Edit and typeset LaTeX (including Beamer, Tikz, BibTeX, graphicx, AMS, RevTeX) on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. No internet connection required.

Texpad is a comprehensive LaTeX workspace on your iOS device. Edit your document in Texpad's custom editor with it's advanced autocomplete and LaTeX customised onscreen keyboard, typeset your document with the integrated LaTeX and BibTeX typesetters, and share and collaborate on your documents, on and offline, using Texpad's Dropbox.

After a successful typeset you can preview your pdf right on your device, but if there are errors in your document, Texpad replaces LaTeX's obscure console output with a table of issues found during typesetting. Tap on an issue to jump directly to the offending line of LaTeX source. Tap on a missing file error and Texpad's integrated bundle manager will prompt you to install it. Of course, the full LaTeX and BibTeX log is available if you wish to investigate further.

The onboard, no internet connection required, typesetter comes with PGF drivers allowing you to create beautiful diagrams and presentations with Tikz and Beamer respectively. Texpad's typesetter integrates with TeX's virtual font system so that Texpad can typeset with any LaTeX font. The bundle manager takes care of downloading, installing and updating LaTeX packages for you, giving you access to the entire LaTeX ecosystem without wasting precious space on your device.

Texpad comes with the same powerful editor core as it's Desktop cousin, so it has been designed from the start to deal with large projects. When you open a LaTeX root file, Texpad will read through the source, open any \include-d files, extract all the \section, \subsection structure tags and present you with a browsable outline of your entire project. It doesn't stop at autocompleting simple LaTeX commands - all \labels and BibTeX entries are read by the parser and offered as autocomplete suggestions for \cite{} and \ref{} commands.

Texpad supports Markdown on an equal footing with LaTeX. Edit your document in Texpad's syntax highlighting editor, browse the document by outline, then when you press Typeset, the document will be transparently converted and typeset by LaTeX, giving you the informal ease of Markdown with LaTeX's ability to create beautiful and high quality PDFs.


* Import and export documents from Texpad by email, iTunes and Dropbox. Texpad's Dropbox support works both on and offline, synchronising your changes for you as you work.

* Typeset LaTeX to PDF on your iPad, iPod, iPhone without need for an internet connection. BibTeX is also built in to handle bibliographies.

* The onboard typesetter supports virtually any LaTeX package or font, including, but not limited to: Beamer, Tikz, Koma Script, e-TeX, graphicx, Pgfplots, AMS, RevTeX, Babel.

* Universal binary for iPhone, iPod and iPad, optimised for iOS7 and the latest generation of devices.

* Texpad's syntax highlighting editor comes with touchscreen gestures and symbol palettes that guarantee Texpad is the quickest and easiest way to edit LaTeX on your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

* The outline view enables you to navigate quickly around even the biggest multi-file projects.

* Autocompletes all commands (even user defined) and autofills references and citations defined in your document.

* Global search through all files in a project by either text or regular expression.

* Additionally, free typesetting through our secure cloud servers gives you access to all packages in the latest TeXLive distribution.

What's New

Version 1.7.16

- Fix for the Dropbox linking problem

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
192 Ratings
192 Ratings

Reasonable, but issue with Export->Copy

The app is awesome, the idea is great, the handwriting recognition is impressive. However, after paying to unlock the export and then trying the export copy feature (to have the TeX land in my TexPad app, another awesome and impressive tool), I was surprised to consistently see double the amount of necessary text. That’s right: hand-write say x+y, say Export,Copy and then go into TexPad and say Paste — you receive x+yx+y ! Now that is quite burdensome. Of course, if I try say with Notes, this does not happen. If then, right away, I select the text from Notes, copy and then paste into TexPad, it does not happen either. So I don’t know who is to blame (my app writing skills are not very extensive, but I am a Computer Scientist, having been working with various other stuff, practical and theoretical, for almost for 30 years). If I dare to try to “open into” directly into TexPad, then it opens a new file, which I clearly do not need (and it also forgets where it had an already open file from — I had to quit TexPad and to restart). I know these things can be quite a bit tricky, from having myself tinkered with apps in the past. So I am still full of respect and admiration towards all these apps and all that is unfolding, and keep the five stars. May I advise a bit of cooperation and integration between these two really great tools, if possible ? Thanks !!!


Quite Impressive; Small Issues

I quite love this app; probably the best money I’ve ever spent in terms of software. Runs very smooth on my iPad Pro with keyboard cover. LaTeX all renders perfectly; I love the continuous update PDF feature. The app syncs very nicely with Dropbox. I wish that when I enter a command like “\frac” and hit tab, it would make it so that it would appear “\frac{num}{denom}” like TeXStudio does on my laptop. I also wish the app would remember where I left off reading on my PDF; it often jumps to a page half way in the document which is rather annoying. The “sync viewer” button only seems to work when I’m a few pages away from the particular line I need to sync with. A few bugs that I hope will be fixed in the future. This is an otherwise spectacular app. Another neat feature would be shortcut integration. All in all, 5/5, well deserved, well worth the $.


(New Title) Fanastic app, but could use a good tutorial

It seems to be a nice implementation of LaTeX, but there is no tutorial on how to use it. For example, I have not yet figured out how to import graphics. I contacted the developer, but got only a light nonsequituur in response. Since I explained my problem, I have received no response.

I am adding this later note. In spite of the nonresponsiveness of the developer, I have really worked to learn how to use this app, and it has quite a few. nice featueres; therefore, I have upgraded my ratinbg to five stars. I have used Texwriter since it was introduced, and it was a fine app. The developer was very responsive to suggestions. However, the latest update is a radical failure, and the developer does not react well to suggestions. Therefore, I have switched to Texpad, and I am finding that it has many more nice features than does Texwiter.

If the developer of Texpad would write a small tutorial (perhaps pdf) on how to use his app, it would be a tremendous asset. As of now, I have to experiment to determine how to do things like import graphics. There is a fairly cursory tutorial on the web site, but it doesn't explain things in much detail.

There are a lot of very nice features in this app, and I hope the developer will continue to develop and support it.

All in all, a very nice app.


Jawad A Deo
65.3 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
English, Catalan, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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