Swim into the shining sea as your favorite ocean animal! Choose from TEN PLAYABLE ANIMALS! Hunt down food in the tropical reefs, raise a family, explore a dangerous pirate ship graveyard, and live life as your favorite undersea animals!

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Brand New Features
You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, oxygen, and energy while hunting in treacherous ocean waters!

Choose from your favorite species in a single game, play as a Dolphin, Octopus, Marlin, Sea Turtle, Goliath Grouper, Killer Whale, Crab, Narwhal, Manta Ray, and Blue Whale! Each species has their own families, experience, and levels!

Test your skills against SIX thrilling boss battles! A prehistoric beast with razor sharp teeth roams the volcanic waters! A deadly Great White Shark is rumored to still swim the nearby ocean waters!

Dominate other animals of your species or bring them a treat to recruit them to your family! Customize and play as any animal in your pack and create a powerful family of predators!

Breed babies that will grow into powerful members of your family! Care for you babies while they are are young, hunting food for them and carrying them on your back!

Choose your animal’s name, appearance, skills, and attributes to complement your family members and become a more powerful group!

Gain experience by catching and eating your prey, caring for your family, and completing missions! Level up your animals to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your animal’s stats, and increase the size of your school!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Swim Speed, and much more! 

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Buffs, which create temporary stats boost automatically when your animal’s vitals are low or they get a taste of blood! 

Your prey now realistically dangles from your jaws as you carry them!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sun, and stars! And the BRAND NEW depth variable atmosphere creates a dark and dangerous ambience in the depths of the ocean!

Explore a world so big we created FIVE unique homes for your animals to live in! Brave the dark depths of the Abyssal Trench, explore the ice caves of the arctic, or bathe in the sunny sandy shores of the tropical islands!

Hunt down a huge variety of animals like the Dolphin, Whale, Fish, Turtle, Flamingo, Jellyfish, Marlin, Orca, Manta Ray, Stingray, Squid, Octopus, Rabbit, Penguin, Seal, Ibex, Boar, Moose, Skunk, Seagull, Sharks and more!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Ocean Simulator to thrive in the sparkling blue sea as your favorite underwater animal!

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Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next!

Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5
153 Ratings
153 Ratings

A definite favorite 🐬

Can I just say that in my opinion, this is probably one of the best Ultimate Simulator game you guys have made! It is very addictive, and I’ve loved the gameplay, though some things do confuse me, it’s no big deal. It’s how Dolphins are classified as fish in this game, even though in real life they are Mammals and need to come to the surface to breathe. This one is rather normal, I don’t mind how the Dolphins count as fish, in fact it probably saves you the trouble of having to rise to the surface every while. Also, there is a problem that actually prevented most of my gameplay in the first place, which is a shame to see others having the same problem... but it’s how the game crashes not even a minute into the game when you get a mate. This limits the gameplay drastically and there’s no way to fix it by reinstalling the app and playing through the whole game without a mate, this makes the game really boring unfortunately, and the worst part is that your mate also helps you with fighting, so you’ll also get no help with fighting and you won’t be able to have a baby. However, I noticed this problem often happens in Ultimate Fox Simulator as well. I know you guys don’t update your games that often, or at all really, but this needs to be fixed, it’s a shame to see a game with such great potential, especially since when it comes to sea creatures, there aren’t many games.

Guinevere s

Game crashing

My game keeps crashing every few minutes. Like every two minutes. I've put it on low, that didn't help. Don't get me wrong I love Ultimate Ocean Simulator! I think the crashing began after I got my mate as a dolphin. I've missed being an orca and a dolphin, and I'm so happy they're back. The sand looks weird though, and when the dolphin goes above water, it begins to lose oxygen (like the fish would). Ultimate Ocean Simulator seems to have gone back to the days of Ultimate Fox Simulator, with the crashing and now, when you become your mate and go back to your main animal, the main animal's sound no longer can be heard. The only way to fix this is to get out and go back in. Please fix the crashing, the sound glitch, and the sand. I've been playing since the original T Rex Simulator and I'm so happy to see how much the games have changed over time. You've even listened to some of my suggestions, like adding a scent button in the old Wolf Simulator. You are my favorite game company and I hope the glitches get fixed soon. 💜


Ultimate bug simulator

I love this game! It's one of my favorite Ultimate simulators, but you should make an "Ultimate Bug Simulator." And you should
make it that you begin as a dragonfly with the butterfly also already unlocked. And at level 5 you unlock the grasshopper. At level 10 the moth. At level 15 the bee. At level 20 the spider. At level 25 the scorpion. At level 30 the millipede. At level 35 the beetle. And at level 40 the preying mantis. And in the beginning you start out as a dragonfly hovering over a meadow and you should make it that other areas include the swamp, the desert, and the forest. Also you should make this the case with aggressive and passive animals in the game. Passive animals: dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers, moths, bees, millipedes, beetles, ants, bluejays, worms, snails, geckos, robins, and sparrows. Aggressive animals: brown thrashers, spiders, scorpions, preying mantises, wasps, frogs, and the rest is kind of up to you. But please consider it.


Gluten Free Games LLC
148.1 MB
Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 12+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
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