Create music on the go with Triqtraq. Compose original beats in the smooth one-window interface, record sound tweaks in realtime and sample your own sounds for direct use. Use the advanced automation and rhythmic features to create musical patterns that never sound the same.

“There are expensive hardware synths/sequencers not capable of that!"
- Sound On Sound magazine

“One of the best jamming tools I've encountered on iOS”
“A delight to use"
- Sound On Sound magazine

“Brilliant lay-out... Absolutely recommended."
“You can get a punchy track out of it in a few minutes.”
- WIRED Germany

“The deal of the century. One of the deepest sequencers…”
- Ask Audio

“Excellence Award”
- Music Tech magazine (10/10 stars)

“Something rather special”
“The polyrhythmic loop manipulation is awesome.”
- Computer Music magazine (9/10 stars)

“Brilliant fun to use”
- Music App Blog

“Warning: it’s addictive!”
- Audio News Room

“Easily one of the best” “Quality app that could be used in a live situation without breaking a sweat.”
- Synth Universe

“You create really cool ideas for tracks. Awesome fun!”
- Richard Devine


• Compose and tweak beats fluently in an all-in-one window interface, without ever hitting stop.

• It’s all about touch: build up, vary, mangle and break your patterns with a swipe of your finger.

• Compose up to 16 patterns, and arrange them in the 16 step queue to build entire songs.


• Have endless fun with the real-time sound manipulation by recording various effect and parameter sliders (Automation).

• Add that personal touch and record your own sounds while jamming, with the super fast microphone recording feature.

• Get creative with a large library of over 400 included samples in 4 categories: Drums, Bass, Percussion and Keys.

• Take your custom sample library on the road by importing or pasting sounds from other apps.


• Surprise yourself and make endless variations of one loop: give each of the four channels a different length.

• Every recorded parameter automation can have its own length too, resulting in ever evolving rhythms or melodies.

• Create your own original grooves by changing the swing amount and BPM per step.


• Play together with Ableton Link and sync multiple apps and devices over WiFi.

• Get your recorded tunes out there and export your tracks to Soundcloud or Mail.

• Move ideas to other apps and store audio recordings on Dropbox (via Open in…).

• Get an even bigger sonic palette by using it along other apps with Audiobus and Inter-app-audio.


- Four Channels, each with 8 playable Sample Pads
- 16 Patterns per Session
- Step Editor
- Recordable Automation
- Pitch, Filter, Delay, Pan, Level and Decay per Channel
- Loop Range: individual track and automation lengths
- Loop Speed: individual speed per track or automation
- Multi-selection and recording
- Chaining of Patterns with the Queue
- Real-time switching between patterns
- Automation option for BPM and Swing

- Library with more than 400 one-shot samples included
- Import your own sounds
- Sample swapping during playback
- Sample recording with the internal microphone, also during playback

Support for:
- Ableton Link
- Audiobus
- AudioShare
- Audio Copy/Paste
- Inter-App Audio
- Background Audio

Export to:
- Ableton Live 9
- SoundCloud, Allihoopa, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
- Open In... (Dropbox, Airdrop etc.)

- License for Ableton Live 9 Lite included
- User Guide

Check out for demo video’s and tutorials!

What’s New

Version 1.9.1

- A fresh new look
- A free license of Ableton Live 10 Lite
- Start/stop synchronisation for Ableton Link
- Quantisation option for Ableton Link (start playback on first beat)
- Muted channels are now greyed out

New on iPhone:
- The Loop Range is now visible on top of the sample pad/slider view like on the iPad
- In Pattern View the sequences of all channels are now standard visible in the monitor
- Pattern View now shows Mute buttons in the monitor when Queue is not active

- Bugfixes

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5
17 Ratings
17 Ratings
SwimmingMan123 ,

Not Worth The Money!

You can only create a 1-bar 4/4 loop, and although you can change the pitch of any sound, there’s no real way to write a melody with only a 1-bar loop. The UI is unintuitive and EXTREMELY limited.

I was looking forward to recording my own sounds on my phone and just making a chill beat right then and there, but there’s no way to make a beat that would even remotely sound like the idea in my head.

Some of the specific limitations:

1. As I mentioned before, a strict 1-bar, 4/4 loop with 16th note subdivisions.

2. You can run 4 tracks at once (pretty standard), BUT each track only has 16 “beat slots”. There’s only one sound per beat slot, so a track alone can’t be layered.

3. There is no keyboard. You can change the pitch of a sound, but it uses a slider with is weird, finicky, and clunky. Maybe if you are trying to make strictly drum beats with no synth progression then you wouldn’t mind this. Regardless, the melodic support is very poor.

4. The tempo only goes as low as 59 bpm. I know a lot of songs aren’t that slow, but 55 bpm is not an unheard of tempo. I find that just a very high minimum. Also the tracks have a strange function of half, 1.5, and double speed. Which leads into my next point...

5. The half, 1.5, and double speeds are a cheap and round-about way to justify the limit of a 16th subdivision versus just making a way to change the subdivisions. Doubling allows for a 32nd note, but it halves the number of notes you can have whereas an option to change the subdivision would not pose this problem. Oh, and I struggle to see the point of a 1.5 speed. Speed should be allocated to purely the tempo.

Overall, it’s cheaply made and poorly designed. It’s not intuitive, and it is EXPENSIVE for how basic the structure is. I know I’ve already said it twice, but the ONLY OPTION is a 1 BAR, 4/4 loop. That is soooo limiting to what a musician can do! It offers no real area for even a basic chord progression or melody. Find another app, and DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

I want to thank Zaplin Music for their quick response to my review. It speaks volumes that they want each customer to enjoy their product in full. I’ll look again at the app, and I may potentially edit my review in full as it appears I have not used all of its features to their fullest extent. For now, I’m bumping up my review a star for their quick and thoughtful response; excellent customer service.

Developer Response ,

Hi SwimmingMan, sorry to hear you don’t get along with Triqtraq. The app indeed has a few limitations, but these were chosen with care and within these there are almost endless ways to make a 16 step loop sound interesting.
You can set different loop lengths per channel, which along with the variable loop speed can result in polymetric and -rhythmic patterns. You can also set different lengths for each automation recording. This way your simple 4/4 loop can become an always changing, never sounding the same pattern. Combine that with the possibility to chain up to 16 patterns in the Queue (which basically can make your loop up to 16 bars long), and you are able to produce an endless amount of pattern variations in a very short time.
Once you get the hang of the pitch fader and its scale setting melodies can be written quite easily too. This is indeed not an app that lets you play melodies in a conventional way.

The interface of Triqtraq has been praised for being intuitive, with limitations that make you get things done fast, while the more advanced features like Loop Range give you a great amount of flexibility. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. I would still suggest to read the manual, watch the videos on our website and give it another shot. Cheers

👍!WOW! ,

No longer looks like a child’s game!

Now I can pretend to be working on something serious like music whilst still playing with my favorite audio toy, THANKS!
Really great new look & added functionality, again, THANK YOU!

WmFerguson ,

A pocket operator on your iOS device

Easy to dive into, powerful enough if you want to import your own samples. Fantastic.


Sebastian Schatz
52.7 MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Zaplin Music 2012-2018


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