial. Interest would be nice as both a way to make money fast and an incentive to save your money and not spend it as soon as it's made. Allowing us to slow down the game a little bit more (since we can't pause) would be nice.

Something that really ticks me off is when they have instructions that are clearly meant for iOS. When it says "touch the screen" or things like that. It's just lazy and a slap in the face to those of us who spent money to get a game for the computer.

On the flip side, I really do enjoy the gameplay, the upgrades, and graphics are amazing. I'm hoping some updates will really make this game worth it. Three stars for now but I can see this becoming a five star game.

Decent Tower Defense : No Pause Terrible


Somewhere between a 4 and 0 stars. I'll go with 4 because it is reasonably priced, but ouch.

This is a basic tower defense game where one builds up additional weapons and features by playing and winning tech points. Generally a decent game, but for inconceivable reasons the developers provide no way to pause the game.

Actual humans who live in a real world need to be able to pause a game. Even if the developers don't want people to strategize while paused, they could design the pause to cover the screen.

The lack of pause really ruins the game for me. For trivial games like this, no matter how well designed, I am usually playing these while making dinner, cooling down after work, etc. If the phone rings or the family needs attention, I absolutely have to pause a game.

It's a fatal error. I've given it a good rating, but holy cow dudes: the escape key or space bar should pause and let me deal with reality. I won't buy another game from this developer unless it's clearly listed as a 'new' feature. This is terrible.

Decent gameplay, but unstable and no pause


Overall it’s a decent amount of fun for the money, but it has some serious shortcomings that one would think could be easily remedied by the developers.

First and foremost— no pause feature. That’s just inexcusable. If I’m 15 minutes into a level and the phone rings, well, I’m just going to have to start over. Unless you’re unmarried and don’t have kids, this is probably enough to make the game a failure right there.

Second, the help/documentation is very limited. Tower Defense games appeal to the methodical sort of gamer, and I’d really like to know what, say, “Interest” means in the Recycler (I get money based on my balance? Based on the amount of stuff recycled? I need to know this to use the thing effectively!) or what exactly the bonuses do.

Third, it’s not very stable and crashes frequently. So far, 100% of the crashes have occurred upon completion of a level, so while annoying it doesn’t really seem to hurt game play.

I give it two stars. It’s a fairly straightforward Tower Defense game with decent but unassuming graphics, and a little bit of work from the developers could turn this into a rather good one.


Neverbyte LLC
20 MB
Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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