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By MapPin Software

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Professional Grade Bluetooth/USB/HotKey locking and unlocking for your Mac... with tons of options that "blow away the competition".

TokenLock monitors your phone, any bluetooth device, any USB device or your Apple IR Remote. When they are disconnected or out of range it locks your Mac. It can also unlock your Mac when they are reconnected or come back in range.

Unlike competitors, TokenLock can also unlock your screen saver or automatically enter your password when your Mac wakes from sleep - so long as your device is connected or in range.

Other features not available anywhere else:
Run any App, Shell script or AppleScript when locking or unlocking. The possibilities are limitless - log out of your IM client. Stop music playback. Send yourself a message and more.

Safe Networks: Avoid locking on certain WiFi networks
Sleep Aware: When TokenLock is locked it can allow both Screen Saver and sleeping.
Customizable lock screens, messages and backgrounds.

USB Options:
Check device serial numbers for lock/unlock.
Active checking when starting up to make sure the device is present, otherwise lock the computer.
USB Grace period gives you time to quickly swap USB ports if necessary.
Relock will re-lock if someone manually unlocked your computer without inserting the USB device.

Bluetooth Options:
Different check interval for battery or AC modes.
Adjustable timeout for finding the bluetooth device.
Adjustable number of connection attempts.

General Options:
Stealth mode: Completely hide Tokenlock and it's Menu Bar icon.
Option to have TokenLock confirm locking when clicking the Dock Icon.

Warning beep (adjustable volume) when Bluetooth device is not in range, before locking.
USB device insertion/removal sounds (adjustable volume)
Unlock/Lock chirps (adjustable volume)

USB: You can tell it to monitor almost any USB device, such as a hard token like YubiKey, a removable flash drive or any other USB device for that matter. Whenever the device is disconnected it will immediately lock your computer.

Bluetooth: Tokenlock can monitor any Bluetooth device to check if it is removed from range, such as your cellphone or a headset. Token lock checks periodically based on a schedule you choose to see if the Bluetooth device can still be seen. You can set different schedules based on whether or not your computer is plugged into power or is simply on battery to conserve battery power. The device does not have to be paired with your computer, allowing you to use just about any Bluetooth device - not just those that the computer supports.

In addition, you can easily lock your computer manually using the TokenLock menu. Tokenlock can be set to required a password to change settings or to quit the app, further securing your system.

What's New in Version 4.62



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Customer Reviews

Randomly locks the computer

Update: It started randomly locking my computer. It’s only set to lock when it loses bluetooth signal from my iPhone. It woked fine for a couple of hours, and then with my iPhone not moving from it’s spot two feet from the computer, TokenLock started locking the computer at random. My Bluetooth is otherwise fine. I use a Bluetooth trackpad all day at the office and it never fails. (The trackpad is not involved in these random locking problems. It is in the office and the locking problems are happening at home with the iPhone as the only Bluetooth device).

The advanced setup mode has built in explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of the status of settings, so you can adjust it easily.

Two things I would like to see: a) fix the help text in the setup screens—it doesn’t wrap at the end of the line. I just disappoears off the edge; b) allow me to set the minimum bluetooth strength based on the network I’m using. If I’m in the office I want it to look when I leave the room, but at home I only need it to lock when I leave the house (signal can be much weaker before locking). As it is you can turn off locking for a network (or networks) and adjust the sensitivity that applies to all others.

Great app. Actively developed.

This is a great app that lets your Mac automatically lock or unlock depending on the promximity of your phone using bluetooth or other devices like USB devices. I’ve tried most of the other applicatoins like this on the app store and like this one the most by far. In general it has a better interface and more configurable features than any of the other apps. It lets you set how close your phone needs to be to activate the app actions. It allows me to set Mac OS X screen-savers for when it is locked (not limited to the app’s screensavers). You can also configure the app to automatically run Applescripts when the app unlocks or locks your computer. You can also identify “safe” wifi networks on which the automatic lock action will not happen. The applicatoin is actively developed, which is important given bluetoth bugs that were introduced into the operating systems with Yosemite and iOS8.

Totally Awesome! If you care about security even remotely, BUY IT!

I have only been running this app for a couple of days and am already in love with it! Having the ability to lock/unlock my computer based on the proximity of a Bluetooth device is something I have always wanted to to implement, but never got around to figuring out how to script it. Now I don’t need to worry about scripting it…the folks at MapPin Software have done the work for me! Oh and there’s so many options that make the product incredibly configurable and customizable. And as cheezy as it may sound, the beep beep sound that the app makes when locking/unlocking your computer reminds me of old skool car alarms. It’s pretty amusing though I’m sure it will get a little tiring.

This application is definitely a “no brainer” purchase! It has made my short-list of MUST HAVE Mac OS X apps.

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  • $2.99
  • Category: Utilities
  • Updated: Jan 07, 2015
  • Version: 4.62
  • Size: 2.4 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Jeremy Laurenson

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

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