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Timing - The Best Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers and Businesses

By Thomas Osthege und Daniel Alm

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Timing tracks your time so you don't have to.

Have you ever spent all day in front of your Mac, just to wonder where the heck all that time went?

You could use a time tracker.
But to be honest, time tracking sucks.
You have to start and stop timers and enter what you did.
And if you forget that, you are back to square one.

Not so with Timing. Instead of making you do all the work, Timing automatically tracks how you spend your time. It logs which apps you use, which websites you visit, and which documents you edit. And if you are a freelancer, you can export that data to create invoices.

After tracking, you can drag and drop activities into projects. Some general categories like "Web Browsing", "Office" and "Games" have already been prepared for you, but you can customize them any way you like.

Easily review what you've done this week with just one click. Sophisticated graphs show you how you spent your time each day and which projects (or websites *cough* Facebook *cough*) consumed most of your time. And if you need the raw data to create invoices, Timing can export it as CSV or JSON for further processing!

These are just a few of the applications for which Timing can track the document path or visited website:

- Safari
- Chrome & Chromium
- Mail
- Preview

- iWork
- MS Office
- OpenOffice & LibreOffice
- Scrivener
- Evernote

- Photoshop
- Acorn

- Finder
- Parallels Desktop (app name and window title of Windows apps in Coherence mode are tracked)

- Xcode
- Coda
- TextWrangler & BBEdit
- TextMate
- Terminal

- QuickTime Player
- VLC Player

Check the list at for a more extensive list. Even if the document path isn't available for some other apps, Timing will automatically fall back to the window title!

Tracking is automatically suspended after a configurable time of inactivity. It will resume as soon as you return to the computer.

Download Timing today and never worry about forgetting to log time again!

"This App is a Life Saver"

"Finally a time tracking app that does not make me tell it when I am going to start working on something. It allows me to sort it all out later. I am a new user, but already I can tell this is so different from all the other ones I have tried. Even though it does not track every app I use, it still records them in a way that I can Identify them and get my time int the correct job.
- I've been working so hard lately - nice to know now I can prove it.
Worth every penny! Thank You!"

"The Best Timing App Ever Made! I never liked having to remember to start the timer or add up all the time I have spent on a project. This app automatically times everything.
- Worth the price.
- You can color code your activities (programs)
- You can hide activities you don’t wan’t tracked
- Custom charting
- Private Mode available
- Create Custom Activities (Show certain program activities within)
Overall, it’s an amazing timing utility and every business or freelancer who needs to time their activity this is a must!"

"This app is great! I’ve been looking into time tracking apps to organize my day (but that work by tracking the actual activity on the computer, because I’ll always forget launching and stopping a manual timer) – and this one is by far the cheapest. As far as I can tell, it works amazingly! I especially like the ability to track computer idle time (and assign it to a project upon return), because these usually coincide with moments when mommy duties keep me from my Phd. I might actually graduate on time now! Thanks!!"

"Tells you exactly how you spent your day. With a small amount of time organising activities into different categories, you can see exactly where your day went. Maybe you spent 8 hours at the office - but did you actually spend 8 hours working?? This software tells you exactly how much time was spent on what on your mac."

What's New in Version 1.7

Thank you for reading these release notes! If you don't mind, please leave a positive review on the Mac App Store. Even if you already posted one for an older version of Timing, please submit it again to make sure that it shows up for the latest version.

Alternatively, please consider telling others about the app if you like it. A short tweet like "I am using @TimingApp ( to track the time I spend on my Mac." would help a lot already! You can visit to draft a tweet like that.

