Discover the power of a professional sky atlas in the palm of your hand.
Starmap 2 is an intelligent sky navigation tool, written by a professional of the field.

Starmap is also working on your watch !

Hold the device in your line of vision and discover the map smoothly scanning the sky as you move.

Starmap can be extended at will by downloading new functions. It offers many astronomical courses in the form of interactive multimedia, for beginners and advanced astronomers.

Discover the power of a professional sky atlas with 2,500,000 stars in the palm of your hand. Point telescopes easily on faint objects using the eyepiece mode. Prepare your observations with the automatic selection of tonight's best objects. With Starmap additional features, add the power of desktops' planetariums to your iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ or iPad™.

FEATURES (some available through in-App purchase)
- 2,500,000 stars
- Tycho 2 catalog
- SAO catalog
- 8,300 stars with physical characteristics
- Maximum magnitude 16
- Messier catalog
- Full NGC/IC/Caldwell catalogs
- Abell/SAO/HD/HIP identifiers
- All common dark and bright nebulae catalogs
- A complete moon map with 9000 features
- 13,000 deep sky objects with physical characteristics
- Complete ephemeris for 25,000 sky objects
- Full solar system ephemeris, including planets satellites
- Moon phase calendar
- Moon map with 9900 references
- Meteor zones
- Searches by text and ids
- Featured objects selection
- Automatic selection of the best observable objects

- Telescope control through wi-fi for most devices
- Eyepiece view with real apparent sizes of objects
- Optics database with barlows, focal reducers, CCDs, finders
- Dual and single reticles
- Equatorial and azimuthal reticles
- Fast change of optics with pinch and zoom

- Full night vision red mode
- Telrad
- Orientation and search arrow
- Live time changer
- Integrated lamp
- Supports portrait and landscape mode
- Coordinates display
- Full control of colors of map items
- 500 cities database
- User locations
- GPS/Gyro and compass support

What’s New

Version 1.25

Corrected comets and asteroid positions that were totally wrong in the last version 1.24. Sorry for that.

Ratings and Reviews

2.4 out of 5
14 Ratings
14 Ratings
Sailorqwerty ,

Same great product, PRO Version restored...

I was a Starmap user for years and I upgraded to Starmap2 PRO early on. I never had an issue and I am an avid stargazer and amateur astronomer.

Fast forward... after falling away from astronomy I came back recently to find that a Starmap2 update must have installed the free version. I deliberated for a day before deciding to upgrade to PRO (again) via the in-app offer.

I pressed the update, I got the “are you sure $13.95” (or whatever it is), I pressed yes. THEN I got a message “you’ve already purchased this, shall I download it again for free?”

Of course I said yes, it was painless. I did the same thing on 3 iPhones and an iPad. All restored to PRO free.

Now I am trying to duplicate reported bugs and I am unable to.

I’m just wondering if those that think you can’t restore the PRO version haven’t tried... afraid that it will charge them? And I have to admit, at first it is a little intimidating and then my wife said “hun, that’s 2 glasses of wine out at dinner”.

hikumealan ,

Paid and asked to pay again

I paid for the Pro version and there is no way to restore my purchase!

AstroPaul ,

?? !! -- Do NOT waste your time or money on this!

Latest— April 29, 2018

CRASHES every time you change the color theme! Ridiculous!

Still doesn’t permit user customization as the original StarMap Pro did. Worse, when you change color theme, it resets all your choices and puts back in the Ecliptic, Names, Galaxy Clusters, Constellation Artwork, and even Magnetic North! Silly!


Now and again, I try this app, hoping its developer has finally fixed its bugs and glitches -- and, of even greater importance, brought back key features of his previous app, StarMap Pro, one of the best astronomy apps ever designed.

Alas, each time, I try a Starmap 2 update, I end up being disappointed. The app still has several long-standing bugs and glaring design flaws!

In his reply to my review last year, the developer even claimed that "many" of the problems I described were "not true" when, in fact, they have been reproduced on different devices and persisted over each revision. It's worth emphasizing that I do not describe problems in reviews without confirming their existence first. Here are the details.

September 5, 2017

As previously noted, the latest version has stopped much of the crashing, although today, when downloading asteroid and satellite updates, it crashed. The app also has crashed on me as I was moving through the toolbars. So, crashing problems are still there! TRUE!

