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Escucha a la colección más grande del mundo de deportes, noticias, música y radio hablada.

TuneIn tiene más 100.000 estaciones de radio verdaderas y más de 4 millones de podcasts de todo el mundo. Descubre, sigue y escucha lo que es más importante para ti en tu iPhone, iPad o iPod. TuneIn Radio Pro no tiene anuncios y permite grabar lo que estás escuchando.
Esta es la verdadera radio.

Con TuneIn:
-Escucha más de 100,000 estaciones de radio verdaderas de todo el mundo, incluyendo deportes, noticias, radio hablada y música.
-Ve lo que se está escuchando desde tus actualizaciones personalizadas.
-Encuentra y sigue a tus estaciones favoritas, shows y podcasts para verlos en tus actualizaciones.

¡TuneIn está disponible para Apple Watch! Cambia estaciones, salta estaciones recientes y relacionadas, sigue estaciones y shows, reproduce, pausa y salta contenido y ve lo que se está escuchando en tu Apple Watch.

Suscríbete a TuneIn Premium a través de tu aplicación. Si eliges suscribirte, se te cobrará un pago mensual de acuerdo a tu país y el cobro de la suscripción aparecerá en la aplicación antes de que completes tu pago. Tu suscripción se renovará automáticamente cada mes con el monto de pago actual de la suscripción, al menos que apagues la opción de renovación automática por lo menos con 24 horas de anticipación del término del periodo de la suscripción anterior, se hará el cobro a tu cuenta de iTunes en las 24 horas anteriores al término del periodo de la suscripción. Tu suscripción se cobrará mensualmente, y puedes apagar la renovación automática en cualquier momento desde los ajustes de tu cuenta de iTunes.

US 9.99 USD / MX 169.00 MXN / CA 13.99 CAD / GB 7.99 GBP / GR 9.99 EUR / EE 9.99 EUR / SI 9.99 EUR / IT 9.99 EUR / LT 9.99 EUR / LU 9.99 EUR / AT 9.99 EUR / PT 9.99 EUR / SK 9.99 EUR / DE 9.99 EUR / FR 9.99 EUR / CY 9.99 EUR / LV 9.99 EUR / CZ 9.99 EUR / BE 9.99 EUR / BG 9.99 EUR / IE 9.99 EUR / PL 9.99 EUR / NL 9.99 EUR / RO 9.99 EUR / FI 9.99 EUR / MT 9.99 EUR / HU 9.99 EUR / ES 9.99 EUR / SE 109.00 SEK / DK 79.00 DKK / NO 109.00 NOK / CH 10.00 CHF / AU 14.99 AUD / NZ 14.99 NZD / JP 1200 JPY / CN 68.00 CNY / HK 78.00 HKD / SG 14.98 SGD / TW 300.00 TWD / IN 620.00 INR / ID 149.00 IDR / IL 39.90 ILS / RU 749.00 RUB / SA 36.99 SAR / ZA 199.99 ZAR / TR 26.99 TRY / AE 36.99 AED / KR 10.99 USD

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Versión 14.5

La versión 14.5 incluye las siguientes correcciones de errores y mejoras:

- Se corrigieron los URLs de contacto y soporte que estaban al revés
- La página de favoritos se actualiza inmediatamente después de que se haya completado una descarga

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5

218K valoraciones

218K valoraciones

What’s going on with the same ads on repeat?


I use tunein only to listen to a morning show for a radio station I can only hear through this app. When the station first used an app they used tunein. I used the app for at least 3 years at that time. Then they went to a different app, for about 3 years. A few months ago went back to tunein. I prefer tunein to the other app, however the ads are the same two ads. I have thought about upgrading to the paid app but it doesn’t sound like that would solve the issue of the same 2 ads repeating over and over. The only 2 ads that play during the commercial breaks are the shows are the Autism awareness and ace your retirement. They are back to back, and sooooo incredibly annoying. I was really hoping with the last update it would be fixed. I understand there needs to be ads... but the same 2 ads for 5 or more minutes is excessive, so I mute the volume and half the time miss the show because of it. So stupid, it’s almost to the point of deleting the app and not listening to the show I want to. The whole reason for a commercial is to let people know about your product. Yet tunein playing the same two commercials doesn’t allow any other company that pays for ad time to have their ads heard.

TuneIn, An Excellent and fabulous app


I have been using the TuneIn app since I first purchased my iPhone 6 through AT&T. When I first installed the TuneIn app, I was using the standard version of the app. As you would expect, the standard version of TuneIn, being free, did have commercials, which was a bit annoying. But, the most annoying issue was a technical glitch, which caused the app to constantly skip back and repeat the last few seconds of the song or talk show I would be listening too on any given radio station. This was extremely annoying. So, I upgraded to TuneIn premium. However, this annoying issue continued even after every update was released and installed. I refrained from using TuneIn, all together and switched to a different app. I have recently started back using the TuneIn premium app, which is now working smoothly without any technical glitches. TuneIn no longer has the annoying technical glitch mentioned above, TuneIn enables me to tune into so many great radio stations from all around the world! Even the Christian radio station I am employed by is available on TuneIn!
A Big Thank You to the TuneIn Tech Team!

Is network error handling so hard?


I want to stream internet radio in my car. So I try to use this app (connected via Bluetooth to my car stereo). The first time I launch it in my car, it works great. It streams my station the whole way. So then I get to where ever I’m driving to and leave my car, taking my phone with me. When I get back to my car (5 minuets or 5 hours later - it doesn’t matter), I expect it to continue streaming (the same station as before - like when I use the Apple Music app, for example). The app doesn’t stream any more. So I launch the app and I can navigate the interface, but it won’t stream the station I was playing before, it won’t stream anything. I have to force quit the app and relaunch it to get it to work again. This happens every time I turn off my car and then comeback later. I totally understand that network errors happen with internet streams and cell networks, but given that this is a mobile app that is based on network connectivity-I would expect it to handle errors more gracefully and recover (without a force quit). This has been an issue with the app for more than a year-every couple updates they release, I try the latest version again and every time I get this same problem. Does anyone know a better app for this?


114.7 MB
Requiere iOS 9.3 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Chino tradicional, Coreano, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Portugués, Ruso, Sueco, Turco, Árabe
Clasificación 12+ por lo siguiente:
Temas para adultos/provocativos infrecuentes/moderados
Contenido sexual o desnudez infrecuente/moderado
Palabras o humor obscenos infrecuentes/moderados
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