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"A Complete Reading, Writing and Audio Study Application to learn the Japanese phonetic alphabet - Hiragana & Katakana."

Use the "SoundPads" to learn the individual character sounds and the traditional Japanese learning rhymes.

Study Japanese Features:-
* Study mode *
* Test mode *
* Writing mode *
* Stroke Order Animations *
* Quick Quiz mode *
* Audio Quiz Mode *
* Custom Kana Keyboard *
* An advanced random test generator *
* An intelligent logic system *
* SoundPads *
* Print Writing Practice Sheets *

In "Study Mode" the Japanese characters are slowly introduced in 5 levels.
Each level has a "Study" and "Test" section.
In the "Study" section the characters are introduced in the traditional Japanese learning order "a,i,u,e,o". As you progress through the level there is help available for each character you are learning or you can review the entire level at anytime but simply dismissing the keyboard.

When you finish a "Study" level you can repeat the level or take the "Test".
You can repeat a level as many times as necessary to learn the character set.

In "Test" mode you will be tested on the current level and all previous levels you have studied. The "Tests" are generated by an advanced random test generator so every test you take will be different, no matter how many times you repeat a level.
The "Tests" also feature an intelligent logic system that records your mistakes and repeats the characters you are having difficultly with until you get them right!
And the end of the "Test" you get instant feedback on you incorrect answers and your "Test" score.
If you score is 80% or higher you can access the next level.

To enter "Writing" mode simply turn your iPad to "Landscape".
In "Writing" mode you will be presented with a traditional Japanese style writing pad. The writing pad features "Stroke Order" animations for all the characters and a remarkably smooth writing action. You can also listen to the audio pronunciation while watching the stroke order animations.

If you use the " Writing" pad as part of your study program you will learn the characters faster and retain the knowledge longer. When you finish a study level rotate to the writing pad and practice the character set.
You can also print practice writing sheets for each character set.

So now you have mastered "Hiragana & Katakana"..... What's next?
In a few days you will start to forget some of the characters, in a few weeks you will be lucky to retain 50% of the characters unless you are using them everyday.

The answer is to use the "Quick Quiz" section.
The "Quick Quiz" section features the same advanced random test generator as "Test" mode. Every "Quiz" you take will be different and help you retain your knowledge.
In "Quick Quiz" mode you can choose a "Hiragana","Katakana" or "Combined" quiz.
You can also set the number of quiz questions. At the end of every quiz you get instant feedback on any incorrect answers and your "score" in is displayed in the "Statistics" graph.
The "Statistics" graph shows your average score and the last 10 individual scores. 
The Quick Quiz section also features Audio Quizzes with a custom Kana Keyboard.
*Note- when using the "kana keyboard" to delete an entry simply swipe the text input box*
Use the " Quick Quiz" everyday and you are guaranteed to remain a "Hiragana" & "Katakana" master!

*Please Note*
"Study Japanese for iPad" uses the "Revised Hepburn System" for Romaji.
The differences are as follows :-
si - shi, ti - chi, tu - tsu, hu - fu, n - nn, zi - ji.
di - *phonetic(ji) - *typed as (di)
du - *phonetic(zu) - *typed as (du)

What's New

Version 2.1

64bit compatibility.
Minor bug fixes.
New hiragana and katakana keyboards.

Ratings and Reviews

Very well made and extremely useful


This is a brilliant app that has really got me learning the language the way my self help books tell me to, which is to learn the sounds and characters. I have a physical book that teaches me how to write each character but it's a lot easier to carry my iPad with me and I don't run out of practice paper using my iPad. On top of that, I never run out of quiz paper and it's helpful to be able to hear the sounds in another voice. I have a couple of other disks that have people saying each sound, but sometimes hearing different accents and voices really help you hear what you may be missing.

All in all, it's a great starter and it's wonderful for keeping up with practicing. As they say all too often, if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Love this app.

Make the Romaji/Romanization an option


Please make the Romaji/Romanization and option instead of putting it on the screen by default. For me it hinders learning. My mind naturally wants to make associations between English and Japanese. I don't want to translate from English to Japanese in my mind, I want to learn Japanese. For example (I am new to the Japanese language) when I am learning the Japanese "vowels" the English letter "A" is on the screen with the chracter あ. It creates a crutch in my mind causing me to lean on English for understanding instead of leaning on the pronunciation of あ. When I pronounce the あ character I want to see that character in my mind, not the English letter A. Again, I am not suggesting removing Romaji just make it an option you can click on.

Not all-encompassing, but good for what it is.


Unlike most of the other Japanese tutor apps out there, this one is focused solely on reading and writing individual characters instead of reading for comprehension. It doesn't teach or test vocabulary. It only tests whether you can type the romanji for a given hiragana or katakana symbol. However, what makes the app worth the $2 is the practice area where you can train yourself to draw the hiragana and katakana. It doesn't test your writing ability (that would be really nice, but really hard to do). But it does show stroke order and provide areas where you can trace the shapes and areas where you can try to draw a symbol without guides.


Neil Jones
25.4 MB
Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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