Typeface is a beautiful font manager that helps you pick the perfect font for your designs.

Good typography is one of the most important aspects of design. But it is often hard to find the font that conveys just the right emotion, especially if you're not sure yet what you're looking for.
With a minimal interface and total focus on your fonts Typeface tries to make browsing your collection exciting and easy, such that you'll always find just the font you need.

• Perfectly rendered previews
• Live customization of preview text & size
• Intuitive & minimal UI design that doesn't distract
• Light & Dark theme for day and night

• Easy to use & flexible tagging system (combine, subtract, invert & nest)
• Powerful search & filters (weight, width, slant and style)
• Smart sidebar (auto collapse, tag highlight, drag & drop)
• In-place font activation & deactivation

• Collect font candidates using the Quick Collection
• Review your choices and refine your selection
• Share the results with colleagues and clients on PDF
• Store the selection by attaching tags

• Compare fonts using A/B font overlays
• Inspect supported unicode characters
• Get detailed font info
• Show font family members

• Support for ttf, otf, dfont, ttc and PostScript Type 1 font suitcase
• Auto synchronization of imported directories
• Import Font Book collections
• Collapsed family view
• Auto hide fonts that are missing characters
• Auto font style classification
• Print to paper and export to PDF
• Auto size previews
• Letter s p a c i n g
• Outlined previews
• Metrics overlay
• Standard & discretionary ligatures
• Export & Import tags to json
• Many keyboard shortcuts
• Import Typekit fonts
• Auto activation (beta)
• Tagged and Untagged meta-tags

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Have fun designing!

What's New

Version 2.0.4

Welcome to Typeface 2!
Enjoy custom tags in a brand new smart sidebar, a redesigned yet familiar interface and lots of other improvements.
New in 2.0.4:
* [FIXED] Manually refreshing locations now correctly imports new fonts
* [FIXED] Prevent crash when viewing license window after trial is expired
* [FIXED] Correctly restore sidebar selected state when expanding with many tags
* [FIXED] Typo when license is registered

New in 2.0.0:

• Typeface now supports importing directories. Choose File > Import (Command-O) to import a directory or drag and drop a directory from Finder onto Typeface app.
• Imported directories are automatically synced on each start (new fonts are added, removed fonts are deleted from Typeface).
• Typeface will automatically import fonts from Font Book on each start.

• Brand new sidebar with (custom) tags
• To open/close the sidebar: swipe right/left with two fingers, use the new sidebar button in the toolbar or press Command-/
• The sidebar automatically opens when drag fonts towards it, so you can keep it closed if you want.
• Create new tags by using the ‘+’ button on the sidebar or press Command-N.

• The tags implementation in Typeface is very flexible: you’re able to create nested tags, combine tags, subtract tags and invert tags.
• Nest tags: simply add the ’/‘ character to a tag name to create a nested tag, e.g. "projects/company". You can nest multiple levels deep.
• Combine tags: Command click multiple tags in the sidebar to combine.
• Subtract tags: Use the Search field to narrow down your visible previews. The search field autocompletes tags when you start typing the ‘#’ character.
• Invert tags: Option click on a tag in the sidebar to invert it, e.g. 'Activated' becomes 'Deactivated'
• Typeface will automatically add style tags to imported fonts (script/sans etc.)
• The previous Quick Collection is automatically restored on start (#saved-quick-collection)

• The Quick Collection is still here as a 'persistent' version of selection.
• To support a more traditional 'selection' workflow, you can toggle the 'Collection Priority' mode in preferences.
• Drag all your collected fonts by holding down Command and drag.
• Use Command-A / Command-Shift-A to collect all/ uncollect all.
• Hold Command-Shift and click to collect a range.
• Use the 'Edit' menu to batch apply tags to all your collected previews.

• You can drag fonts to tags in the Sidebar to attach that tag to the dragged font(s).
• Hold Option to remove the tag from the dragged font(s).
• Hold Command to drag all collected fonts in the current view.
• When dragging the sidebar will automatically highlight already attached tags.
• When dragging in 'Collapse Families' mode, you’ll automatically drag all fonts in the family.
• If you drag fonts to the 'Activated' tag the dragged fonts will be activated (if you hold Option the fonts will be deactivated).

• Added dedicated search field.
• Moved preview input to 'Aa' button (you can also summon the preview input by pressing Command-L or the Spacebar key).
• Changed tracking modifier key to Option (was Command).

• You can right click a preview to start comparing.
• Added Quick Collection drop down in compare bar (click blue font name in compare bar to quickly switch between collected fonts).

Font Info
• On the detail view a new 'Info' tab is added, which shows basic font information.
• Below the table the currently added tags are available, you can click on user tags and remove them. System tags (the second row) cannot be removed.

Auto Activation (experimental)
• Auto Activation is available for supported apps, you can turn it on in Preferences.


Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5

18 Ratings

18 Ratings

I wanted to like it


I am a home user and have a hard time justifying a $100 font manager. That said, I have around 1300 fonts installed and was hoping for an easy way to activate and deactivate by collection. Font Book for me runs extremely slowly, even though I have no problem in programs like Photoshop CC and Lightroom. Typeface will only run as fast as Font Book. I spent a lot of time making collections in Font Book and while Typeface will read them, they must be activated for Typeface to show them in their collection. If you have deactivated the fonts to speed up your system, then you can only reactivate them by going back into Font Book itself, or remember what fonts are in each collection and individually reactivate them. I deactivated a collection in Typeface, and when I went to Font Book, all the fonts had been moved out of the collection entirely, so now I have to rebuild it.

The filters are not that great, either, unfortunately. The Script option pulls up nothing that is actually a script, but fonts like vintage typewriter fonts and Marker Felt.

I was really hoping for more. Perhaps if I had less fonts and wanted to keep them all activated all the time it would be better for me, but I think I just need a more robust program.

Great for the price

Andy Ault

I’m the digital marketing guy at my office, and the time had come for me to pick out some potential fonts for an upcoming project. typeface was exactly what I needed - a simple font manager that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. It features a beautiful interface, fast speeds, and plenty of features. Unfortunately, however, the lack of being able to save font collections without installing them is a large oversight. My font choices had to be signed off on, which meant that I was required to leave typeface open in the meantime, and I eventually just had to reset my only collection while working on another project - less than ideal

Overall, typeface is a beautiful, fast font manager, and well worth the $10 pricetag - just don’t uninstall that freeware manager in the meantime.

Slick interface, great value.

I decided to try Typeface after becoming frustated by the high cost and feature bloat of mainstream font management software (suitcase fusion, font explorer). Typeface is a lean, mean, font viewing machine that allows the user to view, compare, and create collections using OSX Fontbook’s functionality. The app focuses on a core feature set and does it very well. If you are managing several thousand fonts, need to build directories, resolve typeface conflicts, you will want more robust software, but for the vast majority of users this app is more than adequate. Additionally support has been great and quick to respond, buy the app already!!!


Floor Steeg
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