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Want authentic stories from a diverse group of caring, understanding people? Una matches you with an anonymous community of your peers. Through our app, you'll see people's real experiences - their triumphs and failures, their joy and grief, their laughter and tears. Join the conversation by sharing your own stories or by giving others encouragement and support.

**What You’ll Get**

- A curated, anonymous community defined by your interests
- A non-judgmental place to find honest stories, common understanding, and empowerment


Versión 3.21.0

We squashed some bugs and buffed and polished some things for you, just in time for Fall.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5

72 valoraciones

72 valoraciones

I love it!


This app has really helped me a lot when trying to confront drinking. I was struggling to face some things in my life and I really appreciated having someone there (someone I didn’t know) who didn’t judge me and who gave me insight. It helped me get past what was becoming an addiction. I’m not an alcoholic, but I felt myself swaying towards being one...I was just struggling with a lot of things in my life and trying to numb it with alcohol... i recommend this app entirely!

Typical exploitation of people for profit


What does this app/service even do? It’s not very clear from the website or description of the app. You get a pm from Taylor from within the app, the point of harassment. You then turn your notifications off, but here come the emails. He/she is supposed to be a mentor of some sort? They make a point to emphasize that Taylor is a real person, but it’s, okay since Taylor is real why would it be so important to market her/him that way? I didn’t see the value of this at $0, but they tried to sell me on the $9.99/month package.

A place I can be myself

Michael Pa.

I finally found a community where I can say what I’m honestly feeling without feeling judged. Never experienced this before, and it feels amazing :)

Connecting with someone who shares some of my deepest thoughts, hopes and fears is something I’ve never been able to do in my life


Triggr, LLC
47.1 MB
Estilo de vida
Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Para descargar esta aplicación debes ser mayor de 17 años de edad
Escenas o referencias a consumo de alcohol, tabaco o drogas frecuentes/intensas
Información médica y de tratamiento frecuente/intensa
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