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Strata Design 3D SE 7

By Strata

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Strata Design 3D SE, the little brother of Design 3D CXi, is the perfect way to get started in 3D for both professional designers as well as anyone who feels the creative call. Design anything from products to packages, create still image illustrations for marketing to architecture – you name it and Design 3D SE can help you realize it.

• Model with Powerful Tools
Use advanced modeling options like polygons, spline curves and Booleans. And you can bring in existing 3D assets – you'll find a variety of import filters for third-party models and scenes.

• Apply Surface Textures
Design 3D SE's texturing effects include anisotropic metallic reflections, blurred reflections and more. And it's easy to get started with the huge library of pre-made textures.

• Set Up Your Scene and Lighting
Design 3D SE is like a photography studio where you have total control. Position your 3D objects and then place lights, reflection panels, cameras, backgrounds, environments and more to produce a superior final render.

• Render Professional Images
Design 3D SE's renderer produces superior results that rival 3D programs costing thousands of dollars. From outlines, to toon-style rendering, to photo-realism – Design 3D SE can produce the exact look you're after with blazing speed.

• Connect to Everything Else
Several 2D and 3D file formats connect you to the rest of the world. This includes Collada files tailor made for Apple's iBooks Author app, OBJ, DXF and more. You can even print to 3D with the included file formats that are accepted by popular 3D printing services.

• Take Advantage of the 3D University
Strata offers a complete online training site at, with tutorials covering all aspects of the Design 3D line of products. This includes first time users to 3D professionals. It's a great way to learn and is guaranteed to get you up to speed.

• You're Ready to Step Up
Design 3D SE is a subset of its big brother, Design 3D CXi. Once you've mastered Design 3D SE you'll be ready to step up to CXi without missing a beat. With Design 3D CXi you'll get an expanded toolset – including powerful modeling tools, UV texturing tools, animation, special effects and more.

Features Include:

√ Modeling
• Polygonal Modeling
• Bezier Surfaces
• Extrude
• Lathe
• Boolean
• Skin
• Path Extrude

√ Texturing
• Bump & Normal Mapping
• Anisotropic Reflections
• Blurred Reflections
• Blurred Transparencies
• Layer & Mix
• Fog
• 15 Channels
• Multi-Texture Blending Mix Modes

√ Lighting
• Point
• Spot
• Directional
• Glowing Surfaces
• Gels

√ Rendering
• Toon
• Photons
• Raytracing
• Raydiosity
• Pointcloud
• Anti-Matter
• Atmospherics
• MIP Mapping
• Soft Shadows
• Reflection Blurring

√ Special Effects
• Lens Flares
• Script FX
• Auras
• Caustics

√ File Import/Export
• Collada (in/out)
• Illustrator EPS v8 (in)
• Photoshop PSD (in/out)
• 3DS (in)
• DXF (in/out)
• OBJ (in/out)
• VRML 1 & 2 (in/out)
• True Type Fonts (in)

What's New in Version 7.5.1

• Subdivision Surface Modeling
• STL file export for 3D printing
• Many more improvements
• Plus over 50 Myst 3D files


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Customer Reviews

Fantastic app and superior customer service

As a professional in the computer industry and as a amateur creator of 3-D illustrations, Strata Design 3D SE 7 has fulfilled my needs perfectly. I create three-dimensional models for use in illustrations once or twice a month and needed a program that could create professional looking 3-D illustrations with a minimum of learning curve. I have been using this program for two days now and several times could not figure out how to accomplish a particular task my way. After impatiently searching through the documentation I use their customer service e-mail to ask how to accomplish the task. I was pleasantly surprised to receive concise, well written, and polite E-mail responses within a hour of each request that completely answered my questions. The completeness of the functionality and the superior customer service had earned Strata Design 3D SE 7 a five star rating.

Where’s My Review?

Generally speaking, I’m not too happy with this program. I have a number of issues, some involve the interface, but most of them relate to speed.

• You can’t use the mouse wheel to zoom. There’s a three-key combination that’s very awkward and you have to press and wait (a second or two) for it to take effect before moving the mouse. Same with all view controls, very awkward.
• Moving forward and back by pressing space, then dragging, then pressing the shift key to move faster is very awkward. Same as for zooming, why not use the mouse?
• You can’t rearrange items in the Project Window. They’re in a fixed order, the order in which they were created.
• You can’t reuse object names, even if you delete the original object (sometimes, but not always).
• You can’t add objects to a group. You have to ungroup, then regroup, and then you can’t give it the same name as before.
• Manipulating an object in GL Flat mode is impossible. As soon as I click an object, certain other objects in the scene, sometimes all of them, are drawn in wireframe, making it difficult to see what I'm doing in a complex scene.
• Every time an edit object window opens, it’s reset to its default settings, instead of remembering previous settings.
• When you select an object in a group, it doesn’t highlight that object in the Project Window if the group is not expanded. Makes it cumbersome to find the parent.
• If multiple windows are open, they often all redraw for no apparent reason (like selecting an object). In general, there seems to be a lot of unnecessary screen redrawing. For example, sometimes (not always) if I zoom in or out in GL Flat mode, it will redraw once in flat mode, then redraw in wireframe, then redraw again in flat.
• Textures don’t automatically update when you change the file. You have to reload the texture.
• Transform values (in the Object Properties window) are in three separate panels, selected with a radio button. If the window were slightly larger, all three could be visible at the same time.
• Some things can’t be undone. Like once you open an object edit window, the undo history goes away.

This program does have a lot of nice/powerful features, but interface and speed problems make it unpleasant to use. Not being able to work in a scene with flat shading though is really the biggest factor. Once there are more than a few objects in the scene, it becomes impossible to manipulate any object without all or most of the scene being redrawn in wireframe. Even then, manipulations lag.

For the record, I’m using a Mac with a 2.8 quad-core Xeon processor, OS X 10.9.4. No other 3D modeling program I use (some free and some not) has any of these problems/limitations.

Strata Design 3D SE 7
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  • Version: 7.5.1
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Compatibility: OS X 10.6.8 or later

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