The New Music Player–
The “New iTunes”,
The Killer Music App for Artists, Poets, Lyricists, People who Dream

Displays your music in a simple way – Nothing but.
What iTunes should be.
(And in a light, colorful simple interface.)

For artists, music aficionados, people who dream by day and night…
Displays your music in grids of artists for fuller selection of what to listen to by a smoke or a cry.
Or nothing but Albums elegantly displayed with their art, your albums in a collection view.
Tracks displayed in a simpler utilitarian jukebox interface– where you could find a random track to bop to.

Tap an Album and…
An Album displays in a realistic interface, just like a real album… Like analogous to a Record you hold in your hand.
Dignifying the Art and the art form, showcasing the Album for album listening (and nothing but).

All as it should be.

4 Main Views

• Artists
A full on chart/grid of artist selection
(Not a mere list… rather more for a creative)

• Albums
Your albums, nothing but.

• Records
Record cover flow rather built- more in to the app.

• Tracks
Old- style new jukebox interface of tracks.

Lightspeed program built- into the TurnTable Package.

Your music is re- tuned and played at the original musical tuning of 432Hz (with the original crystalline frequencies).
It sounds lighter, brighter, more colourful… and brings your consciousness and mind WAY UP… *!

You have to hear it and play it to believe it. Day from night difference.

You can hear rainbows and waves in the strings. Color in the bass.
Explosions of light even, if you have any good fortune.
Harmonies beyond worlds, you haven’t heard music in any way before this.
You’ll never want to listen to music any other way.

This is a main feature of TurnTable. Music in Colour.

More details- 432Hz vs. 440Hz.
* [
Rather than down, as the conventional/current “standard” of 440Hz dissonant musical tuning does.
432Hz tuning contains all the original crystalline harmonics of music; 440Hz contains none; and thus obviously sounds/is dark.
432Hz music promotes right- and left- brains – a holistic mind with the right brain. (The right brain, dreams and creativity.)
440Hz music is dissonant and dark… and promotes only the darker, more male and dark left brain at that. (not even the one in its right mind…)

432Hz music is really the only way to listen to music. The only tuning that is truly musical.
440Hz is dark and dissonant, arrogant “adapted” ears (reminds of listening to work rush hour/ rush act… listening to stress by “adaptation”).

Anyone who disagrees simply doesn’t know yet – based on nothing but misconceptions. ]

What’s New

Version 3.2.1

• Fixed music playback again.

• New Preference: Tuning quality settings.

Ratings and Reviews

Mookrit ,

Doesn’t Support Apple Music | Interface is okay at best | Searching is bizarre

First part is self explanatory – the app doesn’t find music that is downloaded through Apple Music, including stuff saved for offline playing. There’s also no way to change which directory the app is looking for files in, so that’s not an option.

The artist interface doesn’t look particularly nice – artists don’t show up in any particular order, and there doesn’t seem to be a setting for it. The individual artist view (just an artist’s specific albums) is nice because it focuses on the artwork. The album view looks nice enough but, again, nothing is in any particular order which really irks me – if you have a sizeable enough music collection, scrolling through and looking for something in particular is well nigh impossible unless you know exactly what the album looks like. The records view is a random scroll through of album artwork with no other information about the album (artist, album name) displayed. The individual album view is not that nice either. Only very minimal designing has actually gone into this app which claims to be all about its design.

Searching is bizarre – if you type a letter, it picks the first album that begins with that letter and shows it to you. Same goes for searching in the artist view instead.

Why on earth was this app an “app we love"? Did someone even open it before picking it? I only paid a dollar for it and I think I overpaid.

Developer Response ,

Does indeed work well with the  Music Library.

The artist/columns interface works fucking well as well. Frail physically inept poor people use it daily to great effect... Um...

Another fake review.

[Disclaimer- Someone rigged a "Bad review troll brigade" on this app... Too high of quality, TPTB? Happens rarely in human history, reminds of Tesla, with the 432Hz tuning being "too much", made by too good of a guy/group... ]

Panegyrist ,

Great Idea But Poorly implemented

Wrong: The program window is not re—sizeable; Absent/missing album covers are poorly handled; Searching is absurd – you start typing, it decides what you want before you finish, usually incorrectly; Those of us who listen to classical and jazz music also need a “by composer” view; Playlists are entirely absent.

I have about 2000 albums comprising about 14,000 songs. I was hopeful that this might make a fun and useful secondary interface to iTunes. I t’s not. It’s mostly just frustrating. The graphical interface is very pretty and I’m sure it provided the programmers great satisfaction, but the rudiments aren’t there: searching, making sure that relevant information is easily accessed, and the ability to access playlists.

Developer Response ,

Hmm... solidity is a good concern but these seem to be random things more like, named to name things that are "would be" wrong with it... Umm...

FYI, the program works, and I use it almost 24/7.

[Disclaimer- Someone rigged a "Bad review troll brigade" on this app... Too high of quality, TPTB? Happens rarely in human history, reminds of Tesla, with the 432Hz tuning being "too much", made by too good of a guy/group... ]

fotosyntax ,


I was hoping for a fresh interface for iTunes and an app that worked much the same or better. What I got was an app that allows me to pick the first artist and song and then it reverts, in my case, to Bruce Springsteen for a random track every time. So I can’t pick an album and listen to it through. There appears no way to adjust the settings or enlarge the interface. I guess, for 1.99 you get what you pay for, but it seems like a quick way for this devoloper to make a fast buck at your expense. I don’t recomend this at all.

Developer Response ,

Based off of one old bug that was rare at that... Whatever.

[Disclaimer- Someone rigged a "Bad review troll brigade" on this app... Too high of quality, TPTB? Happens rarely in human history, reminds of Tesla, with the 432Hz tuning being "too much", made by too good of a guy/group... ]


Andrew Kazmierski
1.6 MB
macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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