The Deep Sky images download bug/glitch persists! Here's the problem. It keeps showing FREE, implying the images need downloading. Tap it and it momentarily changes to the circular 0% indicating it is downloading, but -- in the blink of an eye -- it returns to FREE! (It used to alternate with a 0% inside an arrow, but was the same problem.) The other downloads show a large checkmark when they are done. STILL TRUE!

Newly discovered bug: The app blocks the device from going to sleep! I returned to our iPod Touch 6G and found it still on, showing the download page and draining the battery! Confirmed this when showing a sky view, too. The bug exists on our iPad Air 2, too ALL TRUE!

Surprisingly, the DSO-naming BUGS and design flaws remain in April 2018, too! Turn Names OFF and many DSOs disappear! For example, with Names ON, M13, M92, M5, M10, M12, etc. all appear on the screen, yet, if I turn Names OFF, all of those DSOs disappear! (Globular clusters are on, so they should still show!) ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

Plus, even when Names are ON, NONE of those DSO show their names! In fact, most DSOs do NOT show their names until one drills down to tiny fovs! That's a poor design and makes the Names feature of little use; it's essentially useless for identifying DSOs in constellation or horizon views. (Confirmed on both the iPouch Touch 6G and the iPad Air 2, running the latest iOS -- 10.3.3!) DEFINITELY ALL STILL TRUE!

There's still no way of hiding the distracting compass indicator in the upper-right corner! It ruins the aesthetics of a sky charting app! Pretty sure that when most observers look up at the night sky where they live, there is NO compass floating up there! 😎 :-) TRUE! (Unless the developer can point to an option we've overlooked to hide the indicator! Searched and could not find one!)


The overall design, alas, remains poor: limited customization, multiple toolbars with only a couple of controls each (one has to keep sliding and sliding to get to the controls one wants), few DSOs are visible in the sky until one drills way down to small fovs (but as observers we like to know where DSOs are!), etc. ALL TRUE!

The developer could easily fit ALL the toolbar options on ONE permanent toolbar! (Especially on the iPad!) TRUE!

Amazingly, the app still fails to show most DSOs, especially in wider field views! The Virgo cluster is barren -- as are many other areas of the sky that have many wonderful DSOs! ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND ONE OF THE APP'S BIGGEST DEFECTS!

Sadly, Starmap 2 remains cartoonish in appearance and lacks the polish and usability of its earlier incarnation as Starmap Pro!

Planetary labels are inside childish blocks; plus, Venus and its cartoon label are colored *orange-red* just like Mars, which is astronomically incorrect! ALL TRUE AND ANYONE WHO LOOKS AT THE APP WILL SEE THAT!

On the iPad Air 2, the toolbar sits above the horizon, blocking stars and looking silly! It does the same on the IPT, but at least on it, one can reposition the sky display above the toolbar. JUST CONFIRMED AS TRUE!

One of its biggest failings remains its lack of customization. One CANNOT customize or color individual elements as one could in StarMap Pro. One is forced to pick predetermined color themes, each of which has serious usability problems and each of which DELETES any other settings you have chosen! ALAS, THIS IS STILL TRUE!

Note to developer: Give us back customization of individual elements! Most of us want a combination of elements NOT THE ONES YOU PICKED! Most of us do not want Magnetic North, the Ecliptic, and Constellation Artwork showing by default!

Sadly, after several years, version 2 of the original Starmap Pro app is STILL not ready for prime time. It is the worst regression of any app I own. Adding insult to injury, the developer is now charging an additional $9 for an in-app upgrade, on top of the $15 we already paid! Many of the new features should already be included with our paid apps.

I cannot recommend buying it.

I switched to Sky Safari Plus several years ago, and highly recommend it. It is not only easier to use, but has more features, is better designed, has no glaring bugs, has a more responsive development team (regular updates that address feedback promptly and provide more powerful observing tools), and is better suited to most stargazers and amateur astronomers.

Note: I also still use the *original* Starmap Pro app from time to time -- it is simply that good and still has features no other astronomy app has, including Starmap 2!

Developer Response ,

Dear AstroPaul,
Many of the issues you describe are just not true. We had no way to help through our 24/7 user support that you never contacted, despite our invitation to do so.


Fruduric Descamps
221.5 MB
Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV.
English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Starmap-Fredd 2015
In-App Purchases
  1. PRO version $13.99
  2. Starmap classic version $4.99
  3. Celestial Events $0.99


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