TrueDoF-Pro represents a major step forward in management of depth of field. Specifically designed for professional photographers and cinematographers, the app offers the advanced depth of field calculations unique to the TrueDoF range of apps, and adds the features, versatility, customisability and no-fuss ease of use to make it the ideal tool for the working professional — a tool that simply does its job (superbly well) and gets out of the way.

A partial list of features:
* An elegant, interactive, easy to read interface
* Super-fast, no-fuss input, and real-time output, all on one screen
* Optional inclusion of diffraction effects in the calculation of image sharpness (this gives a much more accurate indication of how sharp the image will be — see the article "Image Sharpness vs Aperture" at
* An optional visual indication of the limits imposed by diffraction (available if the diffraction option is on)
* Customisable numerical distance readouts integrated with the analog distance scale (show, hide, display front and rear DoF as distances or %)
* User-definable focal length presets for the focal length scroll wheel's rapid selection buttons, for very fast selection of the focal lengths of the lenses YOU own
* Support for all formats up to 10x8in
* Two hyperfocal functions, and associated hyperfocal modes
* Three user-selectable distance scales
* Distance units are changed directly on the main screen by tapping the m / ft button
* An optional "distance snap" function, to make the distance slider even easier to use (you'll love this feature)
* Optional input of focus distance via keypad
* Two user-selectable aperture scales (one reading to f/64)
* Aperture slider snap to half or third stops (user selectable)
* Easily switch between settings for the different cameras you own — just use a simple slider to set a blur spot diameter (circle of confusion) for your sensor size; no tedious listing of camera models
* Your chosen blur spot diameter (circle of confusion) is prominently displayed on the main screen, so you won't find yourself working with the wrong setting
* The facility to specify wavelength, an indispensable feature when shooting in the infrared or ultraviolet parts of the spectrum (available if the diffraction option is selected)
* A visual indication on the main screen of wavelength
* Info (help) buttons and a comprehensive user guide

A note on intended use:
TrueDoF-Pro is designed for professionals (or enthusiasts, for that matter) who want an accurate, versatile and easy way to calculate the depth of field produced by their chosen camera settings.
In some situations, however, (e.g. landscape and architectural photography) it is best to work quite differently: Compose your shot, specifying the distances to the nearest and furthest objects that you wish to appear sharp in your shot and, from that, have an app determine the camera settings (focus distance and aperture) that will give you the sharpest possible image. For that, there is only one tool: OptimumCS-Pro, the unique optimum camera settings calculator (this is NOT simply a depth of field calculator that "works backwards"). Available on the App Store.
And if, in your landscape and architectural photography, you would like to achieve insanely huge depth of field, with astonishing image sharpness, try the FocusStacker app. Now it's remarkably easy to achieve consistently excellent results when using the focus stacking technique — no more "Hail Mary" shooting. Available on the App Store.

What's New

Version 4.3

This update brings iOS 12 compatibility and support for the various new iPhone X models.
There are some very minor interface tweaks (e.g. buttons disappear if they move too close to the top or bottom of the screen).
Alas, that's about all. Just boring utilitarian stuff. For now...

Ratings and Reviews

Perfect !!


Exactly what i needed!! Straight forward, simple, and fast. Not sure why the other guy said this app was "unusable" for not having predefined cameras in the app. You dont need that silly. Just know what sensor / film size you have. His lack of knowledge doesn't make this a bad app. This app works fantastic.


Jean Voldman

unusable. there is no list of sensors or cameras with their particular circle of confusion.

Great Teaching Tool


Using this app for just one day illuminated to me the value of it as a teaching tool. I used in class to show my photography students how the depth of field is impacted by various aperture settings and they instantly saw that old teachings were in fact incorrect: Narrower aperture IS NOT always better for the "long" shots. Now they can quickly find the best aperture setting to achieve the desired depth of field and surprisingly it typically falls well within the lens' sweet spot aperture range.
Fantastic tool for teaching AND use out in the field.


George Douvos
8.8 MB
Photo & Video
Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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