New Feature: A pseudo-timeline! If you select "By Hour" in the title bar, Timing will now group activities by hour. That's not yet "down to the second", but much more detailed than before already. A "real" timeline will require a rewrite of the database and thus take a while, but we hope this helps bridge the gap.
New Feature: Recap notifications. Timing will now notify you of the time spent in the past week at the start of each new week. This can be customized in the app's preferences.
Improvement: The timeline graph will now hide e.g. empty hours at the beginning and end of the day. This makes that graph much clearer.
Improvement: "Pause for an hour" will now pause for an hour of wall time rather than system time, so it won't accidentally pause until e.g. tomorrow.
Improvement: Removed the "Troubleshooting" preference pane as Timing does not cause trouble anymore. Just kidding - these settings have become unnecessary over time and caused some confusion, so we removed them.
Improvement: Pressing Cmd+T will now jump to today's data. Let us know if you would like to see hotkeys for other features as well!
Improvements to the custom activity popover:
- The task list will now suggest tasks in a case-insensitive fashion.
- It can now be dismissed with the Esc key.
- After closing it, the focus will automatically be returned to the previous application.
- It looks better now if you are using Yosemite's dark menu bars.
"Improvement": You will now be asked (but only once!) to rate the app after some time (or tweet about it, if you bought the app directly). We hope this is not too obtrusive and really appreciate every time you review Timing or tweet about it. It really helps!
Bugfix: CSV entries with spaces will again be correctly escaped in "double quotes".
Bugfix: Fixed recognition of file paths in Xcode.
Bugfix: The minimum delay after which idle time kicks in is now 30 seconds. This avoids no activities being tracked due to the delay accidentally being set to zero.


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Customer Reviews

By far the best that’s out there

I’ve been using Timing for several years now, and there is very little I’d change…I’ve also had the best experience with help when I’ve run into a problem - they are quick to answer questions and provide suggestions. I spend a lot of time on different websites modifying, tweaking and adding things - I love the fact that I can track my time for my clients this way. Recently Quickbooks Online made a change to the url display and I can no longer track which companies I’m spending my time on - I hope that Daniel and Thomas can come up with a solution for this as this is the other half of my business and I do need to track that activity as well.

The most valuable part of this app is the fact that I have been able to cleary see what are my time wasters - how much time I spend on email (that I really wasn’t able to charge my clients for accurately) and social media sites. Since I offer social media promotion it helps me identify which clients I can attribute to the online portion of my work.

They have truly helped me run my business more streamlined and organized. I recommend it to all of my clients.

👍 The Best Mac Time Tracking App 🔝🔟🖥🛠

With every update this app keeps getting better and better! It’s one of my Top 10 Mac Utilties.

Over the last 30 years of using a Mac I’ve tried a plethora of different time tracking applications, and without a doubt, Timing is my favorite one. I love that it’s unobtrusive (if you want it to be) yet very detailed in it’s collection of data about what apps and documents you are using. I love that I don’t have to “start tracking” like so many other time tracking apps make you do.

If you do contract work (or just need to track what you're doing at work), and don’t want to always be bothered by having to remember to hit a start button, then Timing is for you. I love that it just tracks my app usage, and documents that I’ve worked on. A great example is that I can go to Chrome or Safari tracking info in Timing, and see when I was goofing off vs. working by looking at the web sites I visited and how long I spent there. I also like that I can have it prompt me when I’m in between using and app, or away from the computer, and asking me what I was up to. This is great as I don’t have to hit a stop tracking button, give it a reason, and then resume tracking. It just does it for me.

There really isn’t another Mac app that does as good of a job at tracking my computer usage as Timing. I tip my 🎩 to app developer for always striving to make the app better.

Pretty good, but no time stamping/sorting

I’ve been using this app for a year or so now and like it, but getting useful data out of it can be challenging. There is *NO* facility for figuring out what time of day you were working on something; yes, you can narrow it down to “I worked in this app for x amount of time during this hour-long slot”, but really, I often need to know what time of day I was working on something, and narrowing it down to the hour would be very useful. Seems to me, activities should be time-stamped, and you should be able to sort by time of day; that simply isn’t possible with this app even by exporting the data.

This capability exists in a rudimentary fashion in “Time Sink” which has a time of day built into the timeline display - not perfect, but makes it a better fit for my needs.

If getting useful data reported in a more user-friendly way existed, I’d give this app 5 stars.

Timing - The Best Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers and Businesses
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Compatibility: OS X 10.9.0 or later, 64-bit processor

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