For over 40 years A Course In Miracles (ACIM) has shown millions how to live their best life by bringing them balance, peace, and love to this hectic world. Designed as a series of 365 daily lessons, each bringing you closer to your true spirit, A Course In Miracles is a unique and powerful non-denominational spiritual tool.

The ACIM App is all you need to study A Course In Miracles. It includes all three Course In Miracles books and incorporates them into the most complete app designed to support A Course In Miracles student.

For most people the most difficult aspect of A Course In Miracles is remembering to think about and practice their daily lesson throughout the day—a process that teaches you how to embrace and live the miracles that are a natural part of your daily life. The ACIM App was designed to help you with this practice while fully supporting A Course In Miracles study program.

The ACIM App is available for all your iOS devices with one purchase. It includes the features that every Course In Miracles student needs:

• The complete Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers from A Course in Miracles.

• An interface that allows you to quickly access the Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers, a notepad, a recorder, and reminders.

• Lesson reminders that you can set with discrete alarms—as many as you’d like throughout the day—with your own customized message or quotes from A Course In Miracles popping up on your device.

• A daily notification that displays that day’s Workbook lesson each morning.

• The ability to take both written and voice notes while studying the lessons.

Why is the ACIM App a leader in A Course In Miracles study tools? The ACIM App was designed by Silicon Valley software designers and developers who are also A Course In Miracles practitioners. The ACIM App is designed to allow the user to fully interact with A Course In Miracles teachings in a way that leads you to your truest self.

Using The ACIM App

Awakening to your best life is a skill, and like any skill, the more you practice the better you get. The ACIM App allows you to set a variety of subtle, calming reminder-tones. When you stop and reconnect with the day’s lesson, even for a breath or two, you become imbued with a sense of peace and connection that will carry you through your day. After using the app for a few days the tones themselves quickly bring your mind back into the heart of the lessons.

The ACIM App provides a notepad and an audio recording/playback for each lesson. Taking notes and customizing your daily affirmation allows you to formulate the images and words that speak directly to your mind and deepen your understanding of the readings. Recording an affirmation in your own voice strengthens and embodies the lesson as you walk through your magnificent day.

There is a reason that ACIM has been recommended by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Eckhardt Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Gabriella Bernstein and Wayne Dyer. As The Course says, it only takes a “little willingness” to take you as far as you want with your life. Each day that you work with The ACIM App, life gets a more peaceful and a more joyful as your thoughts move away from fear and toward love.

All it takes is a little practice!

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Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5

40 Ratings

40 Ratings

90% Fantastic


Easy, portable, accurate and inconspicuous way to bring the Course with you. Makes it doable to do the lesson plans within a busy workday. Would give it 5 stars except that I could not get the daily lesson plan Reminder to work ... I used alarms on my phone, but it did take a minute to program the alarms each day. However, it might have helped me get through the Course because I had to allow time to modify my alarms, which resulted in making time to read and review the daily lessons.

Along with more user-friendly reminders, an amazing improvement would be to have an audio recording of each lesson, and the Text, so you could listen to your lesson, and/or Text, while driving. I recommend Morgan Freeman and/or Donald Sutherland as the voice. Lol but in all seriousness, voice option would be *amazingly* helpful.

Overall, was easily able to get through the entire Course, which is far better than a few failed attempts using/carrying the actual ACIM book with me. Couple tweaks and this app would be Divine.


Mrs. Katsakos

This app is AMAZING!! It makes ACIM so easy. You can toggle between the workbook and the book in a flash. It remembers where you last were, so I read my daily meditation throughout the day and then the morning of the following day. Reminders are EASY!! I don't understand reviews that make it sound complicated. You can copy and paste your daily meditation, edit it with whatever notes you want... and then when you are done just below that there is in blue writing "manage daily reminders". You click on that and then create whatever kind of a reminder you want. It's so simple, and you carry it with you wherever you go. You can even record your voice if you want to for your daily reminder. They thought of everything.

Almost there!

Pearl Girl 123

I love the portability for ACIM this app gives. Navigation can be a little quirky, however, I've adapted. No big deal really. The things that is disappointing is no highlighting option. I would really like to have that option. Then there's the timer's restrictions. Today I'm on a Lesson that wants a period 6-7 times an hour and the app can only remind for 4 an hour. Sure, I can set multiple timers to get reminders but why? It would be nice to set one and be done. I'd like the option to set daily reminders for the longer practice periods and leave them to show up daily by setting a reminder for daily. Or even being able to set the reminders for the next day the night before. Thank you.


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Rated 4+